We have several pastors who are very excited about our Kingdom emphasis even though we’re targeting business leaders. Having been a pastor, I carried a mind-your-own-business boundary when it came to intentionally reaching out to them in the same way we help business CEOs… Until about a week ago. We help Christian businesses transition to Kingdom business because a new door is opening, and God is doing something new in the business mountain. Well, He’s also rearranging the furniture in the church mountain and it’s not that much different. Pastors are people and we want to help them find their purpose too. Leaders need love; they experience their Father’s love when they feel chosen as sons to engage in their purpose and co-labor with Him.

Spiritual Agility – The transition into a kingdom age right now is very exciting. Everyone can see the turmoil, feel the shaking! It takes agility to navigate the pain of change we naturally resist. Faith is not stubbornness in an old wineskin. It’s being in Father’s face, hearing the new words, and eating the fresh manna. As sons, we’re trying to keep in step with the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:25); trying not to lose the new wine in old wineskins. Father is knocking on the door of our hearts, “There is a river in this desert, the water is fine. Want to come in?

Isa 43:18Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.
19) Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
 I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

We are shifting to the Kingdom age of sonship;
       From: waiting for rapture, revival, resources, or responses…
       To: engineering another Reformation Now, because that’s what Father is doing!
The transition has similar personal ramifications for CEOs and pastors. Here are a few of them:

#1. Sonship – The shift from servants to sons shows up first in prayer. Typically, pastors and CEOs are self-sufficient, self-controlled, self-disciplined, self-assured, and self-starting. By contrast, the Kingdom leadership dynamic is co-laboring: in this age we are moving from our self-whatever’s to release what Father can do and do it with Him. Instead of humbly petitioning a God who is way up there, sons are ascending, occupying their seat in heaven, and having conversations with Father, Jesus, and the 7 Spirits in the Council. Instead of guiding our lives with a host of logical or theological recipes, sons are all about dialogue with their Father, doing what they see Him doing (Jn 5:19) and saying what they hear him saying (Jn 12:50). All those conversations are about our and Father’s purpose! Sons in every mountain are ascending as priests to get the goods and descending as prophets and kings to lead a Reformation.

#2. Purpose (Prophetic Clarity) – It’s not possible to run a business or church for a lifetime without purpose. Fatigue, boredom, and loss of vision will eventually consume every ounce of resolve in a disconnected heart. Father wrote the desires in our hearts and He’s inviting us into an age of authenticity where it’s OK to be yourself. The biggest obstacle for pastors is a nearly unshakable belief they already know God’s purpose and don’t need face time to get it. The intellectual commitment to ministry, evangelism, and church growth is not a complete story. There is more. My biggest revelation: strong pastors and CEOs are fragile like the rest of us and need friends willing to help them, hold them.

#3. Tribe – An allegiance to an intellectual script of how things should work feels like missing the bus in an age transition. God is still moving, but we’re not part of it. The old wineskin doesn’t hold the new wine. We are all fragile and need the sense of feeling chosen that flows from fresh conversations and purpose. The rules and resolve of religion are the formula for missing purpose. Yet, when we do touch our purpose, we start to see people through the lens of their purpose. When we find those who share Kingdom purpose, we find out that Ecclesia is the spiritual dynamic of sharing Kingdom purpose. We can see what others carry and love them for what they are doing with Father. Co-laboring with Father is a watershed experience with shared purpose. It’s Intentional!

#4-5. Intentional Culture – Ecclesia happens when leaders in church or business cultivate purpose in people. Pulling others into the purpose God wrote on their hearts leads to authenticity, transparency, and a lot of enthusiasm. Kingdom leaders are effectively graduating serfs into sonship, and it feels like a jailbreak from religion and monotony into a great adventure. Work becomes worship when we are clear on our Kingdom purpose and engage in co-laboring with our Father. Ecclesia is a culture of working on a shared Kingdom purpose, a higher cause that originated in Father’s heart! Not a sermonic cause, its one we roll up our sleeves and make happen.

#6. Creating Value – Churches are exactly like business in the sense of creating value and exchanging it for cash flow, so the staff and bills get paid. Wherever Father’s purpose takes you will include a strategy that is financially solvent. The power to create wealth (Chayil) in Deut. 8:18 is really a covenant promise to be valiant or create value. Doing the Eph 2:10 work associated with the purpose in your creation will create wealth (abundant life). Not doing the work is what leads to the poverty of spirit. Money isn’t magic; it flows through your purpose and the value of your Chayil (valiant) work. If you can see it, your purpose thread and work are part of the tapestry of the next Reformation of Nations.

#7. Intentional Reformation – God is the author of this age change, and a Reformation of nations is in the works. Sons are invited to play a role and have an impact on people, businesses, cities, and nations. Sons are working in all 7 mountains to bring heaven to earth and manifest our Father’s Kingdom. They are intentional and clear about their participation. You can be that clear as well. Reformation is an invitation to possess your land and take your nation back from the brink. It’s important, relevant, and shared. Sons feel like they belong when they are invited into the work of shared Kingdom Purpose. It feels like love!

We have 100’s of resources for Business Leaders, but the 3 places to start are:

#1)  Get the free blog to hear the sound of Kingdom and Reformation. It’s searchable and has 500 prior issues.
We have readers, even pastors, who print every blog, archive them in a notebook, and use them!

#2) Look at the Kingdom Culture Field Guide
– The on-line course is here ($97)
– You can review the content for free at this link

#3)  Help us! – Most of the transition experience into Kingdom will come via pastors having conversations with one another and those they trust. If you’re a pastor who resonates with this, help us reach other pastors. God isn’t calling us to do this alone. Our dream is to help you help others. We have lots of resources, but the impartation is through conversation among friends, the Council, and via participation in purpose.

This blog was inspired by two Council Sessions. These are notes I transcribe from conversations in the Council.


Cutting Room Floor

In the larger scheme of things Father’s purpose is:
    1) To: Progress Sons, through Prophetic, Priestly, and Kingly stages of maturity,
    2) So that: They can bring Heaven to earth; bring Reformation to Nations.


Click the graphic below to open the PDF where the links work and you can explore the resources.
Note: the numbers index the 7 experiences in the graphics above with resources that touch hearts.


These are blog articles that I found personally helpful.


For Intercession in the Courts of Heaven

Instead of condemning CEOs and Pastors we want to love them and proactively stand with them in the Courts of Heaven.
1)  We want to recognize enemy accusations, and deal with them instead of whining and magnifying their power.
2)  We want to agree with accusations quickly (Mt 5:25) and take them to the cross. Jesus is our legal advocate!
3)  We want to understand the legal roots of the accusation and take that to the cross as well.
4)  We want to release the decrees on earth that prophetically and practically replace the old with the new.

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