Intro to A Story for Your Heart

Heart connection, me with my own heart (authenticity) and me with Father’s heart (sonship) led me down a path of seeing a dynamic in movement(s) – what moves people. What is it that grips our hearts and touches our emotions?

The best-selling movies, songs, and books (art and entertainment) all resonate because they are saying in one ear what the Holy Spirit is saying in the other ear. It’s what works, and even secular sources tell the story of heroic journeys that engage hearts and echo Kingdom themes… because they have to eat too. It’s what people buy!

I’ve never been a big fan of fiction.  My engineering boundary was that it wasn’t reality. It was an irrelevant sandbox for disconnected hearts with a prior history of smoking too much dope.

Until… I went through a comment cycle on Jim Bryson’s book on writing, Who Shot Your Tail Off? It dawned on me that good fiction is good because it communicates Kingdom purpose. It speaks the language of hearts by freeing the narrative from the mundane and mental, then taking us into the realm of imagination; that all these images and movie clips in our minds are the true language of the heart. Fiction can be a doorway into supernatural realities just behind the curtain of Biblical spirituality. Fiction activates imagination in a way that touches releasing seer gifts in the Spirit. We help people kick-start their seer gifts giving them permission to use their imagination. We don’t worry about compromise because it’s too easy to discern the origin: the heart of God or our imagination. One resonates and the other doesn’t!

Then… Tobe Finch (a business owner and friend) was playing with AI on his phone and asked the right questions to get a 3-part story of sons ascending, what it was like in heaven, and what sons brought back. We were all a bit taken back by how inspiring it was. It created a chasm I had to overcome; it was fiction, and it came from the ass of artificial intelligence. But I had to admit I was intrigued. Intrigued enough that Tobe and I removed some of the embarrassing BS, then intrigued enough that I rewrote the whole thing. We included images we’ve seen in the Courts and experiences we’ve had in the Council that are real, real enough to touch a businessperson’s heart!

Now we have something that is still in the fiction genre but feels weighty, strategic in terms of awakening hearts to purpose. It’s a fictional story that leverages ascension experiences and scenes to communicate a prophetically tangible purpose. It opens the eyes of our hearts and describes the spiritual reality of current events.

Enjoy the ride and discern it for yourself.

We’re thinking of it as a tool:

  • to awaken slumbering hearts with Kingdom purpose by speaking the language of heart.
  • to summarize the big picture of what Father is doing so we can do it with Him.
  • to replace the “left behind” mentality, with “we’re here to kicks some butts.”
  • to paint the picture of how awakening is in progress and Reformation is where it’s going.

So that:

  • 🔥 You can feel the compelling invitation to the banquet of sonship from Father himself.
  • 🔥 You can taste your role in bringing heaven to Earth, staging a Reformation of Nations.
  • 🔥 It’s the hope of your calling that opens the eyes of your heart… to its purpose (Eph 1:18).

For more “non-Fiction” on how to…



A Story for Your Heart

Part one: The Setting; the Celestial Throne room

Sons and Daughters, their robes woven from stardust, gathered in the luminous expanse of the celestial throne room. Here, time flowed like honey, and the boundaries between realms blurred. The air hummed with anticipation, for they were in the presence of the Divine: Father, Jesus, and the Seven Spirits of God.

  1. Father’s Radiance: The Ancient of Days sat enthroned in a rainbow that radiated the warmth of love. His eyes held galaxies, and majesty caused the host of heaven to bow. From His fingertips, constellations bloomed, casting their glow upon the assembly. His voice resonated through the ages, weaving promise into His heritage, the sons, and daughters whom he created.
  2. Jesus, the Lamb, and the Lion: At His right hand stood the Lamb—the One who bore the nail pierced scars from redeeming a world careening out of control. Yet, His eyes blazed like a thousand suns, and His robe shimmered with the hues of resurrection. Beside Him, the Lion—the Conqueror—exhaled stardust, and His mane whispered forgotten prophecies.
  3. Holy Spirit’s Dance: Hovering above, the Spirit moved like a cosmic tempest. His form was fluid, ever-changing—a celestial aurora. His breath ignited stars, and His laughter echoed through the chambers. He wove threads of connection, binding souls across dimensions. He is the doorway to the seven spirits gathered around the Council Table, where the sons of God have their seats and conversations.

The Earth Below:

Far beneath the throne room, the terrestrial sphere spun—a fragile jewel veiled in shadows. Darkness clung to its continents, seeping into hearts and minds. Wars raged, and tears fell like meteor showers. But here, in this celestial sanctuary, the light of the world emanated so brightly that its rays pierced cracks in every dark place. Even now, there was a sense that evil had already been defeated and had no place to hide.

