“Write Your Business Plan!”

How Do I Get My Dream off the Ground?

The first step is to have the conversation with God about what your dream is. The second is finding the wisdom and mentoring to make it happen. Start thinking about your dream in terms of the outline of a business plan given below.

Christians are a little prone to get a revelation for an idea and not use wisdom to implement it; start before they have the right mentoring and planning. The four most important things to think about

1. Is your spouse on board?
2. Do you have experienced mentoring?… documented in a business plan
3. Do you understand the cash flow?

4. Are your personal finances covered while you start the business?

David Tinney



Poul Dalgaard



John Garfield


Business plans are normally written for banks or investors, to obtain start-up or operating capital. We should also use them to facilitate adding the details to our dream. Getting a good idea is just a beginning. We need to add the details to make our dream come true. Cash flow in excel is one of your primary tools. Prove to yourself your idea is profitable before your start. Prove to your spouse that you both agree starting a business is worth the time and effort.

1.0 Vision and Mission – Connect the theme between the desire of your heart, God’s direction, and the nature of your business in a few paragraphs. Why is it “compelling”?

2.0 General Company Description – Nature of business, goals, schedule, philosophy, description of industry. Factors that will make your company succeed. Describe legal form of ownership.

3.0 Products and Services – Describe in depth your products or services (technical specifications, drawings, photos, sales brochures, and other bulky items belong in Appendices). What factors will give you competitive advantages or disadvantages? Examples include level of quality or unique or proprietary features. What are the pricing, fee, or leasing structures of your products or services?

4.0 Marketing Plan – 1) Describe market research you have done that demonstrates buyers will want what you sell. 2) Describe strategies to promote, advertise, sell, and distribute your product. Why is your product better than the competition?

5.0 Operating Plan – Where will your product be produced, cost of facility, quality control, inventory storage, suppliers required. Describe all legal and environmental requirements (zoning, permits, licensing, insurance, trademarks, patents, etc.) Describe staff, number of employees, training required, pay structure.

6.0 Management and Organization – Who provides leadership in every area? Organization chart, board of directors, attorney, accountant, banker, consultants, and key advisors. Resumes of key people. Show how you will manage the business with cash flow. Find a mentor with specific experience and a start-up sequence coach for the launch phase.

7.0 Financials – 1) Show your personal financial statement (assets, liabilities and cash flow). Demonstrate that your personal expenses are covered if you need to quit a job to start the business. 2) For the company list start-up expenses, source and amount of start-up capital and provide detail cash flow by month for 3 years that clearly shows start-up costs, monthly cash flow and point of breaking even. Describe ramp up and schedule. Show how you will use cash flow as a management tool for alternatives for different scenarios. Talk to various possible outcomes… growth, delays, etc. and show ramification with cash flow on break even date and profitability.


For more details see expanded Business Plan outline at www.Score.org. Also Poul Dalgaard has written an excellent resource for writing a business plan.

We’ve written two great newsletters on cash flow:

How Cash Flows and Cash Flow 2 (which includes an EXCEL template)

For cash flow template see http://www.score.org/business_toolbox.html

For additional details on cash flow see http://www.neverrunoutofcash.com/

Need Coaching Help? – David and Poul are both frequently in the Ukraine with a vision to assist business men and women. They have extensive networks of Christian business contacts and they are willing to assist with your business venture any way they can as a ministry. See the vision brochure. We recommend reading Desire to Destiny which is now available in Russian.


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