We’ve developed two online courses to bring prophetic and practical clarity to your purpose, vocation or business and a success path to seeking the Father in the courts of heaven and the council:

  • The Heart Plan will help you fish your purpose out of the deep waters of your heart and get it in writing: OnlineHeartPlan.com. Watch the free videos. You can take this class anytime or wait for the next round, and we’ll go through it again as a group with weekly zoom calls (Starts September 6). Start by reading Releasing Kings.
  • Seers and DoersSeers-and-Doers.com will help you communicate with your Father and the Spirit of Wisdom in a practical way. Start with Seers and Doers via Amazon.com.

These are the stories that came out of the first Heart Plan Online Course.

Stella – June 2019 The Netherlands

(Stella’s Video) – Much more than a plan – it changed my belief! I met John in our church years ago. In 2009 I became a radical Christian, and I really thought my calling had to be serving others in the church or go as a minister. But this frustrated me because I never understood how I would achieve my dreams (buy a nice home, a car) because then there wouldn’t be much money. I worked at the market place, and I thought: How am I going to manage this? God’s calling vs. Money?

But then John came to visit our church, and he told, loud and clear: Only 2% of the people work in ministry, but the other 98% work at the marketplace (in one of the 7 mountains). He told us: You can use your talents for God AND achieve money. Wow, this TRULY opened my eyes, because I really thought I only could have gotten to my purpose, to give up my job and to become a minister. Now I followed the Heart Plan course, and now I know what my calling is, how I can bring value to others, show God’s heart at where I am, and earn money at the same time.

Claudia – Roswell, Ga June 2019

For me, this was a divine appointment that God had on His calendar for me for a long time. I had read John’s blog, Releasing Kings, for years and my heart resonated with every word I read. Then in 2019, John announced the Heart Plan course and I thought, “I really want to do this.” So, I signed up, started the course, and my life began to change. Dreams that had died were resurrected, and my whole world began to open up. Today I have a plan, something my heart wants to do and can agree with. I wake up in the morning excited, energized, and focused because I know my life purpose and have goals to make it happen.

David – June 2019, Abbotsford, BC

(David’s Video) – “Having big dreams, and believing in personal destiny is part of who I am. John Garfield’s “Online Heart Plan” provides a structured process to put your dreams in writing. It is helping me ask the practical and sometimes difficult questions on how I’m going to reach these goals. Time frames, strategies, cash flow, and a business plan are all part of making my dreams real and tangible. Big dreams and a tangible “Heart Plan” gives me an awesome recipe.“

Beverly – BeverlySpeaks.com

(Beverly’s Video) Clarity at a Crucial Time The timing of the Heart Plan Course couldn’t have been better for me. Major changes in my life and business had necessitated reinvention and a fresh start. It was fortuitous to reconnect with John Garfield. I read Releasing Kings and Desire to Destiny years ago. I know John to be a man of integrity with a passion for expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

As an executive trainer and business coach, I teach goal-setting and vision boards. The Heart Plan goes deeper and into much more detail, resulting in a business plan that creates a strategy for moving forward with your dreams. Completing the Heart Plan Course gave me clarity, confidence, and confirmation as I charted my purpose and plans for the future. It also connected me with a tribe of extraordinary people who have become friends and trusted advisors in a very short time. This investment will bear a lifetime of fruit.

Donald – June 2019 Colorado, USA

I’ve been working on figuring out my purpose and what to do to fulfill it for a couple of years.  I’ve been reading John Garfield’s books and emails for years, which have resonated very much.  When I found out about the Heart Plan course, I jumped in. I didn’t know what to expect. The course and John’s mentoring and friendship have been so helpful.  The group (tribe) of folks doing the course with me was a huge, unanticipated benefit.  The course is, not surprisingly, given John’s engineering background, quite logical and builds layer by layer.  Combining our heart and application in serving/business has been very enlightening, and adding Courts and Council of Heaven glues it together. I recommend the Heart Plan wholeheartedly (haha) and intend to use the material and concepts as I father/mentor those in my life.

