Reviews by Peter Wagner & John Sandford

We’re very grateful for endorsements from friends that took time  to read Releasing Kings and share their insights.You’ll enjoy their thoughts on this book.

Here is my endorsement for your great new book: If you have any doubt that what you do in the workplace is not just a job, but a true, God-assigned ministry, Releasing Kings will make you a believer. This book is a clear road map toward exciting new freedom for the saints in the Body of Christ.

— C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle

International Coalition of Apostles

Releasing Kings For Ministry in the Marketplace is a refreshing look at what God wants to do through us in the workplace. The authors model bridge building as a business leader and minister write together. They offer biblical insights into the roles of prophets, priests, and kings. Your assumptions will be challenged, your faith enlarged, and your courage increased as you read these words. Creativity, mentoring, and transformation will be the results in the lives of those leaders who experience Jesus Christ in their workplace. This will be a helpful resource for both workplace leaders and pastors.

— Kent Humphreys, President

Fellowship of Companies for Christ

Courageous! Releasing Kings is a bold and exciting introduction to the new frontier of Marketplace ministry and evangelism. It is a must-read for business people and professionals  who want to understand and empower their calling to proclaim the Good News to their community and the world.

— Patty and Roger Stewart

Book Quest, Centralia, WA

Insightful and anointed!  The marketplace is the new frontier for ministry and evangelism.  Until now it has been one of the most misunderstood mission fields we have faced. The concept of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace is a call to empower a new generation of business leaders who exemplify Christian character and zeal for reaching the lost. It is also a challenge to seek new resources for support of ministry and evangelism and to explore innovative ministry opportunities at home, abroad, and through all strata of society. John and Harold have unlocked the door for men and women of vision and action to  prosper and expand God’s Kingdom.

— Stephan Brown

“The Network” Threshold Resourcing

Phoenix, AZ

Steve Brown gave me a draft of your new book. It is reshaping my life and setting me free, seriously.  I am an engineer, a manufacturer and a former pastor; the King idea feels right. In His firm grip,

— Andy Briesmeister

Selah, WA

You have delivered something rare and significant from the heart of God, through this book.  You have come a long way since Bible Way and your Methodist days.  It took a lot of life and experience to have the whiskers to see and say these things.  As I read your book, I learned and saw things more clearly that I already believed.  It is a timely book, in my opinion.  It was for me.  I believe thousands of believers are hungry for this, even though they may not know it.  Believers need to be equipped with right thinking.

I appreciated your matter-of-fact candor in making radical statements.  You came across with a clean, healthy attitude, not with reaction or sour grapes, even though much of what you teach could be inflammatory to those trapped in the status quo.  Sometimes it takes a cowboy to call a spade a spade, huh!

I believe what you are doing is love in action.  Love takes initiative to bring change.  It is a lot of work for you to write a book and try to get it in the hands of the people.  I pray God will abundantly prosper it and shoot each one as an arrow to the target.  It is bold!  Stretching!  Radical!  But on target, I feel.  It’s like a chiropractic adjustment.  The average believer will feel the crunch somewhere.

This is the kind of message we need to see the earth covered with the glory of the Lord and real evangelism happen.  Daily in my shop I talk to believers who are virtually ineffective in evangelism, even pastors and leaders.  I would like copies of this book to give out.  God bless you.

— Wayne Hayworth

(pastor who married John and Sue in 1974)

Portland, OR

Throughout the World, something unprecedented is happening, supernaturally and beyond the norm. Believers and non-believers are coming together in the Marketplace as they come together in the art of business. This book brings to all who read it a spanning of the denominational and non-denominational believers,  a recognition of specific interests in God in the pursuit of our daily lives. I’ve been touched and am changed by this eye-opening book.

— Richard O. Tedeschi

President, Radiant Light Broadcasting TV

TriCities, WA

Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace by John Garfield and Harold Eberle is a must read for both church leaders and those called to the marketplace. This refreshing book will be used by the Lord to prepare the church of our generation for the coming harvest. I highly recommend it! May the Lord release His kings, His priests, and His prophets to honor one another and then labor together with Him to bring in the harvest.

— Larry Kreider

International Director,

DOVE Christian Fellowship International (DCFI)

Lititz, PA


By John L. Sandford

For too long the church has been mired in the mud of negative theologies and eschatologies, unable to speak with effectiveness to the business community, who must, by nature, build with positive hopes—or their projects, which necessarily must be  planned years in advance, never would begin.  For countless years the Church has proclaimed it must move out from within its four walls into ministry in the marketplace. Currently many of the Lord’s prophets are pronouncing with great emphasis and urgency that this is the time when our Lord is going to prosper those who will have the faith and courage to step forward into ministry in the marketplace. But the Church has not known how.

John Garfield and Harold Eberle have responded to the Lord’s call.  This book is a breath of fresh air to those suffocating under the old wine skins of ministry.  John and Harold make clear that those called into ministry in the marketplace are “Kings” who are not to be confined to ministry within the four walls of the church as “Priests.” John and Harold blow a clear trumpet to all business men and women to arise in their own giftings, within their own “secular’ places of work, to know irrevocably that their allegedly secular work is the holy ground of their callings, their giftings, and their ministries. They blow away the halitosis of centuries of false breathing in rooms of tiny concepts inside stifling walls to celebrate the value and worth of all that men and women do to build God’s Kingdom “out there” on Earth.  They demolish the binding concept that true Christians, of course, must leave the workaday world to answer God’s call upon their lives in some kind of church vocation that could be called “holy”—and is not truly theirs as God’s Kings in the world.  Jesus was a carpenter from his youth until He was thirty. Paul was a tentmaker who ministered where he was in the workaday world.

God is a builder, preparing for better and greater ways and constructs right here on earth. He is making a new heaven—and a new earth. Releasing Kings For Ministry in the Marketplace aims to set free the vast army of the Lord’s servants to be who they are, God’s sons and daughters who partner with Him in building His kingdom in the world.

This book declares that we must set our people free to be as creative, energetic, and innovative as the Holy Spirit prompts, right where they are in the marketplace. We must lift away the false demands and guilt that these servants of the Lord are not being truly spiritual unless, or until, they throw off their own callings and accept truly “spiritual” tasks for which they are neither called nor gifted!

The Church needs desperately to hear this message. I say, “Buy not one copy, get a copy into the hands of every business man and woman in your church—and outside it.” God, and this book, want to bring forth the “princes who will rule justly” of Isaiah 32:1. “And each will be like a refuge from the wind, and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land” (vs 2).

— John L. Sandford

Founder, Elijah House

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