I watched this 90 min. interview a second time and took notes. As Sons, we carry an anointing and a responsibility to bring these things from heaven to earth in prayer and practice. Plus, I thought it was one of the best prophetic insights I’ve heard this year. We can’t just count it done because it’s been prophesied; that just means it’s in the Father’s heart and He’s looking for us to co-labor with Him to make it happen.

  1. We can know the truth, even through the Fog of War.
  2. Although Trump is not in office, he has been used behind the scenes. Still Cyrus, still the most powerful for Kingdom in the world. He’s gone from influence in the US to influence around the world. He will return to office. He is still Cyrus. History will be known as before Trump, and after Trump.
  3. The 2020 election was Fraudulent (prophetically and practically). Biden is an imposter yet God has not been fooled or overruled. Justice is coming.
  4. Globalists and cabal elites have a depopulation agenda. Covid and vaccines are part of a conspiracy spanning decades. It is being exposed and will be stopped.
  5. Leaders in the church or in culture will face accountability on several fronts for not discerning:
    • the 2020 election steal
    • No future election matters until the 2020 election is fixed (before 2022).
    • The jab and hospital protocol for covid are deep state operations.
    • pastors who don’t see are not Kingdom assets… even if evangelism is happening. These conspiracies are part of an antichrist agenda; it’s criminal not to see it.
      • The “Jesus saves” is moving to “Jesus Reigns”
      • Evangelism is good but it does not in itself detract from Satan’s rule on earth
      • Sons and daughters Reigning in their mountain and bringing heaven to earth matter
      • We have power over every work of darkness

Luke 10:19-20 – I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. NIV

  1. There is progress (Good news in abundance)
    • The midst of cleansing the deep state, Roe vs Wade may fall
    • Epstein / Maxwell trial is exposing pedophilia; names
  1. Christians are awakening from “prayer only” to prayer and engagement / action in 7 Mtns, Reformation
  2. The globalist agenda of the deep state is being exposed
    • Depopulation is a central agenda item
    • Climate change, etc.
  3. World’s lust for Socialism, Marxism and Communism is ending. The control associated with Covid lockdowns is awakening people
  4. The CCP of China is coming to an end (part of Reformation)
    • China has a core of believers who long for freedom
    • A catalytic event will release Freedom around the world

Isa 66:8 – Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children. NIV

  1. The 350 year reign of central bankers (Rothschilds) is over; federal reserve, the IRS will fall
    • A good reset (reformation) is taking out the deep state reset
    • World rule by secret societies is coming to an end (freemasonry, etc.)
  2. The Political spirit is being exposed. Both parties are on the same corrupt team creating division artificially.
  3. Fake, cowardly Christian leaders are losing money and influence. They have bowed to the antichrist agenda. This is now good vs. evil (blank and white)
  4. Lies of the ages are being revealed. Some history will be fixed where it has been fabricated by those in control (conspiracies are real).
  5. Child trafficking is being exposed and stopped; Recent resignations, CEO’s, politicians (100’s recently)
  6. Many exposures
    • Omicron (Moronic); omicron delta (Media Control)
    • CIA, FBI, DOJ, Fed, NASA, Disney, Vatican, Antarctica, DUMbs (Deep Underground Military Bases), Mocking Bird Media, central banks, UN, Clinton Foundation, Soros, Operation Paperclip, Bioweapons (Lime, HIV, Covid)
  7. 153 – Where we’re headed
    • Edward Durr (truck driver) won New Jersey seat – spend $153. “New Jersey” = new team jersey
    • Cast your nets to the right side (caught 153 fish) – 153 sheep nations
    • 2 Kings 1:9-13 King sent army of 50 to get Elijah “let fire from heaven come down and consume). three groups of 50 and 3 leaders = 153
    • Captain Sully landed US Air on Hudson (153 passengers). Satan has been trying to kill the world economy. God is preserving it. “153” = I am God
  8. Fog of War Looks like: the destruction of the economy; concentration camps for the unvaxed. God is warring against it

Conclusion – It’s time for Sons to rise up and take authority over the works of the enemy:

  • Kill the bioengineering in the vaccines
  • Release God’s power and glory in the earth (bring Heaven to Earth)
  • Birth the above 18



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