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Kingdom business is co-laboring with Father to do what He is doing (Jn. 5:19). It’s a delicate balance of 1) my Kingly role of hard work and common sense coupled with 2) the priestly role of getting Father’s miraculous wind in our sails and sales. As sons, we’re doing our part while conscious of God’s part. We’re anchoring business in Kingdom purpose to release the favor of heaven on earth. Four things are compelling businesspeople toward Kingdom right now:

  • Overflow Instead of Chaos – They want their lives/Biz to work so they have the flexibility to play their role = be a part. They want to do what their Father is doing; be a part
  • Clarity – They want clarity on their role; a way to onboard, a guide in their story
  • Seer and Doers – They want to hear Father for themselves, move from servant obedience to a son who is part of the family; do the exploits; have opportunities to be the hero; hear “well done” from Father
  • Leadership – They want to engage/ignite their leadership team and staff, to lead them into their Kingdom role; become the Ecclesia in their business! Play a role in God’s Reformation of Nations from the business Mountain.

What’s in my Book? – Most businesspeople struggle to know what’s in their book. What is Father’s Purpose for my business and for me? We have found that the Courts and Council of Heaven are invitations to sons to clarify and release that Purpose. Going to get Purpose is part of our priestly function. God is priming business leaders to be prophetic and apostolic co-laborers with Father who build His Kingdom on Earth through their business and participate in a Reformation of Nations. Their staff can be an Ecclesia, who build the business and the Kingdom at the same time. We’re moving Christian and Charismatic businesses to Kingdom businesses – the difference is sons! We’re replacing religious paradigms with Biblical experiences in Heaven (Sons go there).

Why go to the Council? We’re not pretending to be the most spiritual people on earth who do the most mystical things possible. God is opening a door for business sons to take their seats in heaven (in the Council) so they can bring back Father’s Purpose. But, first, they see what Father is doing just the way Jesus did. So, we’re mixing Kingly things as practical as cash flow and ROI (making money) with our priestly role of managing the spiritual atmosphere over our business in the Courts of Heaven (Spiritual warfare). The point is really simple – it takes both Priest and King.

The Result – Father is calling people in the business mountain to make their contribution, and we’re hungry to do exactly that. Our hearts are tired of national corruption and hungry for Reformation. God is the answer; the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom is the Jailbreak that sets captives free. Businesses are led by people who carry ministry in and through their own businesses. Businesspeople have a leading role in Reformation that is unlocked in the Courts and Council of Heaven and expressed on earth through their businesses.

There are some great results that answer the question, Why Have a Kingdom Culture in Business?

Cue Cards – The 7 Spirit Cue Cards are the perfect tool to help you navigate Father’s Council as part of your priestly function. They answer the compelling desire we all have to hear God for ourselves. The goal is to make it practical and to provide a small taste of the prophetic spirit of prayer that comes from it in ten 5-minute videos. Father, Jesus, and each of the Seven Spirits display a different facet of Yahweh’s heart. We want to be in Father’s Council and converse with each of them. Taste and See is the principle of experiencing the Council and exercising your seer gift. We coach businesses to balance Kingly and Priestly roles to establish a Kingdom Business. Additional resources and contact information are at

Experience – Once you’ve been there, you can’t go back

Seer Gift – once you see it, you can’t unsee it

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