This is the first of 3 short videos that introduce the heart plan

We created a list of resources matching the online survey responses that will help you take advantage of some great tools that will connect you with yourself, the desires and dreams God wrote in your heart, with God, and with people. We are on the eve of another reformation and the price of admission is getting connected with the purpose already resident in your heart and your Father’s heart. Exciting things are coming, and for those sons who connect with their hearts, many of those things are already here.

    • Momentum – those who connect with their hearts and their Father’s heart will see great blessing.
    • Businesses have a Kingdom purpose. Your purpose finds an expression in the purpose of your business.
    • Nations have a purpose too. When we cooperate with the unique call on our nation it carries you.
    • If you carry your purpose from heaven, it will carry you. Search for it will all your heart. It’s your why!

You might also enjoy our online survey that leads to this list. God is inviting everyone, but we ripen in different seasons. There is something here for everyone. We want to help you take your next step.

Confused? Disengaged? Ready for your life to matter? Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is: to experience the WHY behind the purpose God wrote in your heart and make that dream come true with a simple Heart Plan So that in 10 short weeks your heart naturally has fun, creates value, loves people, and champions a legacy.

I want something to read.

I want an online course I can go through on my own to get a taste.

    • Free intro Videos
    • Scaling Up for A Wealth Mentality
    • 5-day challenge on Zoom (held periodically)

I want someone to talk to

    • We recommend a conversation before you sign-up for the Heart Plan to make sure it’s a fit
    • or text 509-308-6873 to arrange a time
    • Unlimited personal interaction is part of the Online Heart Plan (Everybody needs it)

I Want to find my purpose in an online course & a tribe of 12 

    • The Online Heart Plan with weekly live zoom calls
    • Seers and Doers (available after the Heart Plan)
    • Seers and Doers Tribe (Available after the Heart Plan and Seers and Doers)
    • Affiliate Training so you can pull your tribe into their hearts (Coming soon)

We believe in delivering value that moves customers to raving fans in an enduring tribe… because they have connected with what God wrote in their hearts, become themselves, and they are now co-laboring with their Father to build their dream.

PS: these are stories from our tribe of graduates in 2019. See links to their videos.

Here are videos and testimonials from 2020

Donald Wickham – I was attempting to get a financial services business going. I’d tried for over 4 years. I was struggling with treating everyone as a potential client or a recruit for the business. I wasn’t making any progress, even alienating friends. I’d gone through several programs, both secular and Christian, to figure out my purpose and calling but not gaining clarity. I have been following John, through Releasing Kings, for years. When he offered the HeartPlan, I jumped in. As I dug down into my heart purpose, with help from both John and those on the journey with me, I realized that the financial services business was working against my heart. It was even making me ill. Finding what was true to my heart enabled me to leave that business and move into prophetic coaching. I feel years younger. I am having fun again and I’m starting to see income as well. And a great bonus, new friends, a new tribe.

Marsha Oberlander – I retired from an executive position as finance director of a college.  I was having difficulty transitioning out of the workforce, lacking clear vision and asking myself “What DO I want to be when I grow up??”  I joined the Online Heart Plan and discovered dreams already hidden in my heart. I dutifully completed the first assignment, a mind-map, which I revised after presentation to the other Heart Plan participants, incorporating their valuable feedback.  Over the ensuing year, I was surprised to find multiple written goals of the map working out in my life without conscious effort; apparently identifying what was already in my heart gave outlet and impetus to its fulfillment.

John Haas – Hi Beverly and John, I know Denae has already sent an email but I wanted to also reach out and thank you for your contribution to my journey on the heart plan.  As Beverly knows this has been a new process for me to really dig in and examine what the Lord has written on my heart.  Although I have had a few days of kicking and fighting,  I have learned so much and grown each week.  You both have opened my eyes and heart to the idea of dreaming and seeking what the Lord has for the next season in my life.  I also have more peace in the waiting and am letting the lord carry my backpack!  I will continue to pray and let Him reveal His purpose.  It has been really good for both Denae and me to walk through together!  For now, I feel I’m at a place to continue that growth but put more of my focus into preparing the retreat for this transition and helping my sweet wife get her book to publishing. Thank you both again!

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