Mid-life with job or business resume of achievement. Christian with a family, nothing is broken – they don’t need or want to be “fixed.” He/she is not bored but wearied by the rut; by the mundane routine that doesn’t tap their full potential or release their own dream. They hate wasting time on things they don’t enjoy, don’t work, or don’t fit.

Problem – Feels left off the higher-purpose track of changing the world and prospering. Has a decent career or business, yet not engaged; knows there is something more. “In transition” to break through to a higher purpose that clarifies the direction. Making money to live a more extravagant lifestyle doesn’t define their goal as much as a meaningful life of answering their call, multiplying the talents they were given, having fun being themselves, and having an answer for God about what they did with their life. They want their Father’s purpose; both life and life more abundantly.

Aspiration – Has a sense of calling that is not fulfilled in the current job or business results. They don’t want to be in ministry but do want a tangible sense of filling God’s purposes, bearing fruit, hearing “well done.” They want cause, contribution, and community. They dream of creating value through products or services that flow out of their passion. They long to be enthusiastic about the fruit instead of busy with the grind.

  • Cause – Heart is longing for meaningful connection with God’s kingdom… have that which is his/her own.
  • Contribution – Wants to create value and be appreciated for it, to be the hero.
  • Cash flow – Wants to connect the dots between his passion and profit; overflow that enables vision and generosity.
  • Community – Wants to be part of a tribe/team of like-minded making a difference.
  • Guide – Wants an experienced leader through the transition, but not control. Someone who can release their own dream, show them how, not just tell them (Who, not how).
  • Bigger fish to fry – They carry their Father’s DNA for nations and reformation and long to make the world a better place; bring heaven to earth; join the party!

Has history – Feels the transition to Kingdom but can’t explain it and doesn’t know how to get there.  They have been burned by:

  • Programs that were draining and didn’t yield results aligned with their heart.
  • Leaders who promised and didn’t deliver or missed their heart.
  • Drained from putting time and money into other people’s visions. Give and it shall be given is starting to feel manipulative.

Hunger – open to creating a plan if they feel it is prophetically correct. They are willing overcome busyness to prioritize the transition to the new. They position themselves in the Council to see each step – they are sons bringing heaven to earth in their own metron.

Contagious Results – Once they connect with their own path/heart, they naturally want to help others make the same connection and have the same prophetic experience with clarity. Although their dream takes years to fulfill, they can see it, feel it in advance, and they are courageous about possessing their land. The price they are now willing to pay in perseverance has roots in anticipation and expectation (faith) – that God is working, partnering with them; His wind is filling their sails. The first fruit of this new path is faith; they believe their own plan.

If this is you, then here is our recommendation:

Feel left off the higher-purpose tack of changing the world and making money?

We work with Christian business leaders who want to play their role in God’s Kingdom, so they can integrate the spiritual side of accessing the courts and council of Heaven with the practical aspects of running a business that makes a difference (and a profit).

John and Beverly lead these relational tribes of peers who meet weekly in a zoom course to experience prophetic clarity on the purpose God wrote in your heart and then walk it out in a prospering business.

The keys are: 1) discovering the purpose God wrote in your heart, 2) a Tribe of friends to encourage, and 3) seeing what Father is doing in the council and do it with Him.

(www.OnlineHeartPlan.com) Message for more – starting 4/3.


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