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Avatar (Who we help) – We used to try to help “everyone.” Now, we’re focused on Businesses with staff because if we can connect the CEO with his heart, he will connect hearts throughout his business. Exactly which CEOs are we talking about? The ones already lit! People around the world are awakening politically and spiritually. We’re excited about Reformation because it’s what Father is doing. It’s a spiritual reality that blesses people and nations practically and politically. We want to cooperate with this movement and connect with business leaders worldwide who already carry it. When we find them, it feels like meeting an old friend for the first time. We share DNA that God is planting in Father’s entrepreneurial sons and daughters. Businesspeople are hungry to be part of what God is doing and make a real difference, a contribution that leverages the Kingdom purpose of their business. We’re not converting them to our way of thinking; we’re helping Seers and Doers experience their dream-come-true.

We’ve developed self-help and coaching resources to facilitate Kingdom Business in five main areas. There is a progression through these stages, yet flexibility in choosing where to start. The movement sweeping our nation and the world is tumultuous and planned at the same time. God is pulling the curtain back on a Reformation that touches People, Businesses, Cities, and Nations. It all starts with Sonship, connecting with Father’s heart and the desires He wrote in your heart.

#1 My Sonship – Sons are in the Courts of Heaven and God’s Council, seeing Father’s purpose and bringing Heaven to earth. It’s Father’s strategy for Reformation. Sonship and ascending to the Courts and Council is new to most of us, so we’ve addressed the Biblical Basis for Sonship. We ascend to see what Father is doing so that we can do it with Him (Jn 5:19). We live by every word that proceeds from Father (Mt 4:4). Those words are conversations, the life that fuels our enthusiasm and direction. Sons bring the purpose of Heaven to earth. It’s not robotic obedience; we are relational ambassadors who carry the purpose and authority of our Father’s Kingdom in Jesus’ name. That all translates to an exciting and practical purpose for you and your business. It weaves the tapestry of your past, present, and future into a storied destiny with design and meaning. Sons and daughters feel chosen for something special – because that’s precisely what it is.

  • My Sonship – Do you have access to Father’s Courts and Council? Have you moved from charismatic crumbs to Kingdom conversations? (Crumbs to Conversations)

#2 My Purpose – Once we establish the relational connection for Sonship, the resulting conversations with Father foster purpose and instill a sense of being chosen for a good reason in sons and daughters. Our approach is to get that purpose in writing and work on it until it’s prophetically correct. When our purpose reflects Father’s heart other people will resonate with it. When a CEO gets the Kingdom purpose of his business right, it ignites his leadership team and staff to engage and play their role. It typically takes 4-6 weekly Zoom calls to get purpose on paper and all the aspirations that go with the dream Father wrote in hearts. The genius of this process is that God has gone before us. Our purpose is brand new yet already written in the desires of our hearts by a loving Father. We don’t have to make ourselves do it; we’re connecting with our hearts and with Father’s heart and seeing where it leads. We call the tool to get there a Purpose Profile. The help we provide is cash-flow-practical and prophetic at the same time.

  • My Purpose – Is your Kingdom purpose clear? In writing? Does it resonate with others?

#3 My Tribe – The next spiritual experience after our revelation of purpose is seeing purpose in others. When I connected with my heart in 2003, a light came on to see purpose in others. When we see and share purpose with others, we honor what they carry, and the emotion they feel from us is love. Businesspeople have remarkable talents, resumes, and achievements, yet they are all still fragile people who long for love, acceptance, and meaning. Tribes provide that. We have one for CEOs on Zoom as a template for the tribes those same people develop inside their own business culture. It’s fun! Kingdom is a journey and a lifestyle. People who reach their destination have learned to enjoy the ride.

  • My Tribe – Do you share purpose with other people? Are you transparent about your purpose? Do you know the desires of their heart and support their purpose? Does it feel like love?

#4 My Culture – Once we get a taste of purpose and Tribe, it’s natural to want to take it home to our leadership team and staff. There are self-help and coaching resources available to make that happen. In general, the secret sauce is taking time for 1-on-1’s within your business culture to find a) individual purpose and b) synergism with the corporate purpose.

