Take These 5 Proven Steps to Experience Your Future Now and Gain Clarity

from a  Revolutionary Online Course with a Live Tribe and a Personal Guide

Hell and monotony are the same place! – We all want to be wholehearted, passionate, and celebrated for something; not fogged in mediocrity and obscurity – our lives should matter! Living without a clear purpose is a ticket on a slow train to nowhere!

  • Did you know that purpose is woven into your DNA?
  • Would you like to experience being chosen for something special?
  • Would you like the wind at your back with some victories and celebrations?

Dear Compatriot, Serfdom is not normal! There really is a hero inside of you.

  • If you’ve felt disengaged and disconnected, then finding your clarity can be compelling
  • If you’ve felt rejection and resignation, then discovering your purpose will be powerful
  • If you’re fuzzy on the next step or where to get help, then check this out

Shipwrecks are realMost of us have had our share of shipwrecks, and we are somewhere between resignation and resurrection. My shipwreck was financial – we nearly went bankrupt eight years ago. I went through depression, panic attacks at night, and it’s taken years to claw our way back with an imperfect job. It’s not magic.

You’ve also gone through your fair share of people promising the sky and delivering crap. Welcome to the club. Not everything that quacks is a duck. It’s disheartening to know that most people don’t care and don’t have much to offer but empathy even if they do care.

It’s not your faultJust before I fell on my face, I thought I was plugged-in to the point of overflowing financially, spiritually, and relationally. I couldn’t understand how a loving Father could let this happen; at least give me some warning. I got caught totally off-guard! My future evaporated, and I had to rethink everything I believed. We emptied the house in a yard sale thinking we would have to sell. I couldn’t see a path forward and threw out all my dreams, as well.

After several months of feeling sorry for myself, He just said, “John, this wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t my fault. Sometimes stuff just happens. Nothing has changed regarding your purpose – you weren’t wrong. Now, do you want to come home, or would you like to finish your purpose.” Through tears, I told Him I wanted to finish.

Passion + CompassionI was passionate before all that happened. After that, I gained compassion for broken people (I was one now). What I had not realized was that brokenness is the predecessor to stepping into your own skin with authority. Every biography of great men and women has at least one chapter on a tragedy. Resurrection is a fact of life for all of us. Guess where this is leading!

The Proven Process of Finding YourselfOnce I realized my situation wasn’t unique, I started helping other people find their resurrection (emotionally, spiritually, financially, vocationally). When you know where to look you can find your bright future too! We call it Intentional Reformation. It’s a roadmap to change yourself and the world. Here’s are the five essential steps:

  1. Get connected with your own heart – God has already written something about our purpose in our hearts. When you connect with that purpose, it’s something you enjoy doing, plus it feels like the wind is at your back when you do it. It works spiritually and practically – it makes life fun! The next step is an aid to help you find out.
  2. Seers and Doers – Seeing what the Father is doing and cooperating with that theme is a fantastic experience. We teach business people how to transition from imagination to a legitimate seer gifting. The result is an amazing boost in confidence and authority. Watching others go through this process became relational.
  3. Tribe – Businesspeople are often busy and solo. The concept of knowing the deepest purpose in another person’s heart led to knowing one another at a level deeper than any other relationship). The respect and love for one another naturally turned into a tribe of friends – a team glad to help one another. That tribal sense of being able to hear what’s in other hearts has a natural business ramification (favor).
  4. Personal Favor – When we connect with our own heart, our Father’s heart, and the hearts of our team, we graduate into God’s favor in any realm. Seeing business and people through the lens of purpose ripples all the way through everything, including your cash flow! And it doesn’t stop there.
  5. Favor on my Nation – I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t have a patriotic love for their own nation. It reflects a sentiment written in all our hearts. Guess what? Just like your own heart, your business has a purpose, and so does your nation. Reformation extends all the way to blessing nations. Pretty exciting, Right? You can play a role at every level.

