We are all discipled through personal relationships. I’ve invested 40+ years in traditional services, conferences and classes, have written two books, preached in my own church for 13 years, and this newsletter is approaching number 400 over the last eight years. All those things have a place and bear fruit, but I want to suggest that the frosting of relational discipleship is much more personal and effective than the pulpit. We are all too unique and too important for an assembly line.

Our dream to Release Kings in the Marketplace has touched a new level of fruitfulness in the Heart Plan simply because it is personal. We have been giving it away for free with delight during this start-up phase. Now, we’re taking it to the next level. Every dream, on either a personal or corporate level, has to become financially self-sustaining to have an impact. Releasing Kings is much bigger than “John.” So, we’re creating some handles for other people to give and receive coaching in a way that can be multiplied. We already have a crop of grandchildren coached into their dreams by people I’ve coached. It’s very exciting and gratifying. I want to use this newsletter to share what we’ve learned, some of the stories, and the categories and costs of the opportunities to get involved. You’re invited!

What holds us back? – I’ve heard and felt the same struggle in many over the obstacles and benefits for pursuing our dream. Destiny is a huge battlefront in the Kingdom and in each of our lives. Here are the common heart issues.

1. Expense and time “I don’t have the time or money for coaching.” I’ve offered our coaching for free for a year and found that time and money is never the biggest reason. Breaking poverty and adopting a wealth mentality makes it obvious that investing 1 or 2% of my annual income for one year to clarify my destiny is worth it. If you won’t invest in your dream, who will?

2. Gimmicks “I have sales resistance for programs that won’t work.” It simply does work for people who use it. We’ve seen amazing results.

3. It’s too good to be true “Dreamers don’t face the realities of the real world.” That’s not true for people with Kingly mindsets. The Kingdom and our culture have always been advanced with a dream and a practical plan to make the dream come true.

3. Vulnerability “The secrets of my heart are painful and private. I don’t want to delve into them and show them to someone else.”Coaching doesn’t expose your past, it just solves the issues that hold you back. You are reconciled with your past and can see that even though bad things may have happened, God can still work good out of them (Rom 8:28). What happens around us is related to our heart’s state. Coaching is highly beneficial in identifying heart boundaries, setting up goals and making practical steps towards them. It heals our hearts.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John 1:2

4. Problems“My problems prevent be from doing this.” Problems are really excuses that hide our heart boundaries. They conveniently keep me from the pain of trying and failing to achieve my dream. The feeling of trading the reasons our heart uses to hold us back for the reasons to pursue dreams resembles a “jail break.” It’s an amazing liberation!

5. Comfort zone“I’m comfortable where I’m at right now. Change is not comfortable.” There is a timing for coaching. We all reach a place of hungering more for our destiny than for the safety of the status quo. That’s when it’s time for coaching.

6. I can’t“I want to, with my mind. It makes sense, but my heart won’t let me!” We have to give our heart a really good reason to make a change. A mental decision is never enough.

7. I can’t decide “I need to wait for God, a boss, a pastor, or a friend to tell me what to do.” Fear makes us want someone else to make decisions for us. God is waiting for us to listen to what God wrote on our hearts and to take the initiative.

8. It won’t last “This is a diet and I’ll just go back to my old ways.” Accountability to a program outside our own hearts doesn’t work. But, holding the reality of our dream close, having it in writing, having an outside confirmation, and getting help to take the next step is the “substance of things hoped for.” It’s real! Dreams do come true. That’s the way the Kingdom is built. Faith that moves mountains starts with a dream God wrote in your heart.

9. Theology – “Teaching people to pursue the desires of their heart will encourage carnality. We should teach them to obey and hold them accountable.” Good luck with that! Religion is “God is good, you are bad, try harder.” We’re trying to get people out of religious dead works and into the Kingdom… doing what Jesus created us to do = be yourself. The hills (7 mountains) are alive with the sound of music.

OK, I’m in! – What causes people to want to receive coaching? These are equally interesting.

1. My pain on my present path is greater than my fear of change. I want the new.

2. I know John. He won’t bite me.

3. I can see others moving into their dream and ministry and prosperity. I want that for my life.

4. I can feel the Lord urging, compelling me. He loves me enough to throw me out of the nest. Where he leads, there is safety and greener pastures. I trust Him for this change. He’s never failed me in the past.

5. I can see the potential: the holistic aspect of aligning my heart, life purpose, vocation, Kingdom ministry, cultural impact, and finances in one direction… and writing it down. No more self-sabotage from my mind and heart pulling in opposite directions.

6. I’m tired of sitting and I want to make a difference in my community. I want my life and ministry to have a Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

Stories – The following reviews are from people who have been through the coaching process with John. That’s our report card. We think this holistic approach that connects our hearts, Kingdom purpose all the way to cash flow, and a practical implementation plan “works.”

I am honored to say that I have benefited from John’s coaching. He is a leader to leaders and is uniquely gifted at helping you see where the heart and intellect have become disconnected. John is so authentic and caring that he makes it completely safe to go tromping into the deepest thicket where the little foxes that steal your peace and profits are hiding. He is wise, patient and non-judgmental. His remarkable insight and experience make him an invaluable resource.

