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I just got back from 10 days in Europe. There is a great awakening happening around the world. It has different looks in different mountains. It’s a shift from servants who need help, healing, and guidance to sons who have dreams, initiative and results. Here are a couple of examples.

  • In corporate culture, people have been treated like sheep who can’t be trusted, and managers saw themselves as needing to control and guide these huddled masses. That’s shifting to a version of leadership that connects people with a shared purpose and encourages their entrepreneurial creativity, a realization that the contributor can do things the leader can’t (respect). Thankfully, millennials won’t work for autocratic managers – it’s over!
  • Churches have seen themselves as pastoral hospitals healing the lost, weak, and wounded with a mothering, loving approach to fix broken people. That’s now shifting to a kingdom concept where sons are being invited to inherit their books and play their role as sons who bring heaven to earth and disciple nations. Sons want to be, heard, understood, and launched, not fixed.

In every sphere of our culture, people are breaking out of the sheeple mode, finding the purpose Father wrote in their hearts and walking it out with results. It’s a divine discontent currently seen in demonstrations in 30+ nations around the world. It’s the awakening from slumber that the media mountain carries a huge amount of deceptive manipulation designed to hold us back. It’s a jailbreak from the monotony of slavery to the liberation of your dream coming true.

Fathering – These cultures have fathers who pull sons into their inheritance. They know how to prophetically listen for what the Father has written in the hearts of people, and they can help articulate it and encourage it. As a son, it feels very different. Instead of being pulled into the vision of another person or company, or church, I am pulled into my destiny.

When that happens, both the father and the son catch a glimpse of something very precious in the son’s purpose. It’s not hard to see what the future will look like when it’s mature. That level of honor and respect turns in to love and a tribe. The party starts when a group of people adopts a culture that is intentional about discovering and promoting one another’s purpose.

Intentional Tribes – It’s time to be intentional about creating tribes and cultures built around knowing the specifics of my Kingdom purpose. Here’s a shopping list of how to do it:

  • As a son, I’m breaking off generational baggage in the courts and using my seer gift to catch the purpose in the Father’s heart in the council. I’m taking the time to be in heaven so I can bring heaven to earth. I’m bringing back purpose – It works and makes a difference!
  • I’m connecting with the “why” God wrote in my own heart. I know my purpose and have it in writing. It’s exciting! That purpose naturally moves to goals, plans and progress on my dream. I feel the wind of God at my back because it’s His dream too.

Here is my purpose statement (in writing) – to help people, businesses, and nations intentionally connect with the desires God wrote in their hearts so that they can play their role in a strategic reformation that changes the world.

  • Once I am comfortable in my purpose statement I start to listen for the prophetic sound in the desires of other people’s hearts. I’m intentional about pulling them into their dream and destiny. (we developed the Online Heart Plan for exactly this purpose). The frosting is how much people appreciate fathers being intentional about pulling them into their dream – They love it!
  • Our dreams and Kingdom assignments always have a financial component, so I’m also developing the value I bring to other people and evaluating the cash flow that goes with my dream. It has an entrepreneurial aspect that adds value and creates wealth. People are blessed to buy the value I bring in my vocation or business. And, I can make a connection between Kingdom and work. I’m not afraid to have fun, make money, and love people.
  • When the curtain is pulled back on the business expression of my dream, I can see a larger Kingdom purpose that involves other people and often extends beyond my lifetime. I’m connected to a much higher purpose that makes room for the dreams of other players and partners.
  • I never get too busy to revisit the council and hear my Father’s heart (Seers and Doers). He never tires of adding new wings on my dream and opening doors that no man can shut.

Ps. 84:7They go from strength to strength, Every one of them appears before God in Zion. NASU

This culture of fathering hearts is somewhat in a pioneering stage. We usually interpret delays in terms of personal shame or failure. We’re birthing a new culture. Apostolic fathers are releasing the desires in sons. Tribes of connected hearts are forming around the world. Don’t let the degree of difficulty keep you outside the party looking in. You’re invited! We can show you how and have a tribe to help.

Luke 15:25-26When he came near the house, he heard music and dancing. NIV


You’re Invited (to the dance)We’ve developed two online courses to bring prophetic and practical clarity to your purpose, vocation, or business and a success path to seeking the Father in the courts of heaven and the council. It’s an experience with the Father and a relational tribe that works.

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Prov. 20:5The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.

Seers and Doers ($997) – ( will help you navigate the courts and council of Heaven with your Father and the Spirit of Wisdom in a practical way. Start with Seers and Doers via

Ps. 84:7They go from strength to strength, every one of them appears before God in Zion. NASU

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