So many businesses focus on and brag about revenue. However, revenue, while important, itself is a vanity metric. It is far more beneficial to focus on profit and, more importantly, cash flow. Profit is sanity.

It does not matter how much revenue you have if you aren’t keeping any of it (profit). We see it all the time: businesses with high revenue reports seem like they are living the dream, but then they go bankrupt. It is because they had no profit. It really is that simple.

And what is important is cash flow. Cash Flow is king, the oxygen that keeps your business alive. Positive cash flow allows you to pay your bills. It ensures that you can continue to operate month after month. It’s spiritual to manage it wisely, it comes through the Spirit of Wisdom that Kingdom business leaders carry.

Write these three phrases on a note and keep it taped to your computer.

  • Revenue is vanity.
  • Profit is sanity.
  • Cash Flow is king.

Look at it day to day. Once you get them ingrained in your mind, you will keep focusing on the right numbers instead of the numbers that just make you look good.

Cash Flow defined: Cash flow is the difference between all the cash and liquidity accounts as well as debt accounts (credit cards and loans) between a period of time (day, week, month, quarter or year).

🔥 Visualization is trendy term for imagining your bright future in way that causes cosmic forces to align with your wishes, so all your dreams come true. Ahhh, let me suggest a better way. Put the income and expenses that go with your business dream in a cash flow format. So that you can see the last year’s income and expenses by month, and you project growth over the next couple of years, all on one sheet of paper. What you’re really doing is convincing your heart that your dream represents a green light, and you can proceed. “Or” you’re dodging a slowly approaching disaster that will leave you bankrupt. Either way all our dreams need the confirmation of financial solvency before we risk our time and money trying to make them come true. Having cash flow will convince your heart that the dream is real! You will have the confidence to manage and grow your business through the forest of changes and mid-course corrections every business leader encounters. Cash flow is a thermometer for your business health, and a compass that points to your next course correction.

Cash flow in your business tells you several things: where you stand now as well as where you are headed in the future. By having the answers to these two questions you can come up with ways to generate cash flow in your business and have time to do so and not have to face unpaid bills with an empty checking account.

My dream is expressed through my business; things I desire for myself, my family, my employees, and customers and to make a difference in other people’s lives and in the world. I realized that for these things to happen, my intention for positive cash flow generation needs to be amped up. Cash flow and dreams go together.

  • Your decision to intentionally manage cash flow is critical to success in your business.
  • The level of intention comes from first knowing the purpose that God has placed in your heart and pursuing that purpose as if it were your last breath of air so your can hear The Father say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”
  • Will power does not work but a spirit of wisdom does! Having the right processes and systems will help make your business a success, especially when it comes to generating positive cash flow. Larry is a person who can hold your hand through simple adjustments that convert your bookkeeping from a necessary evil to a dashboard in your business control room that you enjoy checking frequently.
  • Positive cash flow is the oxygen for your business body.
  • Without purpose what fuels your intention will get very fuzzy.
  • Your God-given purpose is for a designated audience/custoer in the world. Without a sustainable business model that generates consistent positive cash flow that audience will suffer because you won’t be thriving.

#1.  Purpose – You have a purpose from heaven. By extension, your business does too. We have a simple process called a purpose profile that helps business owners get a prophetically correct purpose in writing. When we get it right, it’s thrilling. Not just for the CEO but for the entire staff.

#2.  Value – The first connection is that your Kingdom purpose adds value to your business product or service. We’re doing stuff that blesses people and meets a need. We’re helping customer dreams come true… What our staff does for customers is a bit like ministry, wouldn’t you say?

#3.  Business Model – Have a business model that works – produces consistent profits and positive cash flow month after month. If it does not, you have a faith-based enterprise looking for a business model, not a business. A business model describes the rational of how a business creates value to exchange in the marketplace for money. Business model includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that can be tracked monthly and adjusted for forecasted results; managed success.

#4.  Cash Flow Speaks – Having a purpose, creating value, and marketing result in cash flow. We manage the business well by installing a cash flow management system, monitoring key metrics, hearing what cash flow is saying and expect God’s wisdom to result in a cup that overflows. This all yields a cash flow story that the staff participate in and influences, enabling our dreams to grow bigger every year because now we have the resources to make dreams come true.

#5.  Management team engaged in CF Story – The glue that makes it all work is that our staff shares our purpose like it’s their calling too, participates actively in the formation of the CF Story resulting in a culture that is alive. We intentionally cultivate our Kingdom culture to embrace the people, talents, and anointing God has given them. Business is fun and work becomes worship when you see the amazing fruit that comes out of a Kingdom business. We’re growing people, not just selling widgets.

Why Larry Does It – To Eliminate Entrepreneurial Poverty

My business exists to: Eliminate Entrepreneurial Poverty (a lack of productivity):

  • Help owners know, understand, interpret and translate what their cash flow is saying and
  • so their cash flow story is a story that the whole team can participate in and be proud of repeating,
  • so they can bring Heaven to earth and create value in business to bless people, businesses, and nations.

We’re scaling businesses through sons and daughters by connecting their God-given purpose with the value created by the business so that teams are united, positive cash flow is generated, well maintained and freedom is experienced.

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