I was a skinny six-year-old when mom got tired of me asking “What is there to do.” She told my dad to take me with him to do the ranch work.

From then on, Ford took me everywhere in that pickup; him driving, the cow dog in the middle and me riding shotgun to open all the gates. He taught me everything; breaking horses, working cattle, driving tractors, irrigating hay and fixing fences. He was a great teacher and mentor as we worked together building a ranch; it was his dream. He had the wisdom to encourage me to pursue my own dream.

Many times, I asked him what he thought I should do when I grew up, he always said, “Johnny, you can do anything you put your mind to.” He was proud of his son, and I never stopped feeling good when I pleased my dad and heard him say, “well done.” He was a perfect picture of a great leader.

Every one of us has dreams and a deep desire in our hearts to hear “Well done!” Having someone to steer us through those challenges of life is a gift from heaven.

Most of us don’t have a father who cares to put us in the pickup, take us with him and show us how to have fun making our dream come true. We’re talking about practical things you can do to make progress on your dream and your destiny.

Buckle up, because this is a lot easier than you thought, and it works better than you ever imagined.

We each have a story that integrates our past, present, and future aspirations into a theme with a purpose and a destiny – our identity. Stories of successful people have a “redemption ingredient.” They suffer the same setbacks as the rest of us. But, they find the purpose in those setbacks that makes them wiser and stronger and supports the theme of their story – Narrative identity.

When leaders or entertainers tell stories that people can get into, they also identify with the story in a way that changes their attitudes and actions. The story actually takes them to a different place in their heart. Marketing strategists use narrative transportation in storytelling to get us to push the “buy” button.

Managers tell their story to get us to help them meet their need. Leaders tell collective stories to pull people into meeting a shared community goal. What if we started by helping people hear their own story; the one that’s already written on their heart?  …instead of pulling them into another story?

You are already wired for “success” for your role in your story. The first place to look for things like your purpose and destiny is inside the desires of your own heart – that’s the secret sauce. The designer scripted something there that’s worth reading. Sure, it has to be discerned, but discernment isn’t that hard. Give yourself permission to look into the desires of your own heart. We use an online course called the Heart Plan to help people plug into their purpose.

Connecting with your heart means that we have a believable story with a meaningful end. Our past, present, and future all fit the narrative of that story. The bad things that happen contribute to the power of our story just like the good things. Though our lives can be turbulent and chaotic and painful, the theme of our story marches on and lays a foundation for our happiness and the initiative to contend for our dream.

What happens to people with no story? “Absolutely nothing!” That’s the point. If we want our lives to have meaning, we have to pursue the desires wired into our hearts.

Secret sauce – Listen to what your designer wrote in your heart and get it in writing. People ask me all the time, “John, How do I know for sure what I’m designed to do.” We have an online course called that will get you there “Why am I here?” is the most important question of your life. Your own heart wants to know the answer.

We all carry some divine discontentment with the blandness in our lives. There is a higher purpose waiting for us to volunteer. That purpose is embedded in our DNA, the greatness of our original design. We’ve made that discovery process much easier with the Online Heart Plan.

Check it out – Is $200 worth it for me? The first four modules/videos of the online course free. You’ll know if it’s a fit after you watch them. Login here and check it out. If you know John and you are already convinced, enroll here.

I had a great dad. From the age of 8 to 18, he took me with him and taught me everything he knew about ranching. It was work and fun at the same time, and it prospered in a way that made dreams come true. I’ll never forget him and how he invited me into my own dream and made room for my initiative.

The world is waiting for a reformation – it’s a much higher purpose that will bless people and nations in practical ways. If you listen carefully, you can hear a personal invitation in your own heart. Your Father is inviting you to go with him and finish your story. The World is waiting too. The Online Heart Plan is a bridge that will get you there.



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