Maria Lalik

(Life and Business Coach)

Maria Lalik


  • Name: Maria Lalik (
  • Web Site:
  • Education: Masters in Child Development, Certified Coach
  • Business: Life & Success Coach, Translator, Entrepreneur
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Performing arts
  • Home church: Storehouse Church in Warsaw, Poland

How it started: Maria was raised in a family of six children in southern Poland. As a young girl she escaped stress and a degree of oppression by dreaming. Music was always present in her home and it seemed to ignite her imagination – a sense that God would one day make her dreams come true. Maria’s father is a musician and her mother is a civil engineer who ran a clothing business for 10 years.  From the age of six, Maria carried a special sense that God must have a purpose for her life. She carried a strong mercy gift as a child with a sense of wanting to rescue others from bullying or any kind of abuse. Her parents, despite their lack of wealth, provided for their family and education under the trying times. Maria’s mother was always financially generous with the needy and provided a practical example for her daughter. Maria’s love of music came through her father and her mother passed on her mercy, generosity, and practical approach to life. From her youngest days at primary school through college, Maria was influenced by key people who were motivators and mentors; people who stepped out of their way to show her favor. She developed an eye disease as a young girl and went through multiple surgeries and hospital stays for 20 years. She has lived to step over her childhood and health setbacks to see her dreams come true. Maria is an overcomer with the Kingly tenacity and character strength to contend for the destiny that resides in the desires of her heart. She will not quit.

Personal Passion: Maria was born on December 13, 1981; the day Marshall Law was declared in Poland and many were arrested. Although she knew hardship and stress early in her life, her destiny is freedom and to set the captives free. God made a prophetic statement through her birth day about her destiny. On a day in the history of Poland when the enemy set about to oppress the nation, God sent one who can release the hearts of His people.

Maria’s passion is living above the limitations of life and enjoying the fullness of her destiny and teaching others to do the same by her example. Poland carries a religious atmosphere where Christians are prone to be passive (waiting on God to move). Some even carry the remnant of communist rule in their mindset and find it hard to be entrepreneurial. Maria’s heart is to be a personal example of one who has asserted herself to manage her own destiny according to God’s plan. Sharing that freedom out of a merciful heart filled with love for people fuels her passion as a coach. Maria’s desire is to help people connect with the desires of their hearts in a way that leads to personal satisfaction, prosperity and ministry in those she touches.

Her love of music and Poland will one day lead to organizing music and entertainment venues that will inspire and impart hope to change the atmosphere over Poland.

Personal Benefit: Living above life’s limitations and having a sense life’s purpose is a source of energy, breath and vitality for Maria. Sharing that practical life with others (that God is real and the Kingdom is here and now) helps Maria stay in touch with her identity; loving people, caring for the down trodden and setting the captives free. Touching her destiny as a coach provides a channel of expression for her skills, talents and preferences. Seeing people change is her true passion.

Value to othersMaria carries a magnetic sense of encouragement, acceptance, and wisdom that draws others to her who are often older and more experienced in business. She carries the favor of God and man. Her optimism and energy are contagious and her ability to overcome the odds is a natural river of life and hope that continually nurtures others. Maria’s openness and communication skills are lovingly disarming yet unshakably firm. She opens a door for others to be open, hopeful and willing to change. She brings brightness and improves the quality of life in others. She also has a practical grasp of finances, cash flow, business plans, and relational business networks.

Business Potential (upside): Coaching offers an independent, self-starting lifestyle. It provides opportunities to meet and influence many people. Maria’s specialty is improving life skills and self-discovery all the way through prosperity in a practical vocation. Her ability to make others successful and prosperous is both a ministry and a vocation.

Complexities, failures (downside)The Polish coaching market is saturated and competitive. It requires constant marketing to develop brand awareness. Clients in corporations are often sales oriented and coaching for sales training is a common application. Maria does not have a background in sales experience so her focus will be more on life skills and business applications.

Vision for the KingdomLife coaching and business mentoring are a strategy to Release Kings. Maria has the opportunity to teach people to prosper and touch the mountain of their specific calling in society. One of her key messages is helping business people find their importance in the Kingdom and in the business community.

Impact from Releasing Kings: Maria was the translator for a releasing Kings conference her church in November of 2010 and March 2011. She saw the impact on lives in a very personal way. She also translated Releasing Kings into Polish and administrated the publication and sales in Poland. In the course of doing those things, she realized she was a King called to the marketplace and not a priest called to a church staff. Maria was particularly drawn to ministering to ~30 business people that were saved in the first conference. More were added at a weekly lunch for those same kings over the next six months. Maria also saw the example of Kings in the lives of the conference speakers. It really is possible to be practical, prosperous and to flow in a prophetic anointing and to function in the gifts of the spirit. It was the first time she has seen Kings function both in both spiritual ministry and practical prosperity in the business mountain.

How Can Maria Help You: Maria has a natural talent for helping people experience the Kingdom through her own journey. Starting from a belief that: 1) God works through the desire of our hearts, 2) writing down those desires, goals and plans through an eight step coaching process called the Heart Plan (the introduction is here), and 3) seeing your life begin to flow toward prosperity and ministry.