How do I guard my heart during seasons of warfare, discouragement, and depression or seasons of overflow, visibility, and outward prosperity? Too much trouble can make us give up on our dream. Too much pomp and success can tempt us to believe we can’t make a mistake; that we can do it without God. Neither ditch is good for your dream.

Prov 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. NIV

We guard our hearts by nurturing our dream. Personal delusion or national deception could sweep away dreams, but the life-giving vision that Father writes in our hearts shows up as direction, Kingdom Direction. Sons have the privilege of doing what their Father is doing (Jn 5:19). The river of life that flows from our belly in John 7:38 originates at the throne (Rev. 22:1).

  • It’s the desire of our heart that overlaps with Father’s heart.
  • It’s Life, the stuff of adventure and purpose, that gives our lives meaning.
  • Your heart is the seat of your why; the reason you’re here,
  • The Work God prepared in advance for you to do, heroically (Eph 2:10)

Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. ESV

The gospel of the Kingdom is learning to flow with your heart, the desires in your heart. It’s not forced or pushed (that’s religion). Kingdom is an all-volunteer army of sons and daughters who co-labor out of love for Father and love for people. We freely give from the heart because we freely received first. It’s not love of money or fame that motivates hearts, it’s value. Money follows value and culture, the atmosphere of love. Behavioral accountability is not a substitute for a heart motivated by a dream we share with our Father.

We Honor AuthenticityWhen we’re true to our heart, we’re content to be ourselves, the self that God called and created to be heroic. Nothing is hidden. There is no duplicity or double-minded behavior. Our hearts are designed to be integral, holistic, sincere, and transparent.

We are vulnerable before people not just because we know we can fail, it’s because we know Father will resurrect us and work good out of every situation (Rom 8:28). People can smell spiritual maturity; it’s the fragrance of death and resurrection. We all go through those cycles. Sons and daughters see the purpose and the loving Father behind it, not causing it but redeeming it. We have a Father that helps us piece together our broken lives in a mosaic more beautiful than the original. We’re not ashamed of our broken histories; they are still His and our Story. The plot of our lives has a purpose that weaves its way through our past, present, and future.

Your Purpose is a Wellspring! – The dream God wrote in your heart is the value you bring to other people. It’s not a required service offered up by some self-defacing saint. It’s a dream come true! It’s the banquet that is Kingdom! It’s the thrill and victory of hearing Father say well done for doing what you love.

It’s also work, warfare, exploits, and teams of people who help us.

The Genius of Ecclesia is Shared Purpose – The group of people who see and share Kingdom purpose has the power to defeat Hell and bring heaven to earth. Knowing one another’s purpose sets the stage to co-labor, covenant, and contract with a leadership team, staff, clients, suppliers, and communities. Business is never a one-man show. Teamwork is what makes our dream work. God’s assignments are always beyond our individual talents and anointing. It always takes a tribe. The tribal glue is always shared purpose.

Purpose Profiles – We help businesses transition to the joy and prosperity of a Kingdom business culture by leveraging your unique purpose to ignite your staff and customers. The fun begins when you discover the why God wrote in your heart(s). We marry the cultural and practical side of sound business practices. Cash flow comes from a well-motivated, engaged staff culture and a wisely managed business built on Kingdom purpose already written in hearts. We have the resources to help you shift the culture and respond to the challenges. The starting place is a Purpose Profile (see examples).

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