There is a shift in how we cooperate with Father to build the Kingdom. Servants are still shifting to sons, but it ripples through how we hear from God and process Father’s guidance. So here are the two primary streams: charismatic servants is our tradition and Kingdom sons is where we’re going.

Charismatic servants are on a continuing scavenger hunt for the next hint of guidance on what the Father may be leading them to do/obey. Servants pride themselves on not knowing the big picture; it shows their flexibility, surrender, submission, and accountability before God. They are not searching for a purpose beyond obedience. Any-minute guidance looks like red light/green light, peace or no peace, nudges, prophetic words, dreams, visions, and revelations. The whole process is providential, surprising, unanticipated, and the definition of thrilling (for servants). It leaves people in two perspectives:

  • Businesspeople, for example, often conclude that they are not spiritual enough to “keep up.”
  • Others process it competitively to see who can get the most revelation; be the most spiritual.
  • Everyone has testimonies of successes and failures that are confusing, sometimes wounding.

Kingdom sons and daughters process guidance through conversations in the Courts and Council of heaven. Father’s heart and direction build over time as do my purpose and path. I can see what my Father is doing, and I know my purpose and calling (What is written in my heart and book). Direction is known, and my course is intentional. That direction is “confirmed” by providential dreams, visions, and promptings. Conversations in the Council may expand or tweak my direction, but I don’t wake up every morning with a blank slate wondering what to do and hoping for a divine encounter. My life is intentional, and I can see the big picture of what Father is doing in terms of Reformation of businesses, cities, and Nations – it’s not a secret.

Wisdom – The strategy of heaven is known to sons, and we carry a license to create new ways to bring heaven’s strategy to earth. We get purpose from heaven, but we add our initiative and creativity to wisely multiply the talents, assignments, and anointings we’ve been given to expand His Kingdom. That feels like home to businesspeople because most of our daily decisions about business, money, and people flow from an intentional purpose that faithful sons wisely steward. We’re not dependent on instantaneous, providential guidance for most of our choices. There are many confirmations, and we have a much healthier relationship between the spirit of wisdom and revelation via natural conversations in the Council (Eph 1:17). Sons know Father’s purpose and carry the confidence and authority to make it happen. We are regularly in the Father’s Council; yet seldom waiting for providential direction. They understand mission (God’s big picture). The understand their book or purpose (their role and contribution), and they have the tactics to achieve the strategy of heaven and have fun doing it (they know what to do)!

We’re not waiting – Sons aren’t waiting for divine guidance; they ask for it. They intentionally show up (ascend) to heaven’s Courts and Council and get the answers and direction to co-labor with Father. It’s mystical, but not magic. The conversations are practical, insightful, and encouraging. It feels like, “I was blind before, but now I see!” The direction we get lends itself to an intentional strategy that I can put on paper. If that sounds like a business plan, it exactly is – a Kingdom Business Plan for my life and business.

What is Relationship with God – Servants view the experience of God’s presence as the highest form of relationship. That can be in worship, soaking, intercession, revelation, evangelism, ministry, etc. Knowing God and sharing His love are a servant’s highest purpose. Since God is infinite and we are not, the scavenger hunt never stops. We can always discover some new facet of the Father to worship and enjoy. The goal is always a God-initiated revival that is “prophetically soon” but it seldom comes and seldom changes cultures.

For sons, relationship with God isn’t just the experience of His majesty or the sound of His voice; sons co-labor with Him, doing what the Father does (Jn. 5:19). Sons understand their purpose as an assignment that can be received and completed. We can hear “Well done” in the here and now. It’s wonderful to know Him and hear His voice but finishing His work and seeing the fruit on earth starts a celebration that defines Kingdom and blesses Father’s heart. Work is an expression of worship. Relationship with God is the birthplace of Reformation of people, of cities, and of nations. Sons are here to bring His Kingdom to earth, not just ascend and enjoy the euphoria of heaven, and not just enjoy the fellowship of the ecclesia. Business, worship, and ministry come together in sonship and Reformation.

What’s the next step? – Purpose is more caught than taught. The works in our book are an exciting adventure that begins with a new dimension in your relationship with Father. His heart longs to see your face in heaven and hear your voice in His Council. We are warriors and kings on earth, but it starts with being priests in heaven. It starts when we are set free in the Courts of heaven, when we receive the counsel of His seven spirits in His Council, when we feel part of his family (Father’s sons of whom Jesus is the firstborn of many brothers). Jesus paved the way for sons and Reformation. We’re going to lay Nations at Father’s feet as an act of worship. You’re invited into your story, your book, your part!

Two resources will help you in practical ways:


Resources – The purpose of heaven for each of us is already written in your heart and can be heard in the Council. Your business can shift from a Christian business full of servants to a Kingdom business full of sons who make a difference. We help people and businesses get their prophetic purpose in writing and then make it happen on earth. Taste and see! Tools to get started are here:

  • Intentional Reformation Intro (A free diagnostic you will enjoy along with our purpose & Values)
  • Nail your Purpose Field Guide (A place to start clarifying your heart’s desires)
  • (Our web site and online Courses)
  • USA Book (proof we can get our arms around the books of people, businesses, and nations


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