Typically, leaders and CEOs are self-sufficient, self-controlled, self-disciplined, self-assured, and self-starting. By contrast, the leadership dynamic of a Kingdom CEO is co-laboring: CEOs are moving from their self-whatevers to release what Father can do and do it with Him. In the larger scheme of things Fathers purpose is:

To: Progress Sons, CEOs and leaders through Prophetic, Priestly, and Kingly stages of maturity,
So that: They can bring Heaven to earth; bring Reformation to Nations.

All creation has been waiting for these sons because Father is committed to implementing His Kingdom on Earth through His kids.

  • We are God’s offspring, created in His image (Acts 17:29, Gen 1:27)
  • We are conformed to the image of His son, invited to do greater works (Rom 8:29, Jn 14:12)
  • Jesus was the first born among many brothers and sisters (Rom 8:29)
  • Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters (Heb 2:11)

The progression from Son through Prophet, Priest, and King is an exciting invitation to co-labor with Father and see how working for Him as a servant is a distant second to allowing Him to work through you as a son. It’s the difference between a Christian business and a Kingdom business!

Experiencing the four stages feels like this:

#1  Sons are Heirs Who Feel Chosen – I’m seeing myself as a son who has been chosen to play a role. I’m not longer just serving my own dream. I’m not even a steward of Father’s dream. Obedience doesn’t describe the relationship. Father has written purpose in my heart that we share, It’s in His heart too! I own the assignment He’s given me, and all my engagement is voluntary. I’m part of His family.

Doing what Father is doing suddenly seems a priority over making money and maximizing me, my visibility, and my ministry. The impact of Reformation on people, businesses, cities, and nations dwarfs every other incentive, personal and corporate!

#2. Prophets Know Purpose – The thrill of feeling chosen by God to play a specific role was a wake-up call. Now, I’m seeing my leadership team and staff have the same unique invitation from Father. They are chosen as well. Pulling them into their unique assignment is fun, and it’s good for business. Their engagement and creativity are ignited when they see how their Kingdom purpose syncs with the calling on the business. Wow, God has gone before us!

#3. Priests Create Culture – CEOs and leaders taste their own Kingdom purpose; they have eyes to see purpose in their team. From that awareness it is now in their hearts to have a business culture that is intentional about pulling people into their heart. That shared corporate purpose is the focal point for an Ecclesia that changes the atmosphere of the business. Now we have KPI’s and love. We make money and we make a difference in our community. We manufacture widgets with excellence, and we grow our people with love. CEOs have Sons… and a willingness to be in Heaven’s Courts and Council on their behalf. Their priestly side can leave the 99 and go after the 1. See prior blogs on this topic:

#4. Kings Create Value – All of this leads to participation in a Reformation. Our business is a well-run operation that is a platform for a higher purpose. We leverage our staff, products, marketing, and cash flow to contend for Reformation of our cities, culture, and Nation. Even small businesses see the big picture of bringing Heaven to Earth and partner with this Ezekiel 37 army to make a difference.

We feel Father’s wind in or sails. Our work has become worship. All the glorious business success we experience is an offering to our Father who made it possible. My business is too much fun, and our purpose is far to large to revolve around my personal ambitions. Instead of self-promotion, Father has promoted us and made our name great (Gen 12:3). It feels so much better. Our plan is much bigger than I am. Our succession plan points to sons who will carry this far beyond my dreams into their and Father’s dreams.

We start by helping businesspeople clarify their Kingdom Purpose; as in get it prophetically correct and on paper. We use that month of getting purpose on paper with weekly zooms to get to know one another and to see if additional coaching will help your business take the next step. It’s thrilling for your heart and your business when you can feel the chosen-ness that goes with Kingdom purpose. Others will resonate and join your and Father’s cause.

John Garfield (Book a Zoom Call with John)

PS: this blog came from a Council Session, The CEO Progression in Kingdom Business.

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