Adding culture to a busy CEO is a stretch, but it’s a good one. Here are nine specific reasons why Businesses with a Kingdom Culture deserve a look.

Macro trends (more Here)

  • You get to be yourself – The Gospel of the Kingdom is built on the desires of your heart because Father wrote them there. So you have a book filled with purpose and meaning, a story that makes sense of your life, and aspirations that all fit a Kingdom theme.
  • Sonship – God is building His Kingdom through sons; it’s not all predestined. We have important roles and responsibilities to multiply. Sons are invited to the Courts and Council of Heaven to see what Father is doing and do it with Him (Jn 5:19).
  • Age Shift – We’re in a glacial shift to a new Kingdom age (Aquarius) reflected in the stars and prophesied in the Bible. It’s traumatic and exciting at the same time. We’re not waiting to go to heaven; we’re bringing heaven to earth.
  • Reformation – God is blessing people, businesses, and nations. Sons are part of fixing the mess in all seven mountains of culture. Businesses can play a huge role.
  • Answer to Chaos – Spiritual Warfare is a fact of life for every business. Miss that reality and the train will run over you. Sons know how to use their books (purpose) to reign as Kings and priests.
  • Tribe – Your business staff can be an ecclesia; a volunteer army that understands your business book and implements Father’s direction.

Kingdom Leadership style (more Here)

  • Leadership – Managers used to be Kings telling everyone what to do. Now a door is opening to the priestly side of leadership to be present in the Courts and Council of Heaven, to shepherd your flock, open books, and set captives free. So in this Kingdom age, we are Priests and Kings. The leadership question is not just “Can you manage cost, scope, and schedule?” Now it’s “Can you see what Father has written in the hearts of those you lead?” Can you engage them in their Book?

Your Staff (more Here)

  • People – The weight of the Kingdom of darkness rests heavily on our staff right now. We can take that burden off their shoulders when they see the Kingdom and choose to enter. Their Kingdom purpose is a weapon; a business culture of open books is a whole new world.
  • Tribe – Once we grasp our Kingdom Purpose, there is a real thrill in working with like-minded people to bring that purpose to earth. The sense of moving with a higher purpose can be experienced as Tribe. Your staff can become an Ecclesia who bring Heaven to Earth. Tribes are built around Fathers who pull people into their books. (more Here)

It works – We beta-tested the Kingdom Business Culture Field Guide with Tobe Finch in his restaurant business in Lewiston, Idaho. The Course format videos are 10 minutes each. All the downloads, narratives, examples, and graphics make it easy to understand. And we’re available to help you implement it. You can look at the course material here for free. The material is in a course format, but the implementation is relational.

Tobe has a clear Kingdom purpose (book) for himself and business mapped into Aspirations to fulfill his Kingdom assignment. He has a Compelling Story that makes sense of his past, present, and future. The next step is honoring his 13 store managers and 550 employees with the same cultural phenomenon of Kingdom. It’s a jailbreak from the chaos and works for people, businesses, and nations! Tobe is pioneering something that makes his business more sustainable, increases cash flow, and engages staff in a much higher purpose (God’s Kingdom). This business culture is tangible, and anyone can feel the difference.

(PDF of graphic with live links)





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