Beverly Lewis https://releasingkings.com/beverly-lewis/



The Heart Plan is an excellent tool to give you that breakthrough that has always just eluded you.  However, for a busy businessman, just receiving the module in written format did not motivate me to dig in.  John’s step by step, persistent guidance adds the incentive.  It is not until you finish the work that you realize the power of the revelations you received.  It is hard to explain how the heart work sections can open new doors in your life, but they do.  And John has a personal gift of being able to dig out of your heart with gentle questions, the breakthrough issues that become life changing. Another critical key is that both the module and John’s coaching emphasize the importance of the right beliefs combined with right practical steps and actions.  I highly recommend the Heart Plan, and John’s insight and guidance are well worth it.


Finally, a tool that combines the psychology of success with the practical aspects.  This module gets at the deepest heart beliefs that subconsciously cause us to defeat ourselves, and helps us to rewrite our beliefs.  But it also incorporates the practical tools needed to actually BE successful and not just dream about it.  This is a great tool for those who know they can be successful and are ready to break through.

  • JOHN the COACH

Successful people today have learned to benefit by having physical trainers and weight loss trainers.  However, this module touches even deeper areas of our lives, the roots of our life successes and/or failures.  For a busy businessman, I found that John’s coaching added the incentive I needed to get real benefit from the module.  John guides you through the heart work so that you have a fertile heart to see your dream grow.  His particular gift of being able to use questions to guide you through the hidden areas of your own heart adds tremendous power to this tool.  And once John is sure the foundation is laid properly, he steers you through the practical sections such as cash flow to ensure you know the “how” to make the dream come true.  I highly recommend John as a coach.  His insights and wisdom are invaluable.

Wayne Thomas https://releasingkings.com/wayne-thomas/


I highly recommend coaching with John. Interested in results? After ONE coaching session, my business grew two thousand dollars. He helped me make shifts concerning my business and ministry identity that truly indicates he is anointed as a King and Priest to bring the convergence you need to move into success quickly. I am privileged to have him as my coach and mentor.

Becky Harmon http://successnotsabotage.com/


As a professional businessman for many years and one who has taught business, sales, marketing and management during that time, I only wish that I had had the benefit of a mentor and the personal life plan material like the Heart Plan that John teaches to support my growth and career plan in my earlier professional years.

Setting goals, affirmations, and wishful thinking plans all sounds good and is good.  But, actually discovering your own Divine personal life plan and having a mentor who really cares about your dreams and future to help you walk through your journey is rare indeed.

John not only has a gift to help you to discover your heart’s desires, but the prophetic ability to introduce you to the big picture plan of your life that is often much larger than you had ever imagined.

Whether you are a young person or a senior, more experienced individual, and you feel you have a hidden potential and purpose that is yet undiscovered, I confidently encourage you to participate with John Garfield on this most exciting and revealing life journey and discover your true calling in life.  You, too, will learn to “Have Fun, Make Money and Love People”.

Rich Forster, Director New Product Development, K.W. Brock Directories Inc.


Coaching led by John Garfield has been a life-changing process for me. Thanks to the most holistic and unique Heart Plan coaching module he created, I learned to build my actual life’s goals on my dreams and ideal visions of my heart (not on the external circumstances and self-made limits). For the first time ever, I was able to identify false codes/convictions in my heart leading me into circular failure in many areas of my life. What was even more significant: with John’s help, I was able to exchange these codes for positive and constructive truths, which made me take responsibility for those areas and become focused on my life’s goals and dreams, making my existence much more fulfilling, joyful, free and valuable.

As my coach and mentor, John has helped me to discover myself as a person, and my destiny on this earth – supporting me in releasing its best, without a shade of trying to change my life into something that it’s not designed to be. Because of this release, I felt reborn – the Word of the Bible revealed its totally fresh, practical dimension to me. Also, my perception of different things and of the voice of God became clear – because the whole artificial coat has been taken off my heart and mind.

One of the most evident change in my life – I found my calling in coaching and training, and I am experiencing practical fulfillment of God’s promise, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added to you.” Since I have found the piece of God’s Kingdom that I am designed to act in, everything else was added to me in a wonderful way: an office, tools, training, people’s favor and the most amazing breakthroughs in my clients’ lives via my coaching.

John stands out with his totally natural wisdom, insight, unconditional kindness, peace and non-judgmental approach, as well as with his exceptional respect for destiny of every human’s life. I could not recommend him more, as a coach and mentor together with his Heart Plan coaching module that, by now, many people in Poland have been restored by.

Maria Lalik, Warsaw, Poland https://releasingkings.com/maria-lalik/


I have gone through the coaching module Heart Plan and it has been an answer to prayer. I was able to see more clearly and make some practical decisions. It just fell into the right season in my life where I really needed to see it. Thank you for making it available in our country. I believe it’s going to be a blessing to many people in Poland. I find the module very unique because it’s so holistic that it takes people from the heart level to the practical planning. During one of the coaching sessions I was able to see God’s perspective on an issue that bothered me for a long time, and was able to remove the stone. I feel like Lazarus who came out of the tomb and is unwrapping grave clothes. Since then, I have again started to hear God clearly as never before, and the reality of His Kingdom seems very present on a day to day basis.  I also find that the way this module is constructed, but also I believe the way the Lord blesses it, is that the prophetic kicks in when doing it. When I was answering questions, I would have pictures that would illustrate my situation. Now it’s time to start implementing what I see, and start making it up the mountain, use the equipment and even leave some behind, time to enter from the preparation phase into apprenticeship.

Bozena Plaza, a Manager and affiliate coach, Western Poland

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