Personal and work relationships can be fun when they are built around shared purpose. I don’t like to commit to a business relationship without knowing what’s in the other guy’s heart. I want to know his why, so we don’t get surprised when adversity shows up. If we’re sharing the same dream, we can navigate almost anything. And, if I know the specifics of the dream in his/her heart, they may still take a different path or job and I am then able to anticipate it and celebrate it instead of feeling surprised and betrayed.

Intentional culture – We can intentionally build a Kingdom culture in our lives, business, or organization when we have a shared a purpose that our Father shares too. That’s the definition of ecclesia! It releases God’s glory, the dynamic of His engagement in our business.

Staff engagement – That same purpose is what our team finds engaging. When we hire or contract with people we do want the right personality, resume, and commitment. But what we really want is what God can do through that person via the anointing on their purpose. That’s what makes work fun and productive and profitable. That’s when the culture feels alive because:

  • We’re helping people become themselves instead of stamping them into our mold.
  • We’re contending for the desires God wrote in their heart as sons and daughters.
  • We’re respecting their God-given identity by making room for their “works.”
  • We’re a tribe of sons who Prophetically encourage hearts in our culture.
    (Edification, exhortation, comfort, and love)

Here are four suggestions on building that culture of shared purpose:

#1.  My Purpose – Know your own Kingdom purpose, put it in writing and share it with your team. We use this structure in a Purpose Profile format to communicate our why regularly. We even put it in a graphic format that can be plastered on the walls. It’s not just C-suite BS, we get it prophetically correct, so it resonates in the hearts of our team (they share the movement voluntarily because they are excited about it. It’s in their hearts too!)

To: Mission – what we do.
So that: Purpose – why we do it.

#2.  Their Purpose – We make sure we know individual purpose and have that in writing too. It communicates respect when we’re willing to knock on the door of people’s hearts and understand their deepest dreams… and share them. People don’t want to be “fixed,” they want to be “found,”

#3.  Decision Making – With those two foundations, we can collaborate on the goals and projects that implement our shared Kingdom purpose. We’re tapping the anointing, creativity, and industry of the people we work with. We can engage them in the decision-making process.

#4.  Celebrations – When people are aligned with our Kingdom assignment, home runs are common. We go out of our way to celebrate exploits, ingenuity, and initiative. We’re reinforcing identity when we throw the party to highlight the contribution. Recognition is a primary lever for leaders to reinforce culture.


Suggestions for inspiration and resources to leverage the purpose of your heart and business with the purpose in God’s heart. Those are closer than you realize!

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