Businesses, organizations, and marketing all have hierarchies that are not necessarily people friendly or value-oriented. The mindset is to make the sale in a belief that there isn’t time in the business model to build a relationship. They leave us behind because they are focused on herding us into their dream – of multiplying profits and running the machinery of their process instead of hearts. The hidden truth is that it may make money for them, but it doesn’t work for you.

  • Internet or mass marketing is premised on a modest response to an initial offering (often free). If we assume the initial population that saw the offer was 10,000, 10% of those might respond. Assume the first “sale” is a $200 self-help information item for 1000 people. Then we can expect another 10% interested in the next offer at 10X the price – 100 people will buy a $2000 product (most online courses are in this vicinity). Then we can expect another 10% are candidates for another upsell to $20,000 for a “we’ll give you personal attention and you can be part of our inner circle.”
  • Multi-level marketing is typically premised on a 95% washout rate. If 10,000 people sign up for the bargain enrollment, about 5% will follow-up and buy the products for themselves (500). About 25 of those people (another 5%) will establish a downline and try to make the MLM business work.
  • Mass meetings – Big events are exciting and can be moving (motivational speakers, sales events, evangelistic crusades, or large revival meetings). A year after the event, the same 95% retain no trace of any enduring benefit.

Hearts don’t connect with offers outside of relationships. Servants and slaves can be herded; sons cannot; they have hearts and they want to be heard, then helped.

The 95% washout rate – The 5% business model of sales or converts behind these approaches is designed to work for them, not for you. They herd avatars to a buy button and ignore what’s in individual hearts – the real failure rate could be much higher than 95%. Yes, they promised health, wealth, freedom; the desires of your heart. But, if you take an honest look at the results and ask for a refund, you’ll be accused of being unresponsive, lazy, or too independent to adopt their system at the expense of being true to your own heart.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t make ourselves be someone else. Incentives, discipline, and accountability won’t cure your personality and calling. God likes you the way He designed you. Conformity is not His goal.

If you’re in the 95% wash-out rate, you will emotionally experience the failure, rejection, and financial penalty of being left behind. Imagine going to school in a class of 20 and knowing only one would get a passing grade. Imagine the lost tuition and time. It’s discouraging!

Career Calamity

Gallup reports that 70-85% of all employees worldwide are disengaged in their jobs. That just means the corporate hierarchy isn’t trying to connect with their hearts. Instead, the employee is supposed to connect with the corporate heart – or find a different job. The definition of engagement is that we adapt to the hierarchy and accept being part of the machinery that ignores hearts, and yearns for a “manageable herd” with no complaints and no hearts.

When employees are engaged, they adopt the vision, values, and purpose of the organization they work for. They become passionate contributors, innovative problem solvers, and stunning colleagues. 

People and their ingenuity are the most important resources any company has. Ignoring 80% of those resources is bad for business – at the level of suicidal. Yet, it’s the norm around the world.

This intentional reformation is on a Kingdom foundation of individual heart desires. We’re being invited to connect with the desires God wrote in our hearts. It feels like being welcomed to be yourself! Our dream, passion, purpose, enthusiasm, heart connection, authenticity, assignment, and calling are all inside us – so is the Kingdom. Organizations and marketing approaches that help “all” people get in touch with their hearts will flourish. Those that continue down the 5% path with a focus on herding avatars into profits and process will ultimately fail.

Listen – Here is the jaw-dropping key to leveraging the gold in someone’s heart: You have to ask them, “and” you have to care enough to listen. “Caring” comes from being around the fruitfulness of connected people. It’s a different world that is more fun, creative, productive and profitable.

Pro. 20:5 The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out. ESV

Implementing that direction written on our hearts is a growth process that happens best in the context of a tribe or team of peers who are safe, helpful, and compassionate. The progression occurs over a lifetime and looks like the five stages in the table. Wouldn’t it be wise to have an intentional strategy to help hearts through this progression? Isn’t there a connection between personal reformation and national reformation that we should leverage?

Harvest starts in the heart – The conclusion is very simple. The harvest of success in your personal life, business or nation flows from the desires God wrote in your heart. When we connect with that theme in our story, life starts to make sense. What we do with our lives flows from the purpose in our hearts and in God’s heart. That’s where the excitement is. Don’t get lost in the herd chasing the money and machinery. Put the Kingdom first by putting hearts first.

Hobby vs. Vocation – What the table reflects is that your avocation, vocation, and ministry all flow from your book (your heart’s desire). Is it financially self-sustaining? Does your income flow from a business that perfectly expresses your heart? That’s the ideal, but most of us have to build some tents to get there and most of us are not perfectly aligned. Having an imperfect job that funds your perfect avocation can be a reflection of your faithfulness to God’s calling on your life. Life is a bit unpredictable and confusing, but our calling can be clear, and the general theme remains the same.

My purpose statement has remained the same throughout my life, “Help people connect with their hearts, so they can be themselves and find their role in the Kingdom.” That was the motive behind 13 years of planting two churches and 20 years of I ended up working as an engineer for the whole time. That “job” gave me skills, stature, and character that benefited my purpose. Yes, it chopped 40 hours out of every week, but something in the spirit that I don’t fully comprehend is better because of working. It’s frustrating and satisfying at the same time! Don’t be ashamed of your job.

Col 3:23-24Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. NIV

Paul, who wrote this verse, spent about half his productive years as a believer in exile, making tents or sitting in prison for a calling that ended in execution. Life isn’t perfect. Paul’s life was messy and full of confusion and warfare, but his calling was clear.

You and I can still discern our calling, fulfill every bit of it and hear our Father say, “Well done.” We can help you find that clarity (

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