We’re starting two more Heart Plan On-line courses in January. One led by John and the other by Beverly. Why don’t you join us? More on the video and the short answers to your top 10 questions.

For you – Getting connected with the purpose God wrote in your heart is what unlocks the lion it takes to make your dream come true, and it is attainable only through the OnlineHeartPlan.com

For your Tribe – Guiding your tribe of friends, employees, or coworkers to their purpose is a key that liberates the motivation God wired into their heart. They will love you for it and its attainable only through the OnlineHeartPlan.com

 Q1 – How is this different from everyone else – Everyone else has tried to pound you into their box. Just being yourself and connecting with your own heart feels like a jailbreak from the treadmill of other people’s expectations.

Q2 – What’s in it for me?Now you can get to work on that which belongs to you! And, the secret sauce is “flow.” You feel the wind in your sails because God will help you make that dream come true. It’s His dream too! Your confidence and enthusiasm for life and business will soar!

Q3 – How do I know this is real and not BS?You have read inspiring books, followed charismatic leaders, taken all the courses, and tried to make it work, but it didn’t. They were successful, but it didn’t work the same for you. It’s time to tap into your purpose and follow it into that dream vocation or business, so you too can say, “I was born for this.”

I’ve had seasons in my life where I couldn’t see my future and had no sense of direction or purpose to get there.  A life without purpose is a treadmill that leads somewhere – depression! There is freedom and creativity in the purpose God has for you, and He wrote it in the desires of your heart. Most people would never think to look there. Dreams do come true!

Q4 – What’s holding me back? – All those past attempts didn’t pan out because you can’t succeed trying to imitate someone else. It’s not your fault. It’s just time to try being yourself. You’re an original, not a copy. Your purpose is a brand-new set of clothes that have never been worn – already paid for and waiting for you.

Q5 – Who/What is to blame? – You can continue to live in the boredom or mediocrity of someone else’s script for your life, but it’s not really you. Authenticity is the get-out-of-jail-free card. Whoever is putting you in a box of their expectations is just fulfilling their dream with your help. Give yourself permission to get out of the box and go after your own dream. This jailbreak is a movement – Tribe happens once you’re free.

Q6 – Why now? – All this starts to happen the minute you say yes to desires God wrote in your heart. That offer doesn’t last forever. When the door closes, and people get left out of their dreams, it’s heartbreaking. Don’t wait, and turn this invitation down, it’s from your Father in heaven.

Q7 – Why should I trust you? – I made my transition from servant to son about 20 years ago. I was an engineer, husband, father of four, and bi-vocation pastor who planted two churches. I voluntarily got in a God-box of what I thought He wanted me to do – ministry. I did a slow-motion crash. Both my Job and church gradually wore me down until I heard this question, “John, why don’t you tell me what you want to do?” It took me a while to answer but that was my transformation into my own dream. Since then, we’ve been helping people in Europe, and the US find their Kingdom purpose and connect it to a business or vocation for ten years. It’s not that hard, and the reward is fantastic. We have the stories of changed lives to prove it.

Best part about it – people fall in love with you when you can see their hearts and help them release their dream. Guiding your tribe of friends, employees, or coworkers into their purpose is a key that liberates the motivation God wired into their hearts. They will love you for it and it’s attainable only through the OnlineHeartPlan.com. We have affiliate options to help you help your tribe.

Q8 – How does it work? – Our ability to help you find the purpose God wrote in your heart works because when you get it on paper and say it in words, it will resonate prophetically and practically (or it won’t). After a few iterations of our relational process, the Online Heart Plan, we’ll see where that purpose leads in the broader areas of your life. We’ll get a picture of how your dream adds value in a business, vocation, or ministry and how it touches your relationship with God and family. We chase down the goals and cash flow to make it all happen in a “heart plan” that convinces “you” that your purpose is real. On the way, you’ll get to see others going through the same process and a tribe forms out of those relationships. The same people that supported you through the birth of your dream are available through the months and years it takes to make it come true. Many think the Tribe is the best part.

Q9 – How can I get started? – Go to www.OnlineHeartPlan.com. Start with a call to John or Beverly. We made the first four intro videos free, so you can taste and see, Risk Free! We spread the cost over four months at $375/month – ($1497) total. If you’re not finding value after the first month, we’ll pull the plug, so you don’t have to pay the rest. We’ll even refund the first $375.

A list of some of the things you’ll get

  • Personal help one-on-one. We’re sharing the responsibility to get your clarity!
  • Heart connection (with what God wrote on your heart) with a prophetic confirmation
  • A written purpose statement, a mind map of your direction, goals that excite your heart
  • A business plan to get to your dream with monthly cash flow
  • Experience with Courts of Heaven, Council, and Seer gift activation
  • “Tribe” of peers who know what is in your heart an encourage you (Mastermind)
  • Open your book (purpose), the book of your business, and the book of your nation (Reformation)

Under the hood

  • OnlineHeartPlan.com is ten modules with 10-15 minute videos, explanations, and exercises you can do at home, online at your own pace. It’s easy!
  • The weekly zoom calls are short (1 hr), inspiring, and get results. You get to see others gain their clarity, and you get the satisfaction of helping one another in a “tribe.”
  • We included the 8-week Seers and Doors course as a bonus (Seers-and-Doers.com).

 Q10 – What do I have to lose? – You’re a good person, living a pretty good life, but you know there is more. You can choose to live through the divine discontent – many do. I’m inviting you to be an exception, clarify your purpose, and make your dream come true. Intentional Reformation is a viral movement, and God Himself is inviting you into the desires of your heart.

Enroll now at www.OnlineHeartPlan.com, take off hiddenness, and find the hero in your story – in the mirror. The world needs you to be who you are. We need you to arise and shine. We’re starting in January. Find your purpose, then the purpose of your business, and then the purpose of your nation. Like riding a bicycle, once you learn to see purpose, you will see it at every level and in every person.

 Q11 – John, why do you do all this?

  1. I love helping people connect with the purpose God wrote in their hearts. The Online Heart Plan is simply the most effective way to help people do that, so:
  2. together, we can launch a worldwide movement of enthusiastic and connected tribers who own the responsibility and horsepower to delightfully facilitate an intentional reformation of our cultures and nations. Have Fun, Make Money, and Love People.

Here are a few of the stories:

Beverly  (FL) – I got so much out of the Online Heart Plan that I started my own course as an affiliate with John. Now I’m changing lives in my own tribe! People love it!

Larry (NC) – I’m a financial consultant with expertise in cashflow. Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also. Heart Plan connected the dots for me and it’s a natural part of my approach to helping people (more than numbers!)

Donald (CO) – I started out thinking I knew my direction. Now I’ve reversed course and I’m doing what I love. The Heart Plan and the tribe felt like home and I still enjoy helping others.

Gabor (TX) – I had a tough time picking between ministry opportunities and insurance sales. I choose sales and got ministry opportunities at the same time. The heart plan, tribe, and 1-on-1 time gave me the confidence to move to a different city and multiply my income.

Stella (Netherlands) – I started a blog that helps young mothers out of the depression I have experienced. The Heart Plan helped me connect with my purpose. Give it a go!

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