Hi, I’m John Garfield. In this 10-minute video we want to share how you can turn your business to an exciting Kingdom business that creates wealth, inspires your staff, and makes a difference in your community and nation.

Even in a Christian business we deal with four basic challenges:

  1. Time – there are never enough hours in the day to do everything yourself. Busyness translates to family pressures, no vacations, and stress.
  2. Team – The leaders who help steer the ship aren’t always on the same page and they occasionally leave for greener pastures, and you get to start over.
  3. Money – It’s easy to make money and hard to manage cash flow through market changes and everything else that can go wrong. 80% of business fail in the first two years navigating this issue.
  4. Motivation – Money will not motivate you to run a business over a lifetime. There has to be a higher cause.

You already know that, but what you may not know is that God is strategically using the business mountain to scale a world-wide reformation bigger than Luther’s and the ensuing industrial revolution that changed living standards around the world.

When businesspeople see the Kingdom business movement in action, many are saying in their hearts, “I want to be part of what God is doing.”

Here’s the back story – Tobe Finch owns 14 restaurants in Lewiston Idaho. I helped him get his Kingdom purpose on a piece of paper (we call it a Purpose profile). It turns out Tobe has a purpose-full vision to decentralize the food supply and protect his stores and community from shortages and detoxify the ingredients via local farmers and ranchers. When he gives tours of his warehouse, people can feel the prophetic power in what he is being called to do. Everyone wants to help him because his vision resonates. It’s obvious God is in it! It’s fun to do what Father is doing! Tobe radiates the party he’s having on the inside! So do his leaders.

Stories of Kingdom purpose like Tobe’s are being duplicated around the world. So, we’re helping businesses learn how they can do the same in these five simple steps:

  1. Purpose – You have a purpose from heaven. By extension, your business does too. We have a simple process called a purpose profile that helps people like Tobe get a prophetically correct purpose in writing. When we get it right, it’s thrilling. Not just for the CEO but for the entire staff.
  2. Value – The first connection is that your Kingdom purpose adds value to your business product or service. We’re doing stuff that blesses people and meets a need. We’re helping customer dreams come true… What our staff does for customers is bit like ministry, wouldn’t you say?
  3. Marketing – Have a prophetically correct purpose is easy to leverage in your marketing strategy. We’re just blowing the trumpet on what God is doing in our business. We’re telling our story and engaging our staff, customers, and community. The “get” your why; “see” the cause!
  4. Cash Flow – Having a purpose, creating value, and marketing result in cash flow. We don’t take it for granted. We manage the business well and expect God’s wisdom to result in a cup that overflows. Our dreams grow bigger every year because now we have the resources make dreams come true.
  5. Culture – The glue that makes is all work is that our staff shares our purpose like it’s their calling too, because it is! We intentionally cultivate our Kingdom culture to embrace the people, talents, and anointing God has given them. Business is fun and work becomes worship when you see the amazing fruit that comes out of a Kingdom business. We’re growing people, not just selling widgets.

We help business owners with Kingdom purpose and culture, and we have two great business coaching resources that can help you navigate every imaginable function you need to grow your business.

We start by helping people clarify their Kingdom Purpose, as in get it prophetically correct and on paper. We use that month of getting purpose on paper with weekly zooms to get to know one another and to see if additional coaching will help your business take the next step. It’s thrilling for your heart and your business when you can feel the chosen-ness that goes with Kingdom purpose. Others will resonate and join your and Father’s cause.

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