Wealth Creation – A door is open for Kings to create wealth. We don’t preach so much as we do it. I’ve come to the place where I believe (for Kings) that creating wealth is a spiritual discipline that ranks right up there with prayer. We can use money in this life as a tool, and convert it to ministry. We’ve laid a foundation for breaking poverty and receiving wealth in Wealth vs Money. This time we want to talk about how the process works.

But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. Deut 8:18 NIV

The idea – Wealth creation starts with the next great idea. We can cultivate creativity! Where do good ideas come from? For starters, we have to believe that solutions to problems exist (faith), that we are candidates to find those answers (innovative) and that we can show our new product or service to others (entrepreneurial).

Good ideas come from meditation and conversation with God. New approaches can come right out of the desires of our heart or through revelation. Nearly all the great creative types in history have given their relationship with God much of the credit. How do we hear that voice or start the conversation with God? Mark Vickler describes four simple steps in this short video:

  1. Realize that God speaks to us through our thoughts and the desires of our hearts. It’s an intuitive process, not an audible voice.
  2. Still yourself in a quiet place and give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak. Share with God what you’re feeling and give yourself permission to ask questions.
  3. Dream about the future. Allow your imagination to come up with desires of your heart.
  4. As the ideas come, write them down as quickly as they come, without judging them and interrupting the process. When your time is over, you have a list you can judge, evaluate and decide to pursue.

Value and service – the trade mark of a great business idea is that it provides value to other people, value they will gladly pay for. This entrepreneurial process actually creates wealth. They buy your idea so it can make them money. You sell your idea so it will make you money. New wealth is naturally created in free market capitalism. The idea that wealth is being created at an ever increasing rate and that the whole process is God’s idea is well documented in Harold Eberle’s book Compassionate Capitalism, which we have summarized in The Spiritual Roots of Capitalism.

The opportunity – at exactly the time when the world economy is possibly headed for a recession, we are experiencing the greatest opportunity to start businesses and conduct business that history has ever known. Your or my idea can be placed on the internet with world wide exposure at a price anyone can afford. Success still depends on the quality of the idea and the strategy to implement it (business plan). The bottom line is this – It’s so easy and inexpensive to “try,” we simply should! There is really no downside. Even if you fail, you will be developing the skills and imagination for your future success. Ideas create wealth.

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