These five steps (really five experiences of finding yourself) are also the five sections of a book we’ve written called Intentional Reformation, A Roadmap to Change Yourself and the World (available on Amazon). We think you’ll enjoy it. But, we’re not selling books, we’re selling experiences and relationships! Here’s what I mean.

Hearts want to experience results, not another lecture

In our western culture, we believe if we understand something intellectually, we’ve got it all. Hearts, on the other hand, don’t care what’s in your head. Your heart wants the experience and the results. Theories, theology, principles, rules, and accountability aren’t enough for any of us. People don’t work that way. We all want the same things: real people, real experiences, and real results.

The goal is to experience what’s in your heart so that your purpose is clear and then taste what it feels like to see that purpose on paper and in practice – creating value and making money. Imagine doing what you love and making money doing it. That’s the goal for all of us – it works!

Stories from the TribeLet me introduce you to some raving fans from the Online Heart Plan tribe.

Beverly  (FL) – I got so much out of the Online Heart Plan that I started my own course as an affiliate with John. Now I’m changing lives in my own tribe! People love it!

Larry (TX) – I’m a financial consultant with expertise in cashflow. Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also. Heart Plan connected the dots for me and it’s a natural part of my approach to helping people (more than numbers!)

Donald (CO) – I started out thinking I knew my direction. Now I’ve reversed course and I’m doing what I love. The Heart Plan and the tribe felt like home and I still enjoy helping others.

Gabor (TX) – I had a tough time picking between ministry opportunities and insurance sales. I choose sales and got ministry opportunities at the same time. The heart plan, tribe, and 1-on-1 time gave me the confidence to move to a different city and multiply my income.

Stella (Netherlands) – I started a blog that helps young mothers out of the depression I have experienced. The Heart Plan helped me connect with my purpose. Give it a go!

Anyone with a dream can put their passion on steroids by using the Online Heart Plan, because it clarifies the purpose God wrote in your heart. You will have the natural confidence, the spiritual authority, and the practical wisdom to “make your dream come true.”

The value – Clarify Your Dream

The clarity you’ll get from this course feels like a jailbreak from mediocrity, and it moved the dial on personal prosperity for most of our Tribe. Personal coaching usually starts at $5K and up. We’ve done several things to raise the value and beat that price tag.

  • We made the first four intro videos free, so you can taste and see!
  • OnlineHeartPlan.com is 10 modules; 10-15 minute videos, explanations, and exercises you can do at home, online at your own pace
  • The weekly zoom calls are inspiring you get to see others gain their clarity, and you get the satisfaction of helping one another in a “tribe.”
  • We spread the cost over four months at $200/month – ($800) total.
  • We included the Seers and Doors course as a bonus (Seers-and-Doers.com).

We took the RiskIf you’re not finding value after the first month, we’ll pull the plug, so you don’t have to pay the rest. We’ll even refund the first $200.

And for extra measureIt’s not just zoom calls and chat boxes. We’ll talk one-on-one and go the extra mile to get you there. Everyone needs some individual help – so we give it. Our policy is “overdeliver.” Group coaching has a place, but it’s not a substitute for relationships.

Go for it! – You can choose to live without your dream and suffer through the divine discontent – many do. This is an invitation to be an exception, clarify your purpose, and make your dream come true. Intentional Reformation is contagious, and God Himself is inviting you into the desires of your heart.

Enroll now at www.OnlineHeartPlan.com, take off hiddenness, and find the hero in your story – in the mirror. The world needs you to be who you really are. We need you to arise and shine. We’re starting May 29.

John Garfield

“Understand Purpose > Create Value > Make a Profit.” Let it work for you.

PS: Join the party. You don’t have to do life stuck and alone. There is a track into your promised land, and it includes a fan club we call “Tribe.” You’re invited to step into a spiritual and vocational transformation that fits your heart. Save your seat now at www.OnlineHeartPlan.com. The first class is May 29

Want more? We think you will enjoy this blog and the books and online courses that go together. Our latest release gives an overview of God’s strategy for reformation, Intentional Reformation.


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