The Stairway to Heaven:

A majestic stairway descended from the heavens, its stones carved from moonstone and comet tails. It was the bridge to Father presence that Jesus redeemed for his sons and daughters. It was access restored to Father’s heart, to garden conversations in the cool of evening.

Each step vibrated with purpose. Brothers and sisters ascended, their faces radiant with determination. They carried lanterns forged from starlight, their flames unwavering.

The Mission:

Their purpose was clear: to repopulate Father’s Council with the sons all creation has been waiting for, to make room(s) for Jesus’ brothers and sisters in God’s family; the bride, the citizens, the army, the ambassadors assigned to bring heaven to earth. As they climbed, they whispered prayers for the broken world below. Their feet touched both soil and stardust. They became conduits—channels for divine illumination. With every step, they set captives free, brought light to the darkness, hope to the desolate.

And so, the Sons and Daughters reached the threshold of heaven, their hands brushing against eternity. They leaned over the edge, gazing down at Earth—a fragile orb suspended in cosmic tapestry. Their voices merged into a celestial hymn, echoing up and down the stairway that Jesus bought with blood:

“Let there be light.”

And the darkness trembled.


Part 2 – Meeting the 7 Spirits in the Divine Council

In the celestial chamber of Father’s divine council in heaven, where the veils between realms shimmer like gossamer threads, the Son of God stood. His presence radiated with a luminous intensity that transcended mere flesh and bone. The seven Spirits, ancient and eternal, assembled in Father’s Council, each embodying a facet of the Creator’s essence. As the first-born of many brothers, Jesus welcomed the sons of God whom all creation had waited for. Father convened his Council around a table and as a son I caught the first glimpse of my own seat in heaven and why I was there.

🔥 Spirit of Truth: The first Spirit, like a celestial flame, burned with unwavering clarity. It whispered prophetic revelations—the very heartbeat of the cosmos. As I listen, my heart resonating with the symphony of truth. It was the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, who spoke a word and awakened our slumbering hearts to Kingdom purpose; the stories that perfectly integrated past and present and future. The proof that Father has gone before us and never left nor forsaken. The guide who leads sons to truth, and disciples us with a whisper to say what Father is saying and do what Father is doing.

🔥 Wisdom: The second Spirit has eyes that see thoughts and intents of hearts. She carries the weight of cosmic design, the strategy of heaven. She imparts prudence with the grace and love and the feminine aura of a loving mother. The Spirit of wisdom welcomes the 1000 why questions that children ask. She expresses the Father’s willingness to share His business with His sons and daughters. She invites conversation, welcomes my ideas even if they seem small because they are the wellspring of Father’s creative nature in me. Wisdom pulls the courage out of me to choose a way, a path, a partner.

🔥 Understanding: The spirit of understanding is the sister of wisdom. She had golden keys that she speaks about and gives to sons. The keys are the tactics that unlock the strategy to implement it on earth. The strategy felt like awesome genius straight from Father’s heart, but the tactics to implement it on earth make it feel possible.

🔥 Counsel: The fourth spirit has a loving watchful eye for me. He often asks if I understand my role and whispers encouragement in my ear, celebrating what I got right and what I carry. He counsels me on the breadth of my initiative and calms my fear of presumption. He is the one who pulls the curtain back on mistakes and how Father smiles and says try again. It’s OK.

🔥 Might: The fifth Spirit is clearly a warrior who unveiled my future self in exploits and authority. He carries holiness like a flag of allegiance to Yahweh’s Living Word and conveys the fear of the Lord as the strength of sons. He taught me how to keep rank when we follow the calvary charge of the Lamb of God. He is the victorious taste of glory when the battle is over; The one who said, Well done. He is the different spirit in Joshua and Caleb, the exploits in David’s mighty men of valor, the spirit of Reformation that sons carry when they say, we are well able to possess this land.

🔥 Knowledge: This sixth spirit captures the experience of everything imparted in the Council, then translates the revelation into hearts and heads. He writes the vision and makes it plain so I can run with it. Much of the council is an experience that is hard to convey without the Spirit of Knowledge. He makes the divine explainable. He clothes the Living Word in the context of the written word.

🔥 Fear of the Lord: The seventh Spirit conveys the holiness and majesty of Father’s house. He is the standard-bearer for honor; of Father, the atmosphere of heaven, and how we see other sons. He is the extension of love that instills respect for Father’s creation, the genius of His strategy, and the miracle of calling, and election on each of His sons. He imparts the sense of being Ezekiel’s army, one body, one purpose, yet many moving parts; an Ecclesia birthed in shared purpose that originates in Father’s heart and flows from the throne; the same river of life that flows from the belly of every son.