Gabor – June 2019–Littleton, Colorado

(Gabor’s Video) – I’ve known John for almost ten years, having heard him speak of his “radical” idea that God has placed dreams and desires in your heart that he wants to cultivate and call out to see manifested in the world for the first time before we launched our non-profit organization into Latin America. It was, and is, a fresh message to a Christian world that is constantly bemoaning our sin and purpose, incessantly asking, “What’s your will for my life, Lord?” John’s answer was a breakthrough response–God’s answer is, “What’s on your heart? What do YOU WANT to do? Do that!!” I have followed John’s consistent development and growth as the Heart Plan guru as he’s continually called for an acceptance of believers to lay hold of their inheritance and live it out in courage and boldness in all spheres of society. Destiny is not only related to church-work. It is activating who you are and what God has made you to the world and invading the place you are with the Holy Kingdom of God, being made present through you, his Son/Daughter. In this phase of my life, I’m asking, “What do I want to do/be when I grow up?” And I’m almost 54 years old! I’ve realized I’ve been on a treadmill of seeking God, entering His presence, then repenting, and feeling good…then leaving without anything of substance that I can activate in my daily life! John’s approach is to do all the above, but then to go further into inquiring of the Lord and letting Him speak and address key areas of your life, He wants to develop, encourage, inspire, direct. It is an entirely different–deeper–approach to being a Son that embraces what God has destined by making me, me! I’m thankful for the new tools to approaching God and thankful that I am growing as a Son into His image and learning how to activate my Voice and Heart for His purposes. So very thankful to be in this moment! In this movement!  Activate!!


Larry Tyler – June, 2019, Franklin, NC

(Larry’s Video) – I grew up, like most others I know, knowing on some level God, our Creator, had a plan for my life. I was taught God was sovereign and omnipotent. From these beliefs, I sought His plan and will for my life, hoping I would fall into the path of life He designed for me. In other words, I was hunting for my identity. What was missing for me all those years was “how do I do this.” In my search for the “how” I heard many sermons and read many books on what I needed to do but nothing on the “how.” I have now found the “how”!

John Garfield, via his online Heart Plan course, took me on a simple, practical journey of discovery which drew out from my own heart that which God inscribed on it. It was there all the time!!

I took the course in a community of others looking for the “how” at the same time and was taken on a personal experience with the Father (not an accumulation of knowledge) that revealed the WHY and HOW I was connected to building the Kingdom of God. This personal experience with the Father brought to light my potential and assignment. From this position, I discovered rest, peace, and new confidence to not only stand my ground but contend for new ground in helping build the Kingdom of God.

An important and critical part of my personal experience with the Heart Plan course, I quickly learned, was, as instructed by John, to write it all out, including my business plan. During this process, God spoke directly to me and said, “Son put on paper what you see, hear, and want. Doing so will give Me something to co-create with on for the present and future. Otherwise, I have nothing to go on.” From that point on, I couldn’t get it down on paper fast enough!

For the first time in my life, I feel the freedom to contend for new ground for His Kingdom instead of just waiting to hopefully fall into something I think is His path.

Thank you, John, for pushing us all onward and upward to His high calling.


Here’s an additional summary of our Zoom call when people extemporaneously shared about their experience.

  1. Getting prophetic and practical clarity is extremely helpful. It also creates space for our spouse… that our books are all unique. (Larry)
  2. Most are coming through a place of transition. Having a plan to come out the other side makes a huge difference.
  3. Tribe – Everyone loved the support. There is a certain respect that comes from knowing what God wrote in another person’s heart.
  4. We “over-delivered” with the videos, text, downloads, personal availability, individual prayer, and the tribe in and out of the zoom calls (collaboration). (Ross)
  5. Taking a season to rethink where we’re at and where we and God want to go is exciting.
  6. The process of discovering our own hearts was encouraged by hearing the stories of other people unpacking theirs. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
  7. There is some warfare involved in getting clarity on the direction of your heart. The enemy doesn’t want you to move from serf to king. The courts of heaven and council are great tools to overcome resistance and achieve clarity.
  8. Getting the heart plan in writing was a key to get to clarity.
  9. The collaboration, prayer, and interaction of the Tribe were key. New friendships and additional business networks resulted.
  10. “I didn’t realize how dead my dreams were until I got into this course.” My heart came alive, and I appreciated the tribe listening to my dreams and supporting me. (Claudia)
  11. Combining our heart and application in serving/business has been very enlightening, and adding Courts and Council of Heaven glues it together. (Donald)


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