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Because What You Do Matters!

Why am I here?

Few people can articulate why they do what they do.  Knowing your “why” connects you to the personal motivation in your life.  Discovering the why of your heart stops self-sabotage and aligns everything you do. 

We were each designed for something specific. People who know their “why” are naturally enthusiastic, passionate and excited about who they are.

What is my purpose?

Once we understand the why of our heart, a purpose will express that why in direction, vocation or career.

Living a conflicted life is exhausting.  Without a purpose, it’s easy to say one thing but do another.

Once you grasp your “why” clarity will lead you forward and guide you into action.

Can I make a difference?

With your “why” and “your purpose” clearly connected, you can take bold action and fulfill your dreams.  You were designed by God to make a difference on the earth.  In fact, He gives you permission to do just that!

Connecting to the root of your personal motivation gives you the fuel you need to fulfill your destiny.

Releasing Kings believes what you do matters. Let us help you find the unique purpose God wrote in the desires of your heart. You are pre-wired for success and uniquely chosen by God. It’s time to unwrap the gift.

Read the books that started it all!

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“Kings” is the term we use to describe men and women who harness wealth and influence in the marketplace…in business, government, communication, education, entertainment, finance, the arts…to expand God’s Kingdom.

This book provides a Scriptural basis for the expansion of the Kingdom of God into all areas of society. It explains how marketplace ministry will operate in concert with local churches and pastors. It paints a picture of Kings who are naturally competitive, creative and decisive. God is going to use an entrepreneurial people to fill the whole Earth with His Glory. You’re invited!


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Seers and Doers activates you seer gift and shows how to leverage it for your Kingdom purpose. There is an ageless generation who are both Kings and Priests. As Priests, they can navigate heaven, see what the Father is doing and function as mediators for themselves and others in the courts, council and on the trading floors of heaven.  As Kings, they can bring what they see to earth and make it happen in mountains like business and politics. These leaders can create value and wealth, manage cash flow and wield a gift of wisdom that blesses nations and people. They are the sons of Romans 8:19 that all creation longs for and they will bring much more than sermons and revivals. Their hearts are set on the reformation of nations via every mountain of culture. This book is dedicated to activating the seer in these doers; to see the Father loosing and binding in heaven and releasing the same on earth . . . the fragrance of Jesus’ Kingdom in business, education, medicine, the arts, government, media and families. This book is dedicated to those who see things in heaven first and make them happen on earth second . . . seers and doers.



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Why we wrote it – We are in the early stages of another reformation and you’re invited to play a role. Five hundred years ago Luther’s Reformation changed minds and gave access to the presence of God (justification by faith). The fruit was a renaissance that revolutionized the arts and an industrial revolution that changed cultures and living standards around the world.

This reformation will be even bigger because it targets hearts with an invitation to work with your Father and share His passion. It targets what God can do through sons. The brilliance of this reformation is that it includes you. People don’t need to be convinced that they are invited to this move. Something is already awakening our hearts, and we want to know-how. This book is dedicated to the wave of people who will populate this reformation with their zeal (you and I).




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