The Big Picture: What, Why, and How

Releasing Kings is much more than a book; it’s a movement that God is beginning to use to fulfill the great commission.

What? (the Vision)

Imagine an army of Kings (or just one good one) that can take on projects to advance God’s Kingdom. Just as David’s mighty men, they would take on battles or projects outside the normal influence of their local church and bring home great victories. What kind of feats would they undertake? Let’s daydream for a minute.

* Within a King’s business realm, imagine him as the pastor of his employees; the outreach ministry to his customers. What if his employee training was really discipleship? What if he raised up leaders that would duplicate his kingly anointing? What if he prayed for his business and employees?

*On a local level they could expand the church facilities, sponsor city wide crusades, and undertake initiatives to care for the poor, train the unemployed… get the picture? Don’t forget I don’t just mean manage these initiatives and spend the church budget. Kings would fund them out of their own pockets.

* On a national level, a network of Kings could replace the welfare system with something that put people to work. My favorite daydream is that a network of lawyer Kings would infiltrate the ACLU and put that organization on a Godly basis.

* On an international level, Kings could take on missions. Instead of paying for orphanages indefinitely, they would teach the locals to start businesses and in one short generation the orphanages would be self-supporting “and” equip highly trained and motivated young men and woman that would change their nation.

Get the picture? “What” can be anything you can dream of? You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t out give God?” You can’t “out dream” Him either! He’s already exceedingly abundantly ahead of you.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think… Eph 3:20 NKJV

Why? (the Motive)

Kings are an untapped resource in our churches. We wrote Releasing Kings to give the Body of Christ a permission slip to use their ministries outside the church. Here are a few of the specific reasons.

* The local church budget will never fund missions to the extent of reaching the world for Christ. Tithes belong to the local church ministry. Many of the special offerings are needed for the expense of facilities and local ministries.

* 80% of the people that sit in the pews on Sunday’s are underutilized Kings. In fact, many leaders and talented people give up on church – not because they don’t love God; they’ve just gotten bored with the routine of playing church instead of building the Kingdom in a meaningful way.

<* God wants to release wealth in the Kingdom. Let’s stop begging middle income people for offerings and let Kings tap an anointing to steward the cattle on a thousand hills. Lack of money just isn’t a problem when we do things God’s way. Imagine Abraham, David or Solomon saying no to God because they didn’t have the money – I can’t.

How? (the Plan)

Here’s the strategy in a simple two step process. First we have to equip some new kings, then have to launch their ministries.

1. Equipping Kings
– We have to give Kings permission to have wealth and influence to carry out their ministry. If someone offered to mentor you on how to add wealth to your ministry aspirations, wouldn’t you say yes? We have to take the poverty mentality off our Kings. (check out the free report on that topic). We’re also going to have a page of testimonies from Kings that have made the transition from “pay check to pay check” to full-time ministry as Kings in Marketplace Ministry.

For example – Steve Brown has launched the “Network” to mentor 16-20 year-olds. He’s starting small groups throughout the US to coach kids on business, investments, and real estate and then how to connect the profits with missions opportunities. Check it out at

2. Launching Kings
– Many Christian already have Kingly wealth and influence. They need to be networked with the desires of their hearts and connected with the opportunities to take on a challenge. Here’s our plan – we want to provide a shopping list of opportunities for Kings to get involved in national and international missions on this web site.

For example – Harold Eberle ( is supporting orphanages and training pastors in five central nations in Africa. He’s networking with business types and Steve Brown to support the orphanages in the near term with every natural need “and” teach them how to start businesses to become self-sufficient. Many of the orphanages are already lead by Native Christians with a vision to transition those orphans to national leaders (Kings).

Brainstorming – You Can Help

Here’s your assignment. After you’ve read the book and caught the vision, we’d like you to help us brainstorm ideas on the above two areas. 1) How can we better equip Kings in our local churches, 2) how can we help them launch their ministries, and 3) what kinds of initiatives should Kings undertake?

The synergism between visions will be an inspiration to all of us. We’d love to hear what God is showing you. We’ll post the ideas as they come in so everyone gets to glean from them. Use the comments and questions form on this web site or simply email me.


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