We’re all in the people business no matter what the business is. The Holy Spirit is compelling people to new levels in this Kingdom age. Most managers can recognize everything from disengagement, to divisiveness, to subversion. They can all document bad performance and get rid of the bad apples. The new kingdom skill is 1) owning the responsibility to see it coming, and 2) proactively helping people navigate the stirrings in their own hearts and find their sweet spot.

The new is the priestly role of business leaders shepherding the culture and putting value on what people carry. We still have corporate purpose and priorities, but now we have value for what God can do through people. How can we pull them into their sonship and release what they carry? How do we develop the courage to pursue them and find out what God wrote in their hearts prior to the trainwreck?

Managing Divine Discontent – The first step in managing people is expecting the Lord to call them and compel the in new directions. Yes, it’s much easier to manage a happy staff that never changes, serfs always willing to do the same-old-thing for a paycheck. The problem is that God himself is stirring hearts in new directions and it’s time for Kingdom leaders to cooperate with him. He’s moving servants into sonship, and they are learning to hear His voice.

Divine discontent can be selfish ambition, but most often it is a symptom of authenticity. What is in their heart needs to be discerned and sometimes healed. But when you dig a little deeper in conversation, you can find God is the one stirring the pot.

Kingdom leadership is pulling people into their sonship, helping them navigate divine discontent proactively, and getting clarity on their unique purpose. Leaders have a fatherly, apostolic role in unwrapping their gifting and pointing their initiative toward their newfound purpose or calling. Our highest value isn’t submission, or unity, it’s transparency and authenticity around Father’s purpose.

God loved us first. He pursued us when we weren’t inviting Him. That experience of being loved and pursued is what fuels our willingness to redeem what is lost in our staff. When we do have the 1-on-1 culture and carry a value for people’s hearts, they feel loved. And then they reward us with loyalty, creativity, and initiative.

Raise the Standard – How do I turn the corner and become a leader who can release instead of police. The first step is to realize people are impacted by experiences, not more information. New experiences and scenes of prior experiences are the language of hearts. Lectures and directions don’t change anyone. Having a conversation about what God wrote in your heart is an experience that feels like love. Taking the time for that 1-on-1 conversations is an experience that feels like being chosen, a recognition that what I carry is important. It feels like someone else sees me and cares about who I really am and what I could contribute. As leaders we’re going before people, dropping prophetic breadcrumbs that lead to their purpose and potential. There are other practical steps we call Key Experience Indicators that can be built into the culture of a Kingdom Business shown below.

In essence, leaders are being invited to father people into their sonship as a natural ingredient of Kingdom Business. People are the treasures in Heaven. Helping them progress feels like we’re getting Rich Toward God, “and” it fuels the cash flow and growth of our business because it inspires their contribution. It opens the doors and gates for heaven’s blessing on our business and life. It inspires God’s contribution as well. We call it co-laboring.

Click on the graphic to get a PDF version with live links.

 What it feels like – The frosting of progressing our staff from serfs to sonship in the context of Kingdom Business feels like a jailbreak. The cultural ambiance of people sharing Kingdom Purpose is Ecclesia, it’s wonderful, unmistakable, previously unimaginable! It’s an experience(s) that become the trademark of our Kingdom Business Brand. It’s who we are! It’s totally fun!

These Key Experience Indicators (KEI’s) are like a relational roadmap into your heart and into your seat in Heaven.
These are links we use to help businesspeople “experience” connection in the council.

We help Kingdom Businesses find and fulfill their unique purpose while producing value and cash flow.
Axiom – Have fun, make money, love people, and build the Kingdom!


Cutting Room Floor

This is a great article on the same topic – recommend it!

We also did a series of four blogs on the role of priestly leaders starting here:

I started highlighting and eventually decided the whole thing is a highlight. My favorites:

  • New Kingdom skills; foreseeing the discontent, discerning the discontent, helping employees navigate those stirrings in a healthy way
  • When you see people chaffing against serfdom, it could be sonship rather than rebellion.
    • The challenge is for employers to see how their own policies, procedures and culture may be contributing to the problem in those experiencing an authentic calling. It’s difficult if not impossible to give what we don’t possess.
  • God loved us first. To do what God is doing is to Father that in others. We must initiate the pursuit because of their present value and future potential in Christ.
  • We should expect God to be calling people into their purpose. Expect that leaders will be called to Father that process in them.
  • God is stirring the pot. So, what if we find ourselves in conflict with what God is doing in them? Ask Gamaliel
  • Release instead of police.
    • You need to copyright that one.


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