America is divided is more an accusation than a truth. There are cancerous and contentious tentacles intertwined with vital organs that originate from a tumor. Like any invasive tumor, the whole body is fighting it. But, by mass, it’s a tiny fraction of our total body weight; it’s not national division, it’s an invasion.

President Trump was used by God to excise a similar Muslim Brotherhood tumor installed in the Obama years. He pulled the puppets out of the administration and replaced them with Christians He put a stop to Saudi funding in US Politics. He’s currently shrinking Iranian financing of terror.

Time for Soros to go – There are two other sources of funding yet to be dealt with in the deep state; China (the dragon) and Soros (the cancer). Wealthy banking families (often secular Jews, like Soros) have been manipulating nations and leveraging wars and immigration for several hundred years. Soros has already been limited in his activities in several European countries. He is originally famous for bringing England to her knees through currency trading in 1992. Today the mayor of London is a Muslim. Soros and the team of banking families have a version of economic terrorism that is no more complicated than destroying national economies to leverage political control. He is currently funding rioters and compromised political figures in Congress and state offices. Blue state mayors and prosecuting attorneys elected with Soros’ money have effectively made rioting and property destruction perfectly legal. It does give the impression American is divided, but that’s part of the intended strategy (Marxism in a nutshell). It’s time for Soros to go.

China is the originator of the Covid-19 virus. It was more an act of aggression than an accident. Theft of US technology and intellectual property is orchestrated and intentional. It’s time for China to go as well.

The larger question – “Why is the USA is vulnerable (submitting) to this cancer and the deception of the spirit behind the cancer?” Many suggest that its time for the church to arise and take her role. My question is, Why did she forfeit that role in the first place?” Trump decreed it very well in a State of the Union speech: America will never be a socialist country. As a people, we are united on that premise.

The problem is, “Who draws the line in the sand, and who does the surgery on the tumor? Our theological bias is child-like in a bad way. We are pacifists who want our Father to make it go away. Meanwhile, believers often don’t vote and forfeit leadership in our culture.

The obedience mindset – Our theological paradigm is that we want to be told what to do. Whether evangelical or charismatic, we prize obedience above personal initiative and the dangers of presumption. Like Israel, we want a king to rule over us. That is the cancer, and it has roots in Christianity.

Trump is a prophetic Cyrus and a son called by God. The message behind him getting covid-19 is that he can’t do it by himself. He is not a king; he is a duly elected president with an anointing in the political mountain to make kingdom progress on God’s agenda. His example is being duplicated around the world! Now is a season of awakening for the rest of us to do our part.

We are largely servants who open a door in the spirit for Jezebel to exert her control, her accusations, and her manipulation. The three major influences of the deep state tentacles empowered by Jezebel, are puppets who are held captive by her deceit. They all tell the same lies.

Heaven’s Strategy – It’s time to grow up and become sons instead of servants or sheep famous for pacifism. We are not going to ask God to cast Jezebel out like a demon. She is a principality with a right to be here at the invitation of our theological mindset. Our job, as sons, is to replace her. Solid food is sharing in the Father’s purpose; the same thing He wrote in our heart’s desire is already in the desire of His heart.

Heb 5:11-14We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn. 12 In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! 13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. 14 But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. NIV

Righteousness is shared purpose – Jesus instructed us to put the Kingdom and His righteousness first (Mt. 6:33). We usually think in terms of being good boys and girls and being forgiven; just-as-though-I-never-sinned. Righteousness (G1342, dikaiosune) means equity of character or act. It conveys that Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords. I too, am a king and a lord with the same Father and family (Jesus is the firstborn of many brothers, Rom. 8;29, and He is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters, Heb. 2:11). We have a common purpose, and the authority to do anything (in Jesus’ name) within the bounds of the Father’s purpose and my metron. Sons can see what the Father is doing and do the same, just like Jesus (John 5:19)

It’s time – We can decide politically that it’s time for Soros (Jezebel) to go, but our authority as sons begins when we see that our Father’s plan in heaven. We replace Jezebel in Jesus’ mighty name. It is our responsibility to bring heaven to earth, to speak the truth of our Father’s decree, and to vote and to demand the changes that reflect our righteousness; the equity of character with our Father. We have a spirit of adoption because we’ve been translated into His Kingdom, and we’ve been given His name to execute His purpose with our initiative.

It’s our Nation – This USA is God’s house and our house, and it’s time to evict Soros, China, the tumor, Jezebel, Biden, AOC, and all the rest. We choose to act based on what we’ve seen in heaven. It’s not a political opinion that belongs to a party platform; it’s a Kingdom mandate. We are not waiting for God’s presence to come to earth in revival. As sons, we are present in His council to bring His, and our, purpose to earth in Reformation. That’s our job, and that’s how sons defeat principalities over nations.

We are not divided on these issues. One look at what our Father is doing puts us all on the same page.


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