Just as the council began with worship for Father, it ended with thankfulness for His love expressed in including sons in His divine strategy to bring heaven to earth, to redeem everything that had been lost in the fall, to restore the garden, the nations, and His Council conversations with sons and Daughters. There was a vivid picture of Reformation, the City of God descending out of heaven. God is with us!


Part 3 – Sons Returning to Earth with Their Light

The Sons and Daughters descended the celestial stair way, their lanterns aglow. As they stepped onto earthly soil, the air thickened—a collision of realms. Here, the light they bore was more than mere radiance; it was hope, woven from cosmic threads. They embodied of the 7 Spirits of God on earth; Truth, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord.

  1. Healing Touch: Their feet touched barren ground, and where they stepped, life stirred. Deserts bloomed with wildflowers, and cracked earth drank their luminescence. The sick were healed—their ailments dissolving like morning mist. The Sons and Daughters moved through villages, their presence a balm for wounded souls. They opened books of purpose in broken hearts that integrated stories of past and present and future. Callings and destinies written in hearts from birth were set free in a jailbreak of wonder and worship. The year of the Lord’s favor was proclaimed, blind eyes see, prison doors are open, and captives are set free.
  2. Whispers of Wisdom: They gathered in marketplaces, under ancient trees, and by moonlit shores. Their voices carried echoes of eternity. They spoke of the mysteries of godliness, things even angels desire to look into. They revealed the riches of Father’s inheritance in His people. The hungry listened, their hunger not for bread but for purpose. Sons and daughters ignited curiosity—the spark of awakening.
  3. Reformation of Nations: In shadowed corridors of power, they whispered Freedom. Kings and queens felt the tremors—their crowns heavy with responsibility. The Sons and Daughters challenged oppression, their light exposing hidden agendas. Revolutions sparked, not with swords, but with compassion and courage. They confronted accusations in the Courts of Heaven and took them to the cross. And they rebuilt the old waste places, they restored the former desolations, and they repaired wasted cities, the desolation of many generations. Babylon’s centralized structures fell in all seven mountains as Reformation invaded earth. None need teach them, rule them, or empower them but the Lion of the tribe of Judah who led their exploits. Righteousness reigned in the mountain of governments and the people rejoiced.
  4. Artistry and Creativity: They painted murals on city walls—scenes of galaxies colliding, angels dancing, and forgotten constellations. Their colors seeped into hearts, sparking creativity. The Sons and Daughters breathed life from the Throne room—words that mended broken hearts and ignited dreams. New music and new movies took people from the dark to the light of Father’s purpose. People danced behind a procession that celebrated the Father’s majesty with worship that spilled out into the streets.
  5. The Luminous Network: They wove connections—an invisible web spanning the continents. Sons blew trumpets of truth from Holy Spirit. People around the world with ears to ear all heard the Father’s resounding voice echoing through every valley at the same time. Ideas and inventions appeared simultaneously in different nations, inspired by the same spirit of Reformation. A child in Tokyo shared dreams with an elder in Lewiston. A poet in Mumbai found solace in verses whispered by a stranger in Paris. The Sons and Daughters bridged languages, cultures, and time zones, conduits of Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom and the Presence: They carried the presence of the King, woven into their own spirit; now one spirit in temples of flesh. His presence in them revealed the kingdom in every step to a world of hopelessness. Their words spoken, prayed, uttered in groans, and displayed in every creative act, expanded the borders of heaven, declaring that all enemies were under Jesus’ feet. The darkness fought back but the spirit of God born through His sons came in like a flood, a rushing mighty wind that overwhelmed every hidden thing. Creepy, crawly, icky things scattered like rats off a sinking ship into a raging fire that consumed everything seeking refuge in darkness. There was no place left on earth to hide. The sons and daughters saw the tide turn and the army of God multiplied to join the thrill of victory and to witness they the end of killing, stealing, and destroying.

And whenever they ascended the stairway to heaven, they left behind trails of stardust—their legacy etched in constellations. The world shifted, miraculously, toward hope. We could hear Father saying. “Well done, my son and daughter. Well done.” The host of heaven’s applause thundered the celebration with the lightning of its revelation, the unveiling of Father’s Reformation whose leaves heal the nations.

And the kingdoms of this world—once ruled by greed, fear, and division—have become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ. Walls crumbled, and bridges formed. Leaders laid their crowns at his feet, and children danced in the streets. Another Reformation was becoming a reality that blessed the nations and set the captives free.

The sons and daughters knew their mission: to bring heaven’s fragrance to Earth—to transform deserts into gardens, hatred into love, and despair into hope.

And so, they conquered, their footsteps echoing a promise:

“The Kingdom is on earth. Father is here to dwell with men.

The heavenly city has come down out of heaven.”

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