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The Netherlands was an amazing time of opening the book of a nation, sounding a trumpet and gathering young lions who are hungry for their own book, the call on their nation and reformation. The wisdom and stature on the Dutch who heard that sound was amazing. God had obviously gone before us to prepare this tribe. Now their hearts are asking, “What’s next?” …1) Who is the leader? 2) What are we doing? And, 3) How can I be involved? All good questions that deserve clear answers.

Who is the leader? – You are! God tapped a tribe called to lead a reformation. We did find a great couple with a heart for the nation and her people in Marcel and Annemieke. They are wonderful and they will lead! Marcel’s company has a very prophetic name, “Think Productive” and his organizational, networking and communication skills are perfect for this hour.

However, the real emphasis on God’s heart is releasing a generation of leaders that will influence the culture and bring a reformation in their sphere or mountain. We didn’t just find one or two couples… we found a whole tribe of leaders with hearts to change the world. Jesus wants to be the head this time. His question is “What are you leading?”

What are we doing? – The first step is laying a foundation. Instead of another organization or institution or church plant… our priority is connecting you with what God wrote in your heart. It’s a culture of how we relate to others in the Kingdom that continually asks these two questions: 1) “What’s your dream?” and 2) “How can I help you take the next step?” This reformation tribe is a first fruit build on understanding what God put in each person’s heart. We’ll build the Kingdom and a reformation on top of that personal “jail break” that we each experience when we touch our own purpose and the anointing that goes with it. How to open your book and find your why is important. You and I are being invited to write our own vision and make it plain, so we can run with it.

How can I be involved? – Good question. Our involvement flows out of our personal why and gets expressed through our business or vocation. We are all both Kings and Priests. There is no dividing line between Kingdom ministry and secular work. Exploits in our culture will flow from growing in wisdom and stature just like Jesus did. We’re adding some new spiritual attributes that flow from wisdom… entrepreneurial creativity, competence, productivity, wealth creation and a “fathering” that releases the inheritance of their children. We’re coupling that Kingly side with a priestly function that knows how to hear God and operate in the courts of heaven to break barriers and manifest on earth what is already available in Heaven. We are priestly enough to loose things in heaven and kingly enough to initiate their practical manifestation on earth in business, politics, the arts and entertainment, media, medicine, education and family… every sphere of our cultures.

Once our book is open and our “personal why” is in writing, there is another level: flowing with the nation’s book and destiny. The Netherlands is a special place in a kairos moment. The rocks are crying out from other nations in Europe and around the world to “come and help us” in very practical ways.  There is sound of God’s children asking for the Dutch to cross borders and “father” movement in every mountain.

How to Pray

A Culture of Promotion – Jesus, we’re asking the Dutch to allow themselves to receive your promotion and to step into this culture of promoting and encouraging one another to do great things… we’re repenting for limiting instead of promoting ourselves and others (our crab pot mentality), for jealousy and for the smallness of our vision. Lord, we’re giving you permission to wave the dutch like a banner for your glory.

Promoting Jesus – Jesus, we’re also lifting you up that men might be drawn to you. Let your name be made great. This may feel like a day of small beginnings, but our eyes are on you and on the plans that you have for the Netherlands and the nations. Forgive our unbelief. We lay it at your altar and we trade it for expectation. We are giving you the right to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to your power that is at work within us (Eph 3:20). We lay down our doubts and our fears and we set our hand to the plow. Release your power to work within us and we will “dream and plan and work” …on intentional reformation.

Release courageous Fathers – Jesus, we ask you to break the fear of man from our lives so that we can step into the leadership your calling us to and be fathers who release inheritance for the sons and daughters you give us. Teach us to release hearts.

Crossing borders – Lord, we can hear the rocks crying out to “come and help us” (Acts 16:9). Our hearts are saying “Yes Lord” and we are packing bags with a name tag that says, “Here am I, Send Me.” I’m volunteering and initiating… without fear.

Think Tanks – Father, show us the next steps. We are pregnant… something wonderful is being birthed. Our hearts are bowed before you and our eye is on you Lord. Teach us. Our trust is in you. I saw think tanks with people who sought God in the courts and disciplined themselves to translate breakthroughs into strategic plans for implementation. If you don’t get invited to be part of a think tank, start one… a mastermind group, a brainstorming session… something. God is releasing dreams right now. It’s a season when seers see, and it’s from now on.

We have grateful hearts – Jesus, we’re so grateful that you have chosen us and ordained us to play this part in a contagious reformation that will change the world. We set our lives and our nation on your alter… in worship. Thank you! We are proud of our Dutch heritage and your call on our nation and on our lives. We offer ourselves to you as living sacrifices. We’re trading for reformation and zeal and fruit and exploits.


If you’re one of those young lions hungry to birth a reformation in the Netherlands, contact Marcel van den Berg

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