Rick and Holly started hosting Kingdom Leadership Workshops five years ago in response to the businesspeople from around the world who showed up at the door asking how they did it. Those three-day events occur three times a year, and the next step is called Kingdom Action Groups. The goal is ongoing mentoring in small groups to help you make it all happen in your business. We’re providing an overview of the experiences and results you will see in your own life and business, a brochure with your invitation to Kingdom business.

Betenbough builds quality homes at an affordable price for our corner of the world in Texas. This Kingdom expression of what God has given us led to a new branch on our purpose for Kingdom Action Groups. We want to build sons and their Kingdom businesses the way we build homes.

To: Release an army of sons to build their Kingdom Business
So That: Reformation comes to their staff, their Sphere, their City, and their Nation.

We’ve distilled ten principles from our own experience with God. The power is not in learning the principles but hearing them from Father yourself and applying them. Knowledge without action creates a disconnect between what you know and what you do. So, the goal is not education but the experience of doing what Father is doing.

We’re not holding anything back, so we want to give you the goose, not just the golden egg principles. It’s Jesus! Father is raising up entrepreneurial sons to staff a Reformation of nations. The business mountain is a logical place to start. The steady stream of people coming to check us out on a business level are really sons being drawn to His Kingdom. You’re invited to play your role at the dawn of another reformation that has ramifications far beyond Luther’s Reformation.

You will also find yourself fathering other sons and daughters into their dreams. Our goal is to help you become yourself, your Father’s son who does exploits and has fun doing it! A father who has his own sons and his own fruit. We’re excited about the hero in “you.” So is Father!

There is a short read that expands on the outline above. Just click the link.
Let’s Build a Kingdom Business (KAG)

Contact for the Kingdom Leadership Workshop in 2022 May 3-5; October 11-13

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