I was raised on a ranch in Montana, growing up with other farm and ranch friends. Most of the kids showed a personality bias for either working with machinery or with the livestock. They were good at one but not both. It was unheard of for a welder to be good at breaking colts.

Personality or religious profiles tend to box us in the same categories and lead us to believe that welders can’t break colts. We also see a tendency for people to be good at spirituality or business, but not both. No one expects prophets to understand cash flow. Some are good with protocol and procedures while others are more comfortable in a creative environment.

This division or dichotomy can distance us from connecting with our own hearts, which God designed to function in both paradigms. Jesus’ Redemption at the cross gives us access to Heaven and sons engaging in Reformation is the process of bringing Father’s purpose from Heaven to Earth. Jesus heals the dualism and integrates our hearts.

Eph 1:10regarding His plan of the fullness of the times, to bring all things together in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.

Eph 2:14 For He is our peace, He making us both one, and He has broken down the middle wall of partition between us, 15) having abolished in His flesh the enmity (the Law of commandments contained in ordinances) so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, making peace between them.

Get connected with your Heart – People look at these verses and believe unity through loving other people is the theme. That doesn’t solve the identity warfare in your head. The first partition boundary that Father breaks is a false belief that we cannot change the spots on the leopard. As sons and daughters, we can do whatever our Father is doing, whatever is needful and appropriate to implement His purpose. The focus isn’t on me – that’s the boundary Father is breaking. We can do all things through Christ (Phil 4:13). We are not exempt from doing anything. Welders can break colts!

When the Partition Comes Down, we are both Priests and Kings. On the priestly side we have access to heaven and can break accusations in the Courts of Heaven and we can have conversations in the Council. We can feel chosen as sons and have clarity on our Kingdom Purpose.

Ps 84:7 – They go from strength to strength, Every one of them appears before God in Zion.

With that start in Heaven, we can implement Father’s purpose on Earth in our business as kings. We can help others align with their purpose. We can lead a business to fulfill its purpose while creating value and cash flow. Bringing Heaven and Earth together is what Father is doing and we’re doing it with Him. Jesus is the King of kings for a reason – bringing heaven to earth through sons whose citizenship is in Heaven and whose reign is on earth (Reformation).

Rev 5:10And You made us kings and priests to our God, and we will reign over the earth.

How does it feel?  – Being connected with your own heart and with Father’s heart is the sweet spot where dreams come true. Father wrote the desires in your heart such that the work you are called to is delightfully fulfilling, even if it includes some warfare! While Father is bringing things in Heaven and things on Earth together, the feeling you have is that I’m finally coming together, I’m becoming me!

The me you are becoming is a son who shares Father’s purpose and carries the anointing to make it happen. The filter of what you can and can’t do or will and won’t do is gone. It’s not intellectual discipline or carnal obstinance, it’s love for Father and His people that motivates us. The enthusiasm stems from having seen our inheritance in heaven coming to earth. There is a certain progression of logic in becoming Seers and Doers. The same, connected person Sees it in heaven first, and Does it on earth second.

Where to begin? – It all starts by asking Father the right questions:

  • As Priests, how do we access Heaven’s Courts and Council without becoming spiritual Weirdos? Is the real definition of sonship and ecclesia those who ascend and gather around Father’s table?
  • As Kings, how do we add Father’s purpose to our business in a way that improves cash flow? How do we leverage the overflow in morale, money, and life to bring Reformation to people, our businesses, communities, and nations?
  • As Kings and Priests, how do we value both and keep them balanced?

There is more on Priestly Leaders in a Prior blog.

This blog originated with a Council Session, The City.

What’s the Next Step?Start with a Purpose Profile – We help businesses transition to the joy and prosperity of a Kingdom business culture by leveraging your unique purpose to ignite your staff and customers. The fun begins when you discover “the why” God wrote in your heart. We marry the cultural and practical side of sound business practices. Cash flow comes from a well-motivated, engaged staff and a wisely managed, value-based business built on a Kingdom purpose already written in hearts. We have the coaching resources to help you shift the culture and respond to the business challenges. The starting place for the adventure Father wrote in your heart is a Purpose Profile.

All of our helpful tools and opportunities are described in the Roadmap to Kingdom Business.


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