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The Lord did some amazing things on this trip to Europe. It started in Denver at Terry Tyson’s house with a group of businessmen and women. In Berlin, we met Beverley Watkins and prayed for Europe with 20 people from seven nations (Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, SA, and the USA). In the Netherlands, Marcel and Annemieke hosted me, and we met with people in Maassluis, Eindhoven, and Amsterdam. Here’s a summary:

  1. Seven different times we took groups of 10-20 to the courts and council, and they loved it! I was expecting questions and concerns, and we fell through an open door into the arms of people who loved us and thanked us everywhere we went. The door opened before we knocked! Terry and I repented for teaching too much because God’s people want the experience with Jesus more than intellectual explanation and sermons. The concept of being a son of God and joining His council felt like home. The hearts of God’s people are already prepared for this.

There will be some excesses in Courts and Councils – like every other move. We aren’t being invited to police these imbalances as much as to arise into our example of what balance and fruit look like. An Integrated heart does ascend to heaven to see and experience God’s courts and council. But we also return to loose on earth what we saw the Father doing in heaven. The fruit is evident in the results we bring back to impact the seven mountains of our culture in very practical ways. The goal is nations, not mysticism.

2. There is a network of these sons (ecclesia) being raised to prepare the way to release books of nations and reformation in Europe. It is a governmental seat in God’s council that can see the strategies of heaven and loose the resources to build the kingdom on earth as in heaven. The best articulation of what we shared is from the Sunday service in Dick and Arlene’s church (starts at 1:20). A foundation was laid for an ecclesia of Europeans to arise quickly, gather periodically, and go before this move of God among their own I see these times of intercession being accompanied by soaring worship (Judah going before us).

3. Another theme I saw is a great desire among God’s people to play their part. This longing was accompanied by zeal in engaging in preparation, along with a sense of divine discontent that it’s not happening faster (God himself has the same longing in His heart). We took the issue of serfdom being resident in our bloodlines to the courts to remove shame, feeling left out or excluded from the Kingdom. There is a culture of apostolic Fathering being released on everyone. Men are being invited to step into their masculinity as warriors, protectors, and loving leaders. We see it most clearly in the business realm; collaborating with peers and pulling the next generation into their destiny. We saw the Father inviting His people to arise in their book. This fathering culture is a mirror of the Father’s heart to love His people and include them in His purposes.

Access to the council does get results, but it’s not magic. If answers are not immediately apparent, I hold them before the Lord as mysteries and return to them often with an expectation that I will see more. Regardless of circumstances, good or bad, my first priority is to appear in the council regularly. I’m a son, and that’s what sons do.

4. In the business realm, we met with Wim Kater (director of CBMC Netherlands) and attended one of their meetings in a local business and got a tour of the construction site. What struck me is that there are 4000 businessmen and women in this one organization and there are several similar organizations duplicated in multiple European nations. We have not yet tapped the hunger in these tens of thousands of business people in Europe to engage with their Kingdom assignment at a national level. We sowed copies of Seers and Doers with these folks with great expectations for the future. The Dutch will go far with their ability to mobilize this army throughout Europe. There is a similar network in the political mountain that is not yet tapped.

The Lord gave three emphases before we left that were reoccurring themes for court and council sessions: From Serfs to Surplus, Connecting my Heart, and What Masculinity Looks Like.


If you’re one of those young lions hungry to birth a reformation in the Netherlands, contact Marcel van den Berg

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