The KPI isn’t money – Businesses and the people that make them work are not machines we grease and adjust to keep them running smoothly. People, Businesses, and even Nations have a Kingdom purpose that makes them come alive. You may have heard of dead works; there are also slow businesses that haven’t found their purpose yet. CEO’s feed them grain and milk them like a cow with key performance indicators (KPI’s) – mostly money. The creativity and value that flows from capitalism is an instrument of Reformation to bless nations. But, without purpose, secular capitalism is the prison of selfish ambition that starves dreams and creates serfs, all in the name of profitability.

Starting with Love – Loving God is level 1 in Kingdom business. That experience causes our hearts to bow and our ears to hear. Love shows up in business as a desire to do what Father is doing. It hears the living words, and CEOs intentionally translate them into purpose and action. That gives life to a business; they breathe living words into people. We move from having no concept of hearing from God to an awareness of His Council and Father’s interest in moving through our business. Entrepreneurial drive isn’t surrendered, it embraces Father’s purpose and initiates new levels of creativity and value. Purpose puts enthusiasm on steroids!

Loving People – Kingdom purpose naturally ignites people and births Kingdom Culture in Business. The staff becomes an Ecclesia gathered around the shared purpose of the business. Instead of using people to make money, we see their gifts, talents, anointing, and motivations and invite them to play their role. A Kingdom business has a ministry to people. Our church tradition offers one hour a week and charges people a tithe to sit and listen. Managers have 40 hours a week and pay the congregation to engage with their Kingdom calling. Business can be an Ecclesia with a discipleship arm that respects individuals in a way that makes them feel loved. It’s the Kingdom culture that transforms people, Cities, and Nations. Businesses have a prominent role in Reformation.

Theory vs. Practice – Does it work? We are all motivated by engaging the desires Father wrote in our hearts. We’ve all seen disconnected hearts in unmotivated, lazy people who hate their work. The key is the prophetic presence of purpose.

  • Is the purpose of the business prophetically correct? Does it ignite anyone? Did it originate in Father’s heart? Does it bear fruit? Does it work?
  • Are books for people intentionally opened? Is there synergism between individual purpose and corporate purpose?

When my eyes are open, and I can see a connection between Father’s purpose in my life and the purpose of the business, I’m in a full-time ministry; I can give my life to it. Work is a place where I’m engaged, energized, and creative. I’m thrilled to add value and make a contribution. It’s a place where my leadership skills grow, and I pull others into their purpose and place. It feels like family, Ecclesia! Work becomes worship, and we hear well done from Father.

Work is Worship – Guess what? All this spirituality isn’t frosting. It’s the engine that drives your business cash flow. It’s that practical. The difference between a purpose-driven business that breathes life into people and products is a stark contrast with secular, superficial, and selfish corporations that hire and fire serfs and stamp out widgets for dollars. Reformation is real, and businesses are at the forefront of keeping in step with Father and blessing nations or becoming irrelevant wood, hay, and stubble. Kingdom businesses are a new creation; the old is passing away, and the new has come (2 Cor 5:17). It’s exactly the right time to turn a corner and reinvent your business and life around purpose, Father’s purpose. We can help!


Purpose Profiles – We help businesses transition to the joy and prosperity of a Kingdom business culture by leveraging your unique purpose to ignite your staff and customers. The fun begins when you discover the why God wrote in your heart. We marry the cultural and practical side of sound business practices. Cash flow comes from a well-motivated, engaged staff and a wisely managed, value-based business built on a Kingdom purpose already written in hearts. We have the coaching resources to help you shift the culture and respond to the challenges. The starting place is a Purpose Profile (see examples).

Here is where to start:

This blog and Video were inspired by a Council Session – Much more Here.

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