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The practical side of working with people in any mountain starts with knowing what makes us tick. We all do exactly what’s in our hearts. We don’t do what we say and we don’t even do what we intellectually believe. Our hearts are driving the bus.

Delegation is giving some of your power to others so that they can carry out your vision and shoulder some of the load. We define the work and the attitudes that go with that authority, and hope for the best. It often requires a huge amount of hierarchy, maintenance, communication, procedures and replacements, because our traditional concept of delegation assumes what “should be” in someone else’s heart, instead of asking. We try to train-in everything that’s missing so that people can be more like us and carry out our vision.

This version of delegation creates servants, ignores hearts, and promotes a lifeless hierarchy. It’s called management “chain” for good reason. When we attempt to give others the job of doing our vision, we create servants that simply aren’t creative, productive or happy.

How to empower others – We have to admit we don’t know what is in other people’s hearts. Here’s the secret to finding out: We have to ask, then we have to listen. The real art of listening is hearing their heart, not just their words. It’s a prophetic skill that we can develop, and it starts with being in touch with our own hearts. Empowering others flows from an awareness that God has written something unique and valuable in each of our hearts. We recognize their true identity when we understand what’s in a person’s heart and who they are in Christ. We can work with their identity and encourage it, but we can never change it.

Managers delegating servants is: “You be me” and do my vision.

Leaders empowering Kings is: “I know and value what’s in your heart.”

Autonomy vs Fathering – Every parent and leader has to know when to let go. Delegation assumes people want space and autonomy to work on their own. That’s not exactly correct. We all long for fathers who understand who we really are in terms of identity and heart’s desire. But, we also welcome them to help us make our dream come true – though we’re usually afraid to ask. A father helps me define it and do it, and doesn’t manipulate me along the way. People don’t really want autonomy; they want to be part of a larger vision. They want to connect the dots between their role and what God is doing in the Kingdom. They want to be part of a team or a network doing something great.

The #1 reason given for leaving a job is dissatisfaction with the supervisor. Now you know why. Leaders have several things that managers and supervisors don’t.

  1. An ability to listen and hear hearts.
  2. Recognize identity and value people.
  3. They are connected with their own hearts and can “father” others into their dream.
  4. They have a dream/business with a Kingdom purpose. It’s contagious.
  5. They are intentional about releasing people into their own heart’s desires (Releasing Kings).

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