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There are some great changes happening right now. As with every historic move, the old is passing away and the new is beginning to appear. It’s always a birthing process that is painful and glorious at the same time.

1. Hearts are being released – People are beginning to grasp the concept that God speaks to us through the desires of our heart. They are no longer content to live out their lives implementing someone else’s dream. The “Kingdom” is within them and they can feel God’s permission to pursue the desires He’s written in their heart. Human hierarchies in the religious and corporate world are losing ground to personal freedom and affiliations built around connected hearts.

2. Creativity – Releasing hearts actually releases a new dimension of creativity which spawns new ideas and new value, and creates wealth. Individuals who are producing this wealth are also converting that money into ministry themselves instead of just giving it to others. The “new” is that people are placing value on their own ministry and the opportunities they have in their own mountain… God has the same value system; equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

3. Confirmation of signs and wonders – Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. Miracles are no longer reserved for church and prominent ministries. Saints have been equipped and they are conduits of God’s grace… any of the gifts (healing, prophetic, etc.) and any of the ministries (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, and pastoral). They are simply doing what needs to be done right in their own mountain. It’s very exciting and very fruitful. They are honoring their heritage in the church and using what they’ve received without the titles.

4. Leadership styles – In both the corporate world and the church world strong leaders have had a first priority to communicate a vision that everyone else should implement. In the church world we have described ourselves as obedient servants faithfully carrying out the direction of the Holy Spirit. There has been no value placed on what’s in individual hearts. Leaders who understand God as being primarily interested in obedience are theologically predisposed to be autocratic themselves as they try to represent God before others. That’s all changing. The best way to carry out a big vision is to a lay a foundation in the leadership and the participants of understanding exactly what God has written in individual hearts. Good leaders hear God’s heart and the hearts of people with whom they work. It’s the stereo effect that builds corporate and Kingdom results. That’s the strategic value of the Heart Plan. We’re not just aligning people with their personality, gifts, and history to have a productive life. We’re connecting them with the Kingdom purpose God wrote in their hearts.

5. Optimism – There is a steady drum beat of dire news coming out of the media mountain and from some prophetic ministries. Bad news sells! It’s simply not true… God has a great plan to bless and disciple nations, and a few bad leaders or circumstances are not enough to overcome Him. Some prophetic ministries seemed to have tapped an anointing to prophesy the will of the enemy and make it sound like the righteous judgment of God. We are not ignorant of enemy schemes, but our hearts are focused on the great things that God is doing in the Kingdom to bless people, cities, and nations in every mountain.

6. Kingdom invitations – both saved and pre-saved people are being invited into the Kingdom. People are commonly attending business conferences, experiencing the presence of God, becoming Jesus followers and finding the joy of entering the Kingdom to do what their Father is doing. You can feel the invitation of God’s spirit on their lives and His blessing on their businesses. God is simply preparing people to play their Kingdom role, and they come with a hunger in their hearts to find and fulfill their role in the Kingdom. God is way ahead of us!

7. Networking – We are all finding hearts on the same page, and meeting new friends who are conduits for new opportunities in business and ministry. Many different people in every corner of the earth are hearing the same Kingdom sound and responding to it together. It’s amazing!

8. Prophetic proclamation – People are using words aligned with what’s in the Father’s heart to prophetically articulate new initiatives. Their cups are overflowing with initiative, wisdom and revelation, and their words express what God has written in their hearts.

9. Wisdom and wealth creation – We have seen a healthy emphasis on revelation through the church via teaching the word and operating in the prophetic. That’s no longer enough. The practical side of wealth creation is the wisdom of proverbs. People who are fruitful in the Kingdom are admitting that it’s not magic, and God doesn’t do everything. We are stewards of our time and talent, and we are not afraid to take the initiative to “make” a friend or “try” an idea. We are beginning to trust what is in our hearts. Wealth is produced by those willing to take initiative instead of waiting for a miracle. We are ruling and reigning with him as Kings instead of waiting for God to direct us like servants.

10. Initiative – The Holy Spirit is handing out permission slips allowing people to be themselves… “just do you.” The goal is no longer to just emulate and follow others. We may do exactly that for a season, just not for a lifetime. We are each uniquely created with a special assignment in the Kingdom – which we choose. When we realize that the desire of our heart is a reflection of what’s in the Father’s heart, we have the stamina to outlast adverse circumstances, trials and tests, and to persevere to a place of victory. Servants simply can’t make themselves last through initiatives that are outside their own hearts. Kings endure because they can see the joy set before them. The passion in their own hearts is compelling. That’s how the Kingdom is built.

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