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“Start Your Own Group!”

Ingredients for a “Kingly” Small Group

These are notes I’ve made from my own small group experience which meets quarterly. Monthly is fine too depending on the desire of the group. The facilitator should spend the meeting time on items 3 and 4. This group is not a format to preach a message. It’s designed to help Kings release the desire of their hearts and connect with people that can help them take the next step.

1.      Prerequisites

a.      Food and fun

b.      Already a King by personality with a sense of vocational calling

John Garfield

c.      Have read Releasing Kings (understands theological & practical framework)

d.      “Like-minded” around the concept of being a King

e.      An ongoing relationship with mutual board functions = help with fresh ideas / perspectives, clarifying the vision in a business plan, unique expertise, networking new opportunities, divine appointments, capital, business, fellowship, counsel, encouragement

f.       A sense of meeting together on about a quarterly or monthly basis

g.  a covenant of confidentiality to protect business sensitive information

2.      Background – How we (Kings) change the world

a.      See graphic

i.      How to become a King

ii.      How to help others become a King (as an expression of missions)

b.      Are there any mission goals we can collectively undertake together?

c.      Opportunities to help others become Kingly & ministry oriented.

3.      Personal Ministry Asking the Dream questions (Spend 90% of time on 3 &4)

a.      What’s your dream?

i.      What are your gifts, talents, personality traits, history (puzzle pieces)?

ii.      How does it map into what God is doing in the Kingdom?

iii.      What’s the “one thing”?

iv.      What are all your dreams?

b.      What’s the next step? Spiritually and practically?

i.      Goals, cost and schedule, business plan

c.      How can I / we help you make it happen?

i.      Who else do I know that could help you make it happen?

ii.      How can we leverage resources for you (new ideas, network the right people, opportunities, find the financing)?

4.      Prophetic prayer for one another; calling dreams into reality

a.      Allowing the Holy Spirit to put his stamp on the dream and the dreamer

Other formatsMeeting with other Kings on a monthly basis is a great way to give and receive encouragement and wise counsel. Other folks have some great formats for those kinds of meetings and we’ve written a couple newsletters that you should read; Face Time and Meet Your Dream Board. Here’s the list of meeting formats you’ll find helpful. They are well organized and usually cost something to join.

Kennan Burch – Dream Builders Network

Kent Humphreys – FCCI see their summary

Rick Miller – CBMC see excellent videos; note wives’ perspective

Marc Ottestad – BBL Forum see their Video

Buck Jacobs – C12 Group see their video


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