Father, Thank you for creativity. It’s motivating to bring new things into the earth and see them bless people. Working on a God-idea is life-giving. After I made my own list of creative ideas, I was surprised how it moved my heart. I was on the phone with three friends over their roles for over an hour. We live by every word that proceeds! Creativity has two ingredients:

  • Solves a problem or meets a need (What others would like)
  • Expresses your heart or Father’s heart (What I would like)

Jesus – Father designed you to create just the way he does. It gives Him pleasure when you come up with something Heaven hasn’t heard of before. I have redeemed the desires of your heart. It’s OK to dream and to collaborate in the Council. Give yourself permission to do both.

Holy Spirit – Nurture new ideas like eggs, and incubate them. Which ones have a prophetic feel? Which are real priorities with Father?

  • Grow the lives ones, develop them, implement them
  • Prophecy to them, Decree them.

Wisdom (Strategy) – Creativity is a muscle (Like Faith). You must use it and expect it to be fruitful. It’s an anointing, a way of thinking and receiving for sons. A way of “life.”

Understanding (Tactics) – “Ask,” make the list, pick the winner. Add to the list and tweak them periodically.

  • Expand it
  • Find the partners to implement it
  • Go to work; produce the value associated with your idea
  • With cash flow (don’t assume other people’s money to fund your vision)

Counsel (Your role) – Creativity is an experience, not a message. You have a book. What are the creative ideas that implement that book on earth? Don’t leave home (the Council) without them. Give yourself permission to dream and create. Start in the council with Father’s heart and strategy; Get the plan, and implement the dream.

  • Father will adjust your course as you go
  • He is not worried about imperfections in His sons
  • He knows your substance, He sees your heart
  • Be his child, a son – be passionate, not perfect

Might (Warriors) – It’s more than brainstorming, not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit (Zech 4:6). Part of the anointing for creativity is networking.

  1. What’s the prophetically correct idea?
  2. Who are the people to team with to make it happen?

There is great authority on the right idea and the right people. Sons live there and leverage the power of prophetic ideas and people for business, ministry, and life. Initiative is what separates sons from servants. Sons are prophetically aware of what is written in the books of their leadership team, co-workers, and collaborators.

  • I am releasing the spirit of Joshua and Caleb
  • It looks like David’s mighty men
  • It’s Father’s strategy mixed with your initiative
  • It’s exploits from sons who volunteer because they have seen Father’s heart

Knowledge (see it first) – Lead people into their creativity; it’s lifegiving. Creativity is what releases their hearts to contribute from their anointing. Help them discern winners and losers. Help their heart’s let go of losers and embrace winners. Help them “see” their future (Come up here and I will show you things to come).

Honor – Lead people to honor their own creativity. It’s a gift from Father (to be like Him).

  • It’s spiritual to be a) prophetically correct, b) to see it in Heaven first and to see the purpose of Father’s heart, and c) to see the purpose of the idea in the context of Father’s purpose behind it.
  • Its Practical and requires wisdom and cash flow to implement it
  • Apostolic Fathers can play a role in releasing creativity in sons. It’s more Caught Than Taught.

Your Assignment is in the graphic: We have a great online tool to help with your purpose and mind map Nail your Purpose Field Guide.


Resources – The purpose of Heaven for each of us is already written in your heart and can be seen and heard in the Council. Your business can shift from a Christian business full of obedient servants to a Kingdom business full of creative and industrious sons who make a difference. We help people and businesses get their prophetic purpose in writing and then make it happen on earth. Taste and see! Tools to get started are here:

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