The Story of Your Bright Future

The sequel to this blog is A Story For Your Heart.

Victor Frankel’s lesson learned from the holocaust is that people with hope survive and those without it give up. There is great hope in God’s plan for Reformation. We can even look at the chaos of current events and see Kingdom progress unfolding before our eyes “if” we see through the lens of Father’s plans for His Kingdom. The key is to understand the definition of hope. It’s our kingdom purpose, the specific calling and election on our lives as sons. When we unwrap purpose, the tapestry woven into our past, present and future aligns around that theme. Suddenly our lives and all the crazy, chaotic events that disillusioned us in the past, now make perfect sense. We ask from a mindset of loving God and willingness to co-labor with Him. Sons are Seers and Doers.

Rom 8:28And we know that God causes all things to work together for good
1) to those who love God, 2) to those who are called according to His purpose.

Father’s Reformation starts with repossessing His inheritance, both sons and nations. The Romans 8 sons for which all creation has been waiting, are repopulating the Divine Council vacated by the Genesis 6 fall of the original sons (Watchers). Jesus redeemed access to Father for believers to inherit their promised sonship on a relational, conversational level in the Council. Sons are the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 37 Army prototype. God is miraculously intervening in world affairs, but He is doing it through sons. Our religious tradition is to expect sovereign, sweeping revivals while we watch and applaud. Now, in this Kingdom age, we feel the same wind, but it’s inspiring a call for sons to pick up their mantles and engage in Father’s purpose “and” the desires already written in their hearts.

Sons are stepping into their identity and purpose, so that they can do the work of Reformation to bless cultures on multiple levels: personal, business, community, and nations. It will happen in every Mountain of culture. Here is a glimpse of what it will look like; compliments of one conversation in the Council. There will be many more conversations and many more points as this Reformation unfolds into a very bright future. What do you see?

Table from Reformer’s Handbook by Johnnie Enlow

Sonship – Father’s heart for sons

Sons are ascending to the Courts and Council so that they can navigate the tools that enable Reformation:

Courts of Heaven – to legally remove accusations that hinder people and Reformation. Sons gain the legal mandate to bind and loose (Mt 16:19), and open and shut (Isa 22:22) via decrees originating in the Courts.

Council – to gain clarity on Father’s purpose, the why and how of Reformation of Nations,

Just as the original sons were called “watchers,” sons can watch over their metron in the same sense of elders overseeing their flock. Ecclesia around shared purpose now happens in every mountain. The development of sons in their unique purpose is the goal of discipleship in every mountain. Feeling chosen for Father’s purpose feels like love. It’s the same purpose Father has written in the desires of our heart, even more satisfying!

It’s the spiritual responsibility of Sons to shape the future.

  • Be the watchers, the Seers (oversee from your position in the Council).
  • Release prophetic decrees from the courts; to Bind and Loose, to Open and Shut
  • Sons Co-labor, keep in step.
    • Know the seasons in Father’s heart.
    • Be sensitive to the wind and the whisper.

Identity in sonship will be built on unique calling and purpose.

    • The Eph 2:10 work we were created for will be known.
    • Families will instill chosen-ness from childhood.
    • Schools will reinforce unique identity, instead of the academic assembly line for state truth.
    • Universities will integrate spiritual experiences with intellectual development.
      Dualism will only be a memory (Spiritual good, natural bad)
    • Graduates will be known for their Kingdom assignments, exploits, innovations, contributions,
      not just their diploma.

Medical – The Spirit of Jesus healing and redeeming

Corruption in the medical mountain will be completely exposed.

  • Many diseases will disappear from the earth.
  • New treatments and new prevention will abound.
  • The division between spirit, soul, and body will instead be integrated, holistic/wholistic.
  • Health care will treat all three with a theme of prevention.

Media – the Spirit of Truth

The cooperation between prophetic revelation and journalism will point to Father’s purpose.

  • Kingdom purpose will be the context for news.
  • Journalism will be the barking dog to expose corruption, the light in dark places.
  • Decentralization will remove the corporate/cabal influence from the equation of bias.
  • Stories of heroism and exploits will be the norm.
  • Media will be empowered by the spirit of truth; anointing (resonance) will be the KPI.

Education – the Spirit of Wisdom

The first ingredient in Education will be:

  • Personal purpose will be uncovered intentionally and prophetically.
  • Kingdom purpose will be esteemed in academia.
    • History – will show examples and themes of Kingdom purpose.
    • Math & Science – will show how; be the birthplace of new innovations.

Business/Economythe Spirit of Understanding

New inventions will touch this mountain.

  • Poverty, debt, currency, interest, and inflation will all disappear.
  • The covenant power to create value and meet needs will reign (Deut 8:18).
  • Many new technologies will appear (Transportation, Energy, Housing, Communication).
  • People will work for purpose and put Kingdom first.
    Everything else will be added (Mt 6:33).

Family – the Spirit of Counsel

Ecclesia will father sons and daughters into purpose in every Mountain (it feels like being loved)

  • From children in single-family units.
  • To business/organizational cultures in every mountain.
  • Sons feel chosen, called, and appointed.
    • They carry a unique authority, courage to just do it.
  • There is a generation linage in calling; a theme a thread that is positive (Generational Heritage)

Government – the Spirit of Might

When the righteous rule the people rejoice (Pro 29:2)

  • Governments, leadership will be on the same page with Father, “Righteous.”
  • New ideas will be downloaded in many places at once, trends in the same direction.
    • Breakthroughs in blessing people will be contagious.
    • New legislative approaches, constitutions will be copied.

The authority for leadership is “the inspiration to follow.”

  • Charismatic leaders will be rooted in Kingdom Purpose.
  • Leaders will be sons (Watchers who oversee Father’s purpose).
  • “Ruler over 10 cities” is for earth, now!
  • Leaders will be celebrated,
    but it will divert to worship of God because they ultimately carry his Purpose.
  • Leaders will model doing what Father does; And doesn’t do.
  • They will be free from religion, dead works, and intellectualism.

Arts & Entertainment – The Spirit of Knowledge

Art, music, books, movies… lead us to enjoy the fun in Kingdom, the banquet, the dance, the adventure.

  • They carry thrilling themes of Kingdom purpose and truth that cause our hearts to leap.
  • They are prophetic trumpets of Kingdom realities, heroism (Past, Present, and Future).
  • People see them and resonate; hear Father through them.
  • There will be multiple genres for multiple streams, tribes.

The Church, Religion – The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (Honor)

The church Mountain will champion sonship… champion discipleship in other mountains.

  • It’s the home for people who have no mountain yet
  • Discipleship will equip and send people into their purpose, into their Mountain (to duplicate ecclesia)
  • Graduations will be celebrated.
  • Gifts and Callings will be discerned and honored.


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What happens in each of the 7 Mountains are part of Father’s prophetic macro themes… doing what Father is doing.

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