John Garfield – Releasing Kings


  • Name: John Garfield (, johnsgarfield@gmailcom
  • Education: BS Chemical Engineering, BA Theology via a local church
  • Family: Wife Sue (nurse), 4 grown children, and 6 grandchildren
  • Business: Imparting the “Releasing Kings” Experience
  • Hobbies: horses, futures trading, coaching, Poland
  • Home church: Pastor of City of Bridges… in a prior life

How it started:  I was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. My dad was a great teacher and mentor who taught me how to work, train horses, fix fence, run the machinery, work with cattle and have fun with friends while doing it. He was a great businessman and had a huge impact in my life. I’ve never wanted to trade families or upbringings with anyone – mine was perfect. My mom passed away from cancer when I was 16 and that set the stage to meet Jesus for real when I was 18.

My first desire has always been to be part of God’s plan.  Sue and I spent 16 years in a vibrant church that emphasized ministry and planting new churches. In 1990 we planted Columbia Christian Fellowship and in 2000 we turned the church and facilities over to a pastor that was raised up in the congregation and started City of Bridges. I worked as an engineer and bi-vocational pastor through both plants. In 2004 we closed the 2nd church and have given ourselves to Releasing Kings. It dawned on me through the course or writing our book that priestly ministry (being a pastor) wasn’t the only option… and probably wasn’t the option closest to my heart’s desire.

Personal Passion: My passion is to help people find the thrill of being used by God in their own ministry.  The first expression was to plant churches and raise up ministers to plant more churches. My current passion is to help Kings find ministry in the market place and “find” the expression of evangelism that really answers the “Great Commission.” More specifically:

  1. We deal with the permission and ministry issues in our book and conferences (via Releasing Kings)… then take 3 more steps
  2. Help people through the creative process of connecting their passion with a business or vocation
  3. Help them put feet on the dream and turn their idea into something that multiplies, prospers and blesses others
  4. Help them connect with ministry opportunities they can personally get involved in using the resources and contacts of their business – Tie missions back to their dream

Personal Benefit:  There is nothing more satisfying than igniting the heart of another person to connect with Jesus. It’s not only salvation, but helping them connect their vocation and ministry into one fruitful package that makes disciples in the real world. The Lord also spoke to us not just to teach the message but to make it real in our own lives. Sue and I both worked (engineer and nurse) just like everyone else in the Kingdom. We’ve released hearts via conferences throughout the USA, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, France Ukraine, Kenya.

Value to others:  We all go to church.  Two percent of us are on the paid staff.  About 20% are involved in helping with various church ministries.  About 80% don’t connect with ministries inside the church.  The real calling for that 80% is Kingly – we’re supposed to be equipped inside the church to go outside and minister with that same anointing.  God is going to bless Kings in business, the arts, media, politics, education, etc. with great wealth, power, and influence that will be used to expand the Kingdom.

  • We want to use the books (Releasing Kings and Desire to Destiny) along with conferences, web site, newsletter, and any other vehicle we can think of to communicate the message.
  • We want to be examples of people that God has greatly blessed and are positioned to greatly bless others.
  • Coaching – We’ve developed a Heart Plan Professional development Program that guides people into their God-inspired dream and calling. We have 3 affiliate coaches in Europe (

Business Potential (upside):  Releasing Kings – (the book) describes a literal reformation for 80% of Christians.  Its message is prophetic, enduring and has world-wide impact. Because God is “Releasing Kings,” It’s something God is saying around the world right now. God has been really good to us… through blessings, trials and resurrections. Dreams do come true and it’s not magic. There is a huge role for wisdom from mentors in business – creating wealth by creating value for others (ministry). This is my favorite investor’s Bible verse:

Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.  The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. Gen 26:12-13

Complexities, failures (downside):  We’ve had the privilege of losing money, starting over and tasting resurrection life. It turns out that it’s a normal part of our Christian experience. We’ve been going to Poland since 2010. It turns out that the Lord allowed me to taste failure to identify with some really great people. I would do it all again.

Vision for the Kingdom I believe God has called all of us to “full-time ministry”.  For Kings, that means we get connected with our own hearts and the heart of God as a foundation.  It means that we have something of value (a bargain) that helps make others successful.  Although I want to experience what we proclaim personally, the real story is that God is calling a whole generation of “heart – connected” people in this hour.  We are simply sounding the trumpet in advance of the “charge.”

Impact from Releasing Kings:  As an author, I was probably impacted more by Releasing Kings than anyone else.  It represents the heartbeat of what God is saying to an army of people that will take the great commission to the ends of the earth through the marketplace.  When we’re done the roles of Kings and Priests will be complementary and Kings will value the equipping of pastors, and the church will rejoice over the exploits of Kings who take new land and expand God’s Kingdom.

When 80% of the Christian community find out they carry an anointing for ministry in the marketplace, there will be a revival of “jail-break proportions” that will exceed the historic impact of the reformation. The gospel will be taken to the ends of the earth… through the marketplace.

What can John do for you: Get a copy of Releasing Kings and Desire to Destiny. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and take a look at the past issues. We also do conferences on Releasing Kings. Most recently we’ve developed a Heart Plan Professional Development Program and a network of affiliate coaches to help us. Your dream is worth some one-on-one time with someone who can help you take the next step.


Building the Kingdom is fun!