Eight things We Substitute for Purpose

  • Character and careerI’m a good person, with a good job, and make good money. What else is there? Response: Women wake up to purpose after age 35. Men can be a decade or two behind.
  • MoneyI’m living the life, I can afford my hobby, and my goal is to make even more money.
  • BusynessI don’t have the time or money for something else. I have enough distractions, and I’m already close to overwhelm. My plate is full.
  • Family My family is my purpose. Response: We love best out of the stability of our own identity and purpose. Codependents tries to milk purpose from the lives of others.
  • Lethargy I’m not looking because I believe there is no such thing as purpose. Sadly, false.
  • Spirituality / ChurchI’m an obedient man or woman of God, and I’m already doing “religion.” Response: One-size-fits-all purpose is OK for early discipleship but doesn’t work over a lifetime. We are created to be unique and our purposes are not all stamped out of one mold.
  • Spirituality / Mysticism There is no higher purpose than to love Him, worship Him, and be with Him. Response: True worship brings to earth what is experienced in heaven to bless people and nations.
  • Narcissism – There is no higher purpose than to love me, worship me, and be with me. Response: Self-absorption is the popular secular religion right now in our culture. Mindsets can only be changed permanently with heart experiences that touch the “Why” in God’s unique purpose for each of us. It’s a breath of fresh air.

People are not necessarily walking around saying to themselves, “I wonder what my purpose is?” However, your heart is asking that exact question, “Why are we doing this, anyway?” Your life and business purpose can be conspicuous by its absence in several ways:

    1. I’m disengaged, bored, and tired (Enthusiasm comes directly from “doing” your purpose)
    2. I’m ineffective at what I do. It’s not rewarding or doesn’t get the results I’d hoped for.
    3. There are no goals in the future to anticipate and no accomplishments in the past to celebrate.

Since we don’t like a, b, or c, we substitute a variety of things for genuine purpose, trying to fend off anxiety, depression, boredom, and a variety of addictions. The problem is that our hearts know better. The Holy Spirit is tapping many on the shoulder right now with the sense that, “There must be something more?” There is! You will start to uncover your why when you look into the desires God already wrote in your heart. Father has Plans (plural) for you that will fill your heart with passion, authenticity, and courage. Learning to be “you” instead of pretending, is the ticket to the Kingdom and reformation in your own life, your business, and your nation.

Why are you feeling, “There must be more?” It’s not an accident. We are on the eve of a world-wide reformation. It starts with personal reformation – each of us connecting with the dream God wrote in our heart. Finding that purpose, confirming it, and expressing it to create value and cash flow is not easy. But it is very possible when we’re intentional.

We’ve spent ten years helping people connect their hearts with their purpose in a vocation or a business and see excellent results. It’s not that hard. Some of the stories are here. We can show you how.

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