Businesses are a collection of people that should have a purpose bigger than their widget or service. Businesses that flow with God’s purpose have an entirely different feel. They are relevant, bigger than themselves, and there is an intangible ‘Pull’ to work with them or buying from them. If we can open that book of purpose (Ps 139:15-16) and communicate it, the ripple effect shows up in the staff, the marketing, and the community of people around the business.

Your business bookBusinesses start with someone’s dream. It helps to be charismatic, but business purpose always has to be larger than the personality of the founder, owner, or CEO. Everyone wants to know your why. If you can hold up a credible purpose, everything else can flow from that spring. And it’s not just about “you.”

Contribution – We all need three simple things to be happy (cause, contribution, and community). Business purpose creates the motivation space for others to help us. No one really wants a J-O-B. They want a valid reason for what they do, and they want to make a value contribution. Motivated staff who understand your business purpose will continually build new wings on your products and quality. God designed all of us to be creative and industrious. Purpose releases that talent pool in a way that a J-O-B never does.

Most corporations hope that everyone is loyal to the cause. If someone is found working against the grain, he or she is typically cast aside as non-productive. The real truth is that no one is fully aligned with the corporate mission and “everyone” will eventually leave! People continually mature and make mid-course corrections. It’s the job of the leadership team to instill a Kingdom culture where there really isn’t such a thing as an employee; people are not designed to be disposable servants (Jn 15:15). God designed all of us to operate out of the desires of our own heart; to be creative and industrious because we see the vision at a heart level. That momentum starts when we put individual hearts ahead of the corporate machinery, and simply ask two simple questions: 1) “What’s your dream?” and 2) “How can I help you to take the next step?” That might sound trite, but if you can learn to listen to hearts, the result is a Kingdom culture; leaders and staff who are more connected, creative, motivated, and productive. When people make a connection between their own hearts and the direction of the company and the direction of the Kingdom, the tribe begins. When their hearts take them in another direction, they are encouraged, respected, and helped to find a better fit. These concepts really do improve the “bottom line.”

Take Home – Leaders don’t create followers; they create leaders who understand their why and volunteer for responsibility because they are inspired themselves.

Marketing Message – The second secret of business is that people “buy your why.” We all favor buying things from people who are in our motivational tribe. If your business book (purpose) is in writing and has some juice, its easy to convey your prophetic leverage in your marketing strategy. The same vision that, 1) caused you to start the business, and 2) causes your staff to be excited to work with you – that same inspiration is contagious with customers. If the Father’s wind is in your business sails, everyone can feel it and it will blow your sales as well. Is God sold on your purpose?

Example (What is our “why”) – In two words – Intentional Reformation – When your employees connect with the purpose God wrote in their hearts, they will create value for your company, prosper themselves, experience tribe, and contribute to an organic reformation of your business and your nation. Have fun, make money, love people will be your motto!

Community / Tribe – Movements are built around people that share a cause. It’s never just a slogan on a motivational poster. We usually look at those shallow attempts at reality and inwardly mock them. A real purpose that God has written in people’s hearts is much different.

The challenge is, “Can we get our purpose in writing, and is it prophetically correct?” If we can articulate a purpose, then staff and friends will contribute to it, customers will buy it, and a tribe will form around it.

We help businesses, with a heart for people, to get their book in writing. More here:

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