In today’s business world, having a clear and meaningful purpose is key to achieving success. It’s not just about making money; having a well-defined purpose brings many benefits that really make a difference in how a company works. Knowing Kingdom purpose is the difference between a Christian Business and a Kingdom Business.

#1. Staff Engagement: When everyone in a company knows why they’re doing what they do, it makes work more meaningful. It’s like having a secret recipe for job satisfaction and a happy work environment. A clear purpose attracts people that fit your vision and creates a work culture to help them grow professionally and personally. People are a central part of every company’s Kingdom purpose.

#2. Attracting Customers: Businesses with a strong purpose attract customers who believe in what the company stands for. It’s like having a special bond that keeps customers coming back.

#3. The Right Language: There is a prophetic bridge between Kingdom purpose and marketing copy, it’s like magic. People connect and resonate at a heart level with a company that creates value for people, making its products or services even more attractive. Marketing should feature your prophetically correct Kingdom purpose!

#4. Purpose Fuels Creativity: Having a clear purpose isn’t just about words; it sparks creativity. It helps a company make smart decisions and fosters agility in a changing market. If your staff knows and shares your purpose, they will come up with a steady stream of new ideas to make it better.

#5. Collaboration: If we know where you’re going and why, the rest of us can help you get there! A clear and prophetic purpose attracts a network of like-minded people who volunteer to build another wing on your dream.

#6. Connecting with the Community: A company with a clear purpose isn’t just in it for itself. It builds strong relationships with investors, suppliers, and the community, getting support from everyone involved.

#7. Corporate Agility: When things get tough, a company with a clear purpose doesn’t get lost in the storm. It stays true to its purpose-driven mission, making smart decisions that help it bounce back even stronger. Reinvention is necessary survival skill that creates new opportunities for every business.

#8. Reformation: People and businesses that co-labor with their Father’s purpose eventually bless Nations. Yup, we’re excited about purpose because we believe business sons can change the world. They are anointed to bless People, Businesses, Cities, and Nations. That’s Father’s definition of Reformation!

A clear business purpose isn’t just a spiritual luxury. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps a company grow, be successful, and make a positive impact on the world. And when a company combines Heaven’s purpose with a Kingdom mission on earth, it’s like building a holistic bridge between doing good and making money – and every business needs both.

We’ve attached an example of John’s Purpose Profile with live links.

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