Several nights back I woke up with a vision for a couple who are good friends. I got up to capture it about 1 AM before it evaporated and pushed save to see if I still believed it in the morning. I passed it on, and it did encourage them. Since then it felt like there was a more general application, so I just changed the names to John and Sue. Take a look:

Jacob wrestling – The scene was like being allowed to watch a reenactment of Jacob wrestling with what appeared to be an angel who took on the form of a man. The location was a dusty, remote, desert at night. I was part of a large crowd watching. I had the sense the angel was sent with a message. Jacob and the “man” were walking together discussing his book (or destiny – he was facing Esau the next day and had good reason to be concerned). The conversation ran its course, and the man was ready to leave, but Jacob grabbed his arm and said the negotiation wasn’t finished. The man said it was and that’s when the wrestling match started. I had the sense the angel took on the form of a man and was just playing along. In reality, he was much more powerful than Jacob and could have squashed him like a bug. However, the wrestling went on a very long time. There was grunting, and dust was flying, and they both got dirty. The audience included everyone (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the seven spirits, the cloud of witnesses, the host of angels). It was like a stadium only there were viewers on the ceiling as well as the sides and balcony. Everyone was cheering for Jacob, yet they also knew who the man/angel was. It finally ended when the angel touched Jacob’s hip to end the fight and conceded the blessing because of Jacob’s persistence.

I was positioned on the sideline so that as they walked together from wrestling toward the crowd, I could see Jacob more clearly; only it wasn’t Jacob, it was John limping to the sideline. And the angel wasn’t a man or an angel; it was Father, walking John to the sideline (proudly).

The Wedding at Cana – The reenactment scene shifted to the wedding at Cana. I saw the crowd. I saw Jesus talking to Mary. I could see Mary from behind and saw the expression on Jesus’ face when she asked for the miracle. I could see her beauty and stature, and I could feel the respect she drew. She was very well dressed in a beautiful white gown. Jesus explained that it was not His time and wouldn’t do what she asked. Mary acted like she was in charge and blew right past the explanation. She caught the eye of servants listening to the conversation and politely told them to do whatever Jesus said, and left. This scene too was well attended, and there was cheering for Mary when she turned from the conversation. But as she walked toward us, it was Sue. Everyone was cheering for Sue. I was amazed, one of the many who celebrated and greeted her as she joined us.

Wisdom took me by the hand and said, “Let’s go for a walk.” Wisdom explained the scenes.

There is a shift in the Kingdom that heaven is celebrating. Spiritual warfare isn’t primarily wrestling with darkness; it’s more about sons and daughters contending for their book and the Kingdom. Father’s heart rejoices to see His sons so aware of His business and their authority, that they ‘no longer just ask.’ They speak up in the council for their book and their place. They are well aware of being chosen and there are no issues left about “self.” They are visible in the spirit even in seasons where they are hidden in the natural. They do more than volunteer for their name to be made great. They are willing to wrestle angels instead of demons. They speak things into existence by their words and their deeds. They manifest on earth what they see in heaven and their book. They carry a sense that darkness is already defeated, that they are standing up into their place and displacing the forces of darkness without another fight. They put on armor and stand against evil schemes, they quench fiery darts, but they do no fight with a defeated foe. They stand up in their calling and displace/replace them. Real sons are replacing fallen sons in this hour. Jesus won the warfare at the cross.

Jn. 16:23-24 – In that day you will not question Me about anything. Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for anything in My name, He will give it to you. 24 Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask, and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full. NASB

Our evangelical roots are in sin consciousness somewhat at the expense of knowing we are created in His image and carry His desires in our hearts. Our charismatic roots have been a bit preoccupied with demons and powers and principalities which don’t need to be re-defeated. The influence that remains is primarily deception (stronghold, vain philosophies, fiery darts) but it’s not strictly at an intellectual level. For example, political ideas like socialism, global warming and identity politics can’t be defeated with logic. In the same way, we cannot just put on our spiritual boxing gloves and knock out a principality. However, we do have weapons!

What we can do is stand up in our calling and shine the light of truth, the experience of love and the persistence of faith. Warfare is real, and the effects can touch our finances, health, and relationships. But our job is to stand through the storm, resist and watch it flee. We defeat evil influences by replacing them. It’s our job to occupy those seven mountains. We do pray, but we also engage and accomplish works and bear fruit. Yes, there are powers and principalities who make the nations rage, but the job of sons isn’t to fight with them, it’s to replace them, in the council and on earth. We are not hunkered down under attack waiting for rescue; we are co-laboring with a Father to start another reformation that will return nations to the King of kings.

Spiritual warfare is more about contending for our book in heaven and being assertive about its implementation on earth. The Father loves sons who are willing to contend in heaven and on earth.



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