From Laity to Kings

September 01, 2004

On behalf of Harold and John, thanks for purchasing Releasing Kings and requesting this newsletter.  We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the latest developments.  I really believe God is opening a new door of prosperity and ministry for a generation of entrepreneurs that will expand His Kingdom.

Pass this free newsletter to others.  Anyone can sign up at the web site newsletter page.  If you send me an email and name at, I can email a polite invitation to receive the newsletter that requires their response to get on the list.  One person asked me if there was an obligation in receiving the newsletter – Nope.

What God is Saying to Kings

In each newsletter will try to give you a sense of what the Holy Spirit is saying to Kings right now… somewhat like the articles you see on the Elijah List emails.  We share these for two reasons; 1) to build you up with encouragement, and 2) to provide a venue for intercessory support.  In the future I would like to include your sense of what God is saying as well.  Feel free to submit them at:

men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do-200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command; 1 Chron 12:32

Widening the Clergy / Laity Gap

I spent most of my pastoral activity faithfully bridging the clergy / laity gap.  We did it by encouraging the laity (mostly Kings) into the priesthood by asking them to perform pastoral functions.  As a pastor, I continually invited people into the “work of the ministry” believing Kings would help perform the priestly function and tear down this wall between the clergy and laity.  It didn’t work very well “and” now I’m teaching people that the gap is healthy.  We should let priests be priests (to equip the saints) and Kings should be Kings (doing the work of the ministry in the marketplace outside the church).  As we discuss in the book, making kings elders, co-pastors, etc. will always result in a competition for control of the church which rightfully belongs with the pastor.  Kings have the opportunity to go beyond the training and win some battles in the kingdom.

What God is saying About Marketplace Ministry

Marketplace Ministry or Workplace Ministry is often discussed in two ways that minimize the liberation that goes with releasing Kings.

1. First its often viewed as the turf of people that are already wealthy.  There are some wealthy people that do need to function.  But, the real emphasis of the Holy Spirit is on releasing Kingly attributes that will bring the rest of us middle income folks into prosperity and ministry… Breaking off poverty mentalities, finding creativity, boldness, initiative.  I believe God is inviting middle class Christians sitting in pews to find worship inside the church and ministry “outside” …in the kingdom.
2. The focus of “ministry” in the business sector is often limited to character.  Businessmen and women need to have integrity.  True, but that vein misses the significance of what God is really doing.  It’s anointing and character, not just character.  For me, the exciting thing is the anointing on prosperity and ministry in the marketplace.  Too much focus on character starts to get “works-oriented” and introverted.  Lack of character can keep us out of our land, but good character in itself is not a ticket to anything.  I’m thankful the last 20 years of the prophetic movement helped us experience and appreciate anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Anointing breaks the yoke – not my good character.

I’ve been asking the Lord why breakthroughs are coming so slowly (patience is not one of my strong suites).  Here’s what the Lord said.

Right now there is significant pressure on believers trying to get started in marketplace ministry.  It’s the “new baby” the enemy would like to kill in its infancy.  The tactic is simple… you’ve been feeling small because of a few setbacks.  This comes during a time when My Spirit is saying you’re “well able to take the land.”  Its enemy resistance to the movement of my Spirit!  Trials are being allowed right now to cultivate faith that My power is sufficient “and” to point you to the role of intercession.  See your “smallness” in the sense of David and Goliath.  The Risks and the Rewards are much bigger than you’ve ever seen.  Kings are starting to say “yes” to my invitation to possess their inheritance of prosperity and ministry in the kingdom.  Angels are being released as intercessors like Aaron and Hur hold up the arms of Moses so Joshua can win battles.  I will cause your enemies to flee in seven directions (Deut 28:7).  This is not a season to draw back; its a season to enter in with wisdom, wise counsel from friends, and anointing.  David’s mighty men are being groomed in quiet places.  Great exploits are their portion.

