The recent election, the fiscal cliff, world events, and the political and spiritual climate leave our hearts wondering where God is in all these events. We’ve listed every answer floating to the surface because many of those same theological choices are being processed in our hearts on a personal level. They are common misconceptions covered in Part 2 of Releasing Kings. At the end, we’ll offer a Kingdom perspective.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, James 1:2 NIV

1. The end is near – God is orchestrating all these disasters as a sign of the end-times. Armageddon is shaping up and Jesus is about to return.

When I was in college, I believed that Jesus would return before I graduated. Since then, I’ve dropped my dispensational views and realized that we’re not going anywhere until the whole earth is filled with His Kingdom Glory. I’m no longer hiding from world events, waiting for the rapture. I’m changing the world. Harold Eberle gives a great explanation in Victorious Eschatology and you might also enjoy a 20 minute video about the history of rapture theology compliments of Rich Carey.

2. God’s in Control – God is sovereign and He’s got everything under control. Don’t worry.

My tradition was that God controlled the future, and my job was to obey his leadings. Now I understand God’s sovereignty to mean that he can and does control some future events, but He makes room for us to manage or steward much of our own lives. Knowing that, I’m much less passive and more assertive or entrepreneurial about… everything. Blaming bad things on God’s sovereignty is not just bad theology; it’s an ongoing source of irresponsibility. In addition to Releasing Kings, you can read more on this topic in Who Is God by Harold Eberle.

3. America is Proud – Another belief is that God is no respecter of nations:  our historical perspective that American entrepreneurialism is a prideful notion that causes us to exploit other nations.

This particular lie has deep roots in the prophetic call on the United States. American prosperity isn’t “American;” it’s Biblical. Any nation whose God is the Lord is blessed. It is our job to lead other nations into the same level of prosperity and perspective. We are called to be the shining light and the resting place for His glory for the very purpose of blessing other nations. Every other nation is equally called, perhaps in different ways. If the United States turns away from her spiritual destiny, it will not result in leveling the playing field or helping other nations. It will have the opposite effect. Every nation is exceptional in its own calling, as is every individual. Your not filling your Kingdom purpose doesn’t help anyone else – it hurts.

4. Judgment is here – America is being judged and the current president and His administration are exactly what we deserve.

As a nation, we are reaping the consequences for our actions, but God’s heart is not filled with judgment for this nation. The script is not at all finished; it’s up to us to finish the story and build a bridge into the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

5. The church failed – The church didn’t play a role in the last election. There was not enough desperation, prayer, repentance and humility to bring the revival that will heal our land.

Asking pastors to lead the nation back from the brink sounds spiritual, and both pastors and congregations are inclined to believe that whatever God does has to come through the church. It’s just not true. The biggest failure of the church is not recognizing her own metron or sphere of influence. We rejoice in the disciple-making role of pastors and churches around the world. However, there are six other mountains that God works through, which are equally important, sacred and fruitful.

I’m totally in favor of prayer, revival, strong churches, and preaching pastors. We are even more in need of involvement and real leadership in business, government, education, families, media, and the arts to change this nation.

The real answer – The last election makes a great case in point: one candidate is the spiritual son of Joseph Smith and the other is the spiritual son of Jeremiah Wright – It felt like a cosmic joke! Where is the spirit-filled George Washington or Abraham Lincoln for our day? Why are we stuck with the likes of John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Joe Biden? Sorry, I’m just not expecting the wisdom of Solomon to come from this crowd. My own state of Washington just legalized dope and gay marriage!

The simple answer is that the church has been trying to be the solution for everything instead of encouraging her Kings to take their position in our culture. We’ve idolized church growth instead of growing and releasing leaders into their mountains. Spiritual, educated, anointed and wise leaders are conspicuous by their absence in every mountain. God is simply inviting us to stop hiding in church, get out of the pew and take our place in society. I think there is more warfare and resistance to this simple truth of being responsible for our own destiny than any other area. We can change the world. It’s that simple. We just have to try. It’s our responsibility to bring God’s Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven. It’s an exciting privilege and we will prevail. God is Releasing Kings. The nations are waiting for the brightness of His glory to be shown through you. God does have a plan; He can do it – He’s just chosen to work through us.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 NKJV

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, 19 and his incomparably great power for us who believe. Eph 1:18-19 NIV

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