“Tribe” brings up images of small groups, cell groups, and masterminds where someone leads a discussion around a theme and encourages everyone else to participate. We’re supposed to learn, feel loved, accepted, and develop a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, these groups usually have a short half-life because it’s the love is a little artificial, and those involved seldom touch their real purpose. Without direction, the dysfunctions in the people usually outweigh the feel-good benefits, and we move on.

Tribe is an experience with purpose. It does have a discipleship ingredient. It is a safe space for sons to find their purpose and see it confirmed in the council. But the experience with purpose has to have a tangible expression in our work and finances. Connecting with God’s purpose for your life is spiritual, exciting, prophetic, and passionate. But it’s also practical. It creates and delivers value through a business expression that generates cash flow.

Who is a candidate for Tribe? When I asked this question, the answer came in a picture, the cave of Adullam.

1 Sam 22:1-2David left Gath and escaped to the cave of Adullam. When his brothers and his father’s household heard about it, they went down to him there. 2 All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their leader. About four hundred men were with him.  

Now, this sounds like a band of misfits showed up at David’s doorstep for help. Discontented (Nephesh) means to breathe; vitality. David had already been anointed as king by this time. He knew it and Samuel knew it. Now 400 people were awakening to that reality. They knew life under Saul wasn’t working. They were not misfits; they were the first fruits of a nation awakening to a new reality, a shift in God’s Kingdom.

There is a similar shift and shaking today that can be felt in politics and Covid. People are gradually awakening to the existence of corruption and false narrative. They feel the transition to the new and the suffocating masks of the old. Those who can see are living and alive. Those that are oblivious will awaken later. Tribe is a place for awakened people to connect with the new on three levels:

  • Our hearts have God’s desires already written on them. The new is connecting with your dreams and realizing that God is in them. With a bit of discernment, we can find the place where His will and our will overlap. Obedience is for servants, collaboration in doing what the Father is doing is for sons. He shows us purpose, and we take authority and initiative to deliver it to earth (often in a business).
    • Tribe connects people with the purpose of their hearts. People have books!
  • Businesses and vocations can play a strategic role in Kingdom purpose. If we are still asleep, it’s not possible. But, God’s purposes to bless nations happen in every mountain. Believers are just waking up to the reality of our role in Business, Government, Arts, Media, Education, Medicine, etc.
    • Tribe connects people with their contribution to creating value in a business setting that people want to buy. Businesses have books!
  • Nations have a Kingdom purpose. When we cooperate with God’s purpose, nations are blessed and become tools for blessing. Part of the calling on the United States is to be the Light and the Glory that sets captives free in every nation.
    • Tribe is a place where the curtain is pulled back on God’s strategy for nations. Nations have Books!

You have a Tribe. You are being invited to be a son. Tribe is the relationships that will hold your hand while you find your purpose and learn to navigate the council. Here’s the new – the disciple process of being in a tribe, becoming a son, and delivering your value probably works in a business setting even better than church right now. All of us are being invited to mentor our tribe of ten or a dozen people.

Ex 18:25-26He chose capable men from all Israel and made them leaders of the people, officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. 26 They served as judges for the people at all times. NIV

So what’s the purpose of Tribe? People do feel loved when we minister to them, but that phase is not a destination. Real love happens when we’re working together on a common purpose. The experience of making a contribution, co-laboring with the team, and being loved and respected happens best in a business setting where real value is being created and sold. God is not just revealing revelation. He’s also revealing His Business! We’re unveiling His Kingdom on earth, not just in Heaven. Tribe is a tool to make that happen (Ecclesia).

Worship Works There is a place for traditional worship and adoration for God. Worship is also a place of co-laboring with Father and friends to produce value and make a difference on earth. That’s what really blesses the heart of God. Worship isn’t just what we say; it’s what we do! Tribe is hooking up with the people we worship with to produce a valuable product with a Kingdom purpose that blesses people and makes money.

I think you will enjoy our new book, the Lead Your Tribe Field Guide available on Amazon. It was born out of two years of experiences in our own tribe and you will get a taste of your future. The Online Heart Plan has been a great launching pad to find the purpose sons carry – fun to “make it happen.”

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