The Online Heart Plan – WIIFM (What’s In It For Me!)

The Online Heart Plan starts September 4, but the lead up is a 5-day challenge beginning August 31.

  1. You’re the hero – most of us want meaningful lives filled with purpose (significance)
    • We want to do something great; carry a sense of destiny bigger than ourselves
    • We want to be chosen by God and celebrated by other people
    • We want to add value to other people; make a real contribution, and make money doing it
    • We want to be part of a tribe that makes a difference; we want to belong
  1. The problem – we get busy, disconnected from our own hearts (mediocrity)
  2. We need a guide and a process – that will distill purpose out of the fog of confusion in my life
  3. We need a simple Plan we can implement – (the heart plan)
  4. Challenge – we want to embrace the purpose God has for us (we just need to know how)
  5. Success – We want the taste of a few victories (Easy wins);
  6. A safety net – a Tribe of supporters who will help us resurrect from our failures
  7. Transformation – We want to become everything God called us to be, starting with our purpose


Here’s your next step – Starting in a week, August 31, 2020

    • Join the 5-day challenge at this link
    • Become part of the online Face book Group for connecting hearts to purpose
    • Take a look at the full course
    • Lastly, read the stories of those who have been through it (below).


What attracted you to join the Online Heart Plan? What were the problems you hoped to solve and/or benefits you wanted to gain by going through it?

Gabor Siklosi – I really wanted to get clarity on my life and what my next steps would be like. I felt stuck and purposeless and needed to revisit my destiny. I was also very much drawn to working in relationship with the tribe and closely with John because I have known him for years and have a very high regard for him.  Thanks.

David Harris – I’ve known John Garfield for more than ten years. It’s inspirational to see how God has grown and expanded his kingdom mandate. The ‘Heart Plan” is the next logical step to John’s impact on individual hearts. “Releasing Kings’ gives permission to go for your God-given dreams. The “Heart Plan’ puts your unique plan in place. Connecting with the group of like-minded kingdom friends, the tribe, ads the relational cheerleaders to share the journey. The Heart Plan is an adventure into your own heart.”

Marsha Oberlander – I was pending retirement, but not done with life.  Having just read Seers and Doers, I saw the ‘life coaching’ offer on the Releasing Kings website.  The book had impressed me, as well as John’s online presentations, so coaching for transition planning seemed a good fit at an affordable price.  I received way more than I bargained for!!

Beverly Lewis (video link) – I was in a period of major transition in my life when John and I spoke about the new online Heart Plan Course. I wanted to regain focus and be around kingdom-minded people who would challenge me. I have great respect for John and figured it would be a worthwhile experience. The course turned out to be a time of re-centering and restored clarity. It exceeded my expectations and launched me into the next season of business and personal growth.

Larry Tyler (Video Link) – John had shared over the years the Heart Plan with me and I hadn’t really gone through it myself. John and I reconnected in January 2019 as I was writing Hidden Messages in Cash Flow and we talked consistently for several months about a possible Heart Plan online course and including some of my content in the cash flow module. I decided to join in the course, primarily to support John in this new venture as he greatly supported me with the writing of my book and transition business-wise I was going through and I thought I could possibly add some value to him and the participants in the course. WOW! was I surprised, I received far more value from the course than I provided and the relationships that developed in the course was a valued plus.

I found the course greatly supported what God had shown me that would be a major segment of my business, SimpliFlo, what God has written on one’s heart is the major answer in life as to how to Create Your Future and avoid the chaos of the world.

One key aspect of the course that I personally learned that I attempt to share with others is what God told me: “son don’t skip the work in the course, do the work, write out all that is called for, I’ve given John this content, honor Me by doing the work, especially write out your purpose, goals, business plan and cash flow. By writing it ALL out you give Me something to work with, with you. To co-create with you. It takes faith to do the work. Faith is what draws me to partner with you with your desires that come from Me.”


Heart plan Endorsements from a year ago


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