In the Kingdom, work and business are forms of worship. So how do we worship in Spirit and in Truth in the business Mountain? How do we connect the wind of God’s Spirit in our lives with the practical necessity of meeting payroll? How do we participate in the movement of Reformation and the challenges of business at the same time?

The answer is found in a dynamic relationship, not a static recipe. The formulas for flow and fruit in the marketing hype take time to discern their superficial vacuum. What is real and eternal is you, your sonship, and your Father. This Kingdom age is accomplishing Reformation through sonship, a substantial shift away from servanthood and the obedience of serfdom. Reformation is happening through Father’s sons, not droids.

Sons are innately connected, creative, industrious, entrepreneurial, and passionate. Those traits aren’t accidental. They come from two specific attributes: authenticity, and purpose.

Authenticity – Success in the Kingdom has a different set of KPI’s. Rich toward God is a big one that flows from sonship. It’s not primarily how much we can do, but how much God can do through us. Surprisingly, that only happens when we become ourselves. If we are filled with striving to attain then next level via accountability to achieve the transformation to our new, successful self, we are not candidates for God to flow through us. We each need to see the prophetic genius of our history, our present circumstance, and the bright future God has for us. Sons are transfigured in a mountain (the Council), not transformed by a cerebral human process. Everyone can discern the fragrance of humility on godliness with contentment. Authenticity is great gain. It’s evidence of richness toward God. Step #1 is just do you, just be you, and have fun in the process.

Purpose – Having a higher Kingdom purpose that is unique to you is the wellspring of co-laboring with Father. Knowing what he’s doing and doing it with Him creates the space for our contribution, creativity, and passion. Since Father wrote the desires in our heart, it’s not a big leap to find where His and my desires overlap. That’s the sweet spot for entrepreneurial innovation. We are courageous, concise, and decisive when our purpose is clear. Purpose is the juice that ignites our energy and talent to create value in business. Work becomes worship when it’s fun and fulfilling and naturally me. It “flows.” Our staff and customers are attracted to the anointing on our purpose and the fruit of our labors. Purpose works!

How to get there – It takes some deaths and resurrections before the “self-improvement” programs stop. The brokenness that results leads to flow (Father flowing through us). We all must reconcile the bumpy ride in our past and present and realize it isn’t only redeemed by Jesus, but leveraged for something great that exceeds all that we can ask or imagine. We trade the heartache of genuine failures or superficial success for purpose.  We arrive at these two simple junctures:

#1.  Authentically me – I am fearfully and wonderful made, thankful for who I am, loving my creator.
(Content with how God created me; I see the genius of it; the “fit” for my purpose)

#2.  Purpose-full – Father and I are on the same page (Righteousness), I’m co-laboring with Him.
(there is no competing agenda or wandering eyes, I’m putting Kingdom first)

God works through me – All my striving can’t make God work. The “too simple to grasp” relational experience is that I love God. I see the genius of His strategy and I share His purpose. I feel chosen as a favored son or daughter. We labor to get into this rest, the dynamic experience of ascending, hearing, and seeing, then doing. There is a simple strategy to free God’s Spirit to work through our life and business.

Rom 8:28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who
#1.  love him,
#2.  who have been called according to his purpose.

Workship is the jailbreak experience of exploits in Kingdom Business because of what God can do through us. Father is pleased to give His sons and daughters the Kingdom, pleased to bring Reformation and bless nations through sonship.

Lu 12:31But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.
32)    Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.

We help Kingdom Businesses find and fulfill their unique purpose while producing value and cash flow.
Axiom – Have fun, make money, love people, and build the Kingdom!

This blog was inspired by two Council sessions:


Cutting Room Floor

5 Key Experience Indicators (KEI’s) that measure “Rich Toward God”

These are links we use to help people “experience” these KEI’s.

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