Putting the Kingdom first and unveiling our personal and business purpose has a couple levels of warfare, internal and external.

The internal conflict goes through a couple of strongholds; me deciding whether to trust Father and adopt His purpose, the one he wrote in my heart:

#1. Self – The first stronghold is seen in our language: “It’s all about me!” or “It’s all about my business! Why I have the best mouse trap” Kingdom purpose doesn’t come up. In truth, Father blesses “me” much more when I co-labor with His purpose. This paradoxical “trade” of my way for His way is how I get to the desires of my heart. It’s not really letting go and letting God, it’s not passive. It’s more like agreeing for His purpose and going to work on it. It’s seeing that He wrote our purpose in my heart long ago. It’s a much better choice for “me.” Who I really am is largely defined by knowing my Kingdom purpose, knowing why God put me here.

What’s the price for staying inside my own strength and wisdom? My life’s ambitions and business eventually become wood, hay, and stubble. We are exposed by the trials we face. The risky place of Kingdom purpose is our only safe place.

#2. Money – The money stronghold views wealth as collateral for “Everything I want.” “When I have money, my dream will come true.” This stronghold defers blessing to a distant, superficially happy future. The paradox is that all of us can inherit our purpose right now and experience hearing, “Well done.” Our Kingdom goal is Rich toward God now, not billionaire when my ship comes in.

The external conflict – Once I’m on the same page with Father, I should be bullet proof, right? When you embrace your Kingdom purpose, that’s when the warfare starts. We are no threat to darkness while serving self. But when we start doing what we see Father doing, the battle is on. That’s the point of sonship. We’re designed by God to be more than conquerors through His power, not our human wisdom. We’re chosen to bring an intentional Isa 61 Reformation to the Nations.

Ps 18:30As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of Jehovah (purpose) is tried; (it draws warfare)
is a shield to all those who trust in Him.

Right now, the shift in a business context is moving from everything I can do to everything God can do through me. We’re not abandoning all the practical aspects of managing a business with excellence. However, now we can engage the battle raging behind the scenes in the spirit realm. Before we were pinballs being bounced around by random business headwinds. Now we see the warfare has a strategy and so does God. The forces of darkness are contesting our purpose.

Accusations are enemy ammunition in spiritual warfare. You can feel them at a prophetic level, and they are sticky; they don’t just go away because we wish they would! Here are a few examples:

  • You don’t have a purpose your Father is fighting for. You’re on your own!
  • Your business isn’t going to make it. Your dream won’t come true. God isn’t helping you.
  • Businesspeople don’t need to hear God. They know what to do!
  • Biz People can’t hear from God. They never have.
  • Father doesn’t speak to businesspeople:
    • He speaks to prophets and apostles.
    • Who tell businesspeople what God is saying, what to do.

Sons fight back – These are all serious accusations that human wisdom in a board room discussion won’t touch. Sons deal with accusations in the Courts of Heaven. We agree with our adversary and take them to Jesus/the cross. He’s our legal advocate. Father can even show the roots of where those accusations came from so we can take those to the cross as well.

Father releases decrees to counteract accusations, and so we can go far beyond the original blockage. Decrees are really invitations into a deeper dimension of His purpose and blessing. Accusations feel like getting punched in the gut, but decrees are the counter punch, the invitation into greater victories.

Reformation – Kingdom business is not for the faint of heart. There is more spiritual warfare now than at any point in history. Many are awakening to the dawn of a golden age. Your life and business can be instruments in Father’s hand to accomplish a Reformation that blesses People, Businesses, Cities, and Nations. Sons are gathering like eagles to bring heaven to earth.

Acts 14:16In the past, he let all nations go their own way.

We live it a pagan culture that is rapidly being transformed and redeemed by God to Bless nations and people. In the past people and nations went their own way. But now, you and I have the privilege and opportunity to choose our purpose and inherit our land. We’re choosing to be His sons and daughters. Jesus is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters (Heb 2:11).

Is it easy? – Well yes and no. Warfare has casualties and a price, so I’m not minimizing the degree of difficulty. However, His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Sons in business are shifting from doing and controlling everything to what Father can do through them. We’re co-laboring with the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. It’s good for the Kingdom and good for business.

Is God Mad at Me? – Businesspeople without a clear purpose are prone to believe God has abandoned them or is mad at them if they encounter warfare (accusations, headwinds, or mistakes). His purpose is wrapped in His presence. We all have “misses.” Sons know their Father never leaves or forsakes them because He’s still talking to us in the Council. He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who all made some big blunders! Yet, Abraham is the father of the Faith, and Jacob became Israel.

Here are some of the exciting decrees Father is releasing over businesspeople:

  • The Isaiah 61 Reformation features the business mountain (rebuilding).
  • Businesspeople are the champions of Reformation; entrepreneurial people, the economic engine for redeeming Cultures, dreams, and Nations.
  • Sonship is creative, industrious, and innovative people gathering around Kingdom Purpose.

Want to be a part? We think it’s exciting, even with the warfare!

We help Kingdom Businesses fulfill their unique purpose while producing value and cash flow.
Axiom – Have fun, make money, love people, and build the Kingdom!

This blog was inspired by two Council sessions: Purpose and Warfare, and Accusations to Invitations.

This is a Facebook live discussion on turning accusations to invitations. I think you will enjoy it (30 min)

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