  • My Culture – Do you have a strategy to find out what your staff carry, the purpose in their hearts? Is your Kingdom Business Purpose clear to your team? Do they share it?

#5 Fathering Sonship Now that you’ve seen what God wrote in your heart, it’s fun to help others through the same process, start your own tribe, and lead your own culture. We also equip the specialists who provide prophetic coaching to mentor Sonship and conduct the purpose profiles. The results are so profound that they make evangelists out of those who love helping people, setting captives free inside the business and out. Businesspeople love helping other businesses by sharing their expertise. Kingdom culture is delightfully contagious. Our heart is not to make qualification hard or expensive. We need thousands to engage with the vision for Sonship.

#6 My Cash Flow – Creating value for customers in a business with healthy cash flow is the job of every CEO and team member. Practical coaching tools and seasoned mentors can streamline the management and operation of a business and return the coaching expense many times over. We’ve teamed up with some great people who provide those practical resources to address the challenges in every business. We leverage practical business coaching to anticipate future challenges and solve them before they grow into gorillas!

  • My Cash Flow – Do you have outside eyes on the KPIs that determine the health and growth of your business? Do you monitor your monthly cash flow? Project your dream into the future?

#7 Reformation – You’re leveraging the business overflow of motivation and money to do what Father is doing in your community, nation, and Nations.

  • Reformation – How do you want to leverage the overflow of motivation and money in your business to bless people, cities, and nations? What is Father doing that you can do with Him?


Why We Do It – Intentional Reformation

My business exists for Intentional Reformation – Create a movement among leaders and fathers to mentor sons into their books, so they can bring Heaven to earth and create value in business to bless people, businesses, and nations. We’re scaling Reformation through sons and daughters in business.

  • What we do? – Live conferences, business coaching, and interactive courses on Zoom to clarify purpose, access Heaven to open books (Ps. 139:15-16), and implement that purpose in life and business to create value and cash flow.
  • Why do we do it? – Help people fulfill their heart’s desires, Kingdom calling, and why they are chosen. We see sons and daughters in the Kingdom bringing Heaven to earth. We’re helping them experience the courts of Heaven to deal with accusations and to participate in God’s Council to hear and see what Father is doing so we can do it with Him (Jn 5:19). We want to give businesspeople full access to Heaven’s Courts and Council to open their books and play their role in a Reformation of Nations (Intentionally).
  • For whom do we do it? – We coach business / entrepreneurial people (difference makers and institutional leaders) who value Biblical spirituality coupled with practical initiatives that get results.
  • Why do we do what we do the way that we do it? – It takes about six weeks for people to iterate to clarity and get their personal or business purpose in writing with a Purpose Profile. Personal interaction on Zoom with a prophetic facilitator who can hear your heart will get you there.
  • How are we different from others providing this service? – We see spirituality as a combination of business wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit, a conversation with the Spirit of Wisdom. We value prophetic inputs and cash flow at the same time. We don’t hide Jesus, yet we don’t wear religion or pseudo-spirituality on our sleeves. Practical, credible, experiential, and Biblical spirituality get business results that speak louder than words.
  • Why do we get up in the morning to do this? – When we help people get clarity on what God wrote in their hearts (find themselves), they fall in love with Jesus, us, and one another. Tribes form, and Ecclesia happens in the business culture around shared purpose.
  • What are we passionate about? – Co-laboring with Father on Reformation to redeem people, businesses, and nations. We’re instilling the experience of Kingdom purpose in business cultures and mountains worldwide.


Start with a Purpose Profile – We help businesses transition to the joy and prosperity of a Kingdom business culture by leveraging your unique purpose to ignite your staff and customers. The fun begins when you discover “the why” God wrote in your heart. We marry the cultural and practical side of sound business practices. Cash flow comes from a well-motivated, engaged staff and a wisely managed, value-based business built on a Kingdom purpose already written in hearts. We have the coaching resources to help you shift the culture and respond to the challenges. The starting place for the adventure Father wrote in your heart is a Purpose Profile.

Here is where to start:




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