Feeling Small – in the birth process

And there we saw the giants (tyrants), the sons of Anak (stranglulation), which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. Num 13:33  KJV

When they left, they went into the hills and stayed there three days, until the pursuers had searched all along the road and returned without finding them. 23 Then the two men started back. They went down out of the hills, forded the river and came to Joshua son of Nun and told him everything that had happened to them. 24 They said to Joshua, “The LORD has surely given the whole land into our hands; all the people are melting in fear because of us.” Josh 2:22-24


One thing close to my heart is helping Kings (like you) connect with their dream. We want to accomplish that with prayer and networking and we’ll be starting an intercessory ministry toward that end.  Here’s your prayer assignment.


Meditate and pray through Deut 28:1-14.

The Lord is beginning a grass roots movement for Kings. It will spread like Toronto and Brownsville, but have it’s own unique look and feel. Ask the Lord to show us how to walk through this open door… Tools to help Kings gain access to this new aspect of knowing God (the great commandment to love him) and tools to spread this liberating message (the great commission).

Ask the Lord to network Kings with a multitude “fathering influences” that will guide us into the throne room for this Kingly anointing. Kind of like pre-job safety meetings where someone with more experience helps us take the risk out of going into this new land to get our giants and come back with the title deed.

What’s happening – Itinerary

We’re continuing to get appointments for radio interviews on Christian stations and book orders from every state and several foreign countries.  Harold is in Canada for the next two weeks and will be doing three TV interviews that will be broadcast throughout Canada.  We even signed up for some training on how to do interviews at the recommendation of our Marketing company.

Even more exciting is the news from oversees.  Harold has conferences and ministry trips to Africa and Europe.  People from the Netherlands are frequent buyers of Releasing Kings.  The same friends now want to translate the book into Dutch and have plans to get the message into Egypt as well.  We’ve been invited to the Netherlands to do a conference sometime next year.  Locally we are planning a Spokane conference at the end of December on Marketplace ministry

You Can Help


If you have a local radio station that does “talk show” interviews give them our web site and with an invitation to contact us.  Radio interviews are a powerful way to communicate the message of market place ministry and our free reports make great topics for discussion.  Ask the Lord to multiply the radio and TV interviews and magazine articles.

We want to network kings to increase their financial opportunities.  We even hope to have contacts for the four basic business categories.  We may do topic specific conference calls, newsletter, some conferences, etc.  Its more “doing” than “training” so we’re finding the right approach to a network of meaningful mentoring relationships.  Ask the Lord to show you contacts and divine appointments that will make your dream come true.

We want to do the same thing with missions opportunities locally and abroad…. connect Kings with some giants and stand back.  Ask the Lord to show us opportunities and email your suggestions (eventually we’ll list them on the web).

We want to package something than can be used in local churches to develop kings.  John is talking to four churches now about pilot programs.  Ask the Lord to help us develop this tool… and if your interested in doing something in your local church, let us know.

We want to assist Steve Brown in starting a business mentoring model for young people (  Steve is starting a real-estate business to cover his personal finances.  Ask the Lord to “abundantly prosper” him.

We Recommend…

I met Philip Campbell at a book marketing conference in Denver.  He’s written a book, Never Run Out of Cash.  If you have a business or are thinking of starting one this is a must read.  He explains the importance of maintaining cash flow history and 6 months of projections and has a free spreadsheet to help you do it.  I’d even recommend you use it for your personal finances even if you don’t have an official business.  If you’re not a numbers person you can also hire Phil to get you started.

Here’s why.  The Releasing Kings message is powerfully motivating for Kings.  Several people in our church started businesses that have struggled for one simple reason.  They didn’t start and maintain their business dream with a clear understanding of cash flow.  They did understand their heart’s desire, God’s permission, ministry, and the anointing to step out.  I think they will still make it in the end.  But, their first couple of years in business have had painful financial pressure that robbed joy from their endeavor.


John